Monday, December 31, 2012

See ya next year!

(That's the line I get to use every 12/31.....and I make sure and get it in before anyone else it's like it's mine)

2012 was a pretty random year. 

From a racing standpoint, I raced a 15k (I placed 3rd in the AG), but got injured a week before a HM and never really did anything after that.

We bought/sold a house and moved, we had a child, we had one spend 4 days in the Hospital, and there was laziness thrown in there.

I got back on track by laying down $625 to race an IM in May 2013 and began the training for that.  Unfortunatly, I've had to revmap the plan several times becuase of my sickness and the kids.  I'm finally to the piont of recovery and have redone the plan again.  Now....the goal is to finish the IM.  I can do this.  This can be done.

I start tomorrow morning with my annual 1/1 run.  Tomorrow starts some Tony Horton Beach Body Power 90 too.  I've vowed to do that once a day help strength and additional cardio.

This is my year....2013.   I'm ready for you!

So....see y'all next year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

It's Mah Burfday!

....and I'm still sick.

As you can see, the 18th was my last post.  I ran that day.  I had planned on taking the next few days off because of the hams and turkeys event.  However, on Thursday (12/20) I woke up feeling run down with a nose full of snot and a slight 'drainage' cough.  That progressed over the next few days into a cold with lots of snot and a hacking cough.  I'm on the downhill of getting better and hoping to run on 1/1/13...which I do every year early in the morning.

10 days off while in IM training isn't the worst thing.....but it's not the best.

Balls to the wall, working out, making the right excuses!

But tonight.....we drink!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm a Turkey and I like to Ham it up

Today is day one of 3 that the HR department gives out turkeys and hams to each of our 1,100 employees.  It's tough work (I'm in the back of a refer truck lugging 50lb boxes of turkeys - 4 per box...and 30lb boxes of hams - 4 per box).  I get a great workout from this.

We also order over the amount, just in case we have additional employees that came aboard or in case there were some employees that missed the sign-up process.  We have always had left overs and we take them to local churches, the city run homeless shelter, and the firehouses and the PD sub-station that supports our campus.  They love receiving them and sometimes I get to sit on the firetruck and go *rreeerr, rreeerrr, reeerrrr* and pretend like I'm talking on the CB.

 Run tonight should be fun....3+ miles.  It's still in the 70's here.  So much for December weather......

Monday, December 17, 2012


I'm typing this out before I have a title prepared....I'll think of one when I'm done (if at all).

On Friday....all of our days, across America, started out pretty much the same, especially the ones with kids.  I got mine ready for school, fixed her pancakes, made sure she had everything for school and we walked out the door.  It's our normal routine.  When we got to school, I dropped her off in the line and watched her walk in with her new "rolling backpack", meet a friend at the door who's parent had just dropped them off, hugged the gym teacher as they walked in.  So routine.  We send our kids to school knowing that they will be taught, knowing that they will have fun, knowing that they will be safe.

By the time I got to work, the news had broken.  By lunch time, the numbers were in.  20 little kids (all my daughters age) were killed.  My heart sank.  I didn't know what to feel.  I didn't know how to feel.  I streamed the coverage on my computer and just stared blankly at the screen.  I sent Annie a few texts, I shot off some IM's to coworkers, I sent some texts out to friends.....but didn't leave my chair much.

When I got home on Friday afternoon.....I hugged J....a lot.  To the point of "DAAAADDDDYYY.....STOP".  I didn't mind.  I could hear her voice....the parents of the kids in CT will never hear those again.  I thought about the routineness of my day and what I did and what those parents did....probably the same damn thing. 

On Sunday I did a 9 mile run.  I thought A LOT about what happened.  About my family, about the other families.  My heart still hurts......

We talked with our daughter and gave her a high level overview of what happened.  We didn't want her to hear anything from other kids at school.  We told her to not discuss it with any students and if a kid starts talking about it, to walk away or tell them that they shouldn't talk about it. We didn't want her to hear false information or to make a bigger deal out of it.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Running Errands


So, I had 4 miles planned out last night (actually....from wednesday, but if you read that post, you'll see why I did it last night).....but the baby needed some infant Tylenol. there is a CVS 1.9 miles away, I decided to run to CVS, get the stuff, then run home.  It worked out great. 

Tonight is a concert that my baby-momma and I have been looking forward to.  Mr. Roger Creager.  Anytime he's in the area, we go see him.  Good performer, good guy.....should be a great itme.

Check him out!

Then tomorrow is a bunch of Christmas stuff.....there are different attractions in the area for kids and big kids.

Sunday will be my 9 miler (hopefully).....I did 7 last Sunday so trying to bump it up to 9.  I think I can, I think I can.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12....The last time for 89 years

This is why I didn't run this morning.....21 degrees?  Really?  That's just stoopid.  Plus it felt really good to sleep more.  I don't know why I pretend to want to get up in the morning.  I really don't.  I don't like it so much.  But....I'm going to have to get up soon in the AM to get through the workouts. 

I was trying to think of a cleaver run for 12-12-12.

I can't run 12 miles tonight so that's out.

If you add all of them up it's 36....I guess I could run 3.6 miles.....but I'm supposed to do 4.

I don't know....I'm out.  We'll see what I do today.  Check back tomorrow. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action

This weekend we did a "main stay" in our Christmas traditions....we went to see the house that, to me....started it all with the "music to lights".  The guy is great.  He designs the City of Frisco's main street lights too.

We also did "Deerfield" in Plano which is near where my wife grew up and they used to do that.  Starting the traditions!

On Satruday, we did the Plano Parade, saw Santa (the real one....not one of his helpers that dress up like him....the REAL Santa).

Mind if I grab your beard....cuz it's what I like to do

On Sunday morning....before the "cold front" hit, I went out for 7 miles.  It was a balmy 65 degrees with 93% humidity.  It was not fun toward the end.  I had planned the route where my 7 miles hit about a 1/4 mile from the house, so I could walk it in (plus....there's a big ass hill right there that I really don't want to run up after trudging through 7.  Just as I hit the Garmin to stop at mile 7, I hear a "HONK" and a hot blonde waiving at me.  It's my wife.  They were headed to breakfast so I sprinted to the intersection and jumped in....all sweaty and hot....

The front pushed in around 2pm and it got gradually colder......then we woke up to this.

Blizzard-mageddon 2012......the media had a field day with this.....the morning news was dedicated to the snow.

Oh the humanity....send FEMA.  It's bad....really bad.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the Fandango

On Wednesday night, I set out for a typical and uneventful 3 miles.  As I get near the first corner and street light....I see my shadow.  For some reason, I thought....there's my silhouette-o of a man.....

And it was downhill from there.  Have you ever had Bohemian Rhapsody stuck in your head?  For 3 miles?  Not on your iPod....just you singing it.  Just your thoughts.  Well.....I have and it's not fun.

Yesterday was my "Leadership McKinney" class.....where we learn aspects of city governement, laws, procedures, etc.  Bascially training us to be....well...leaders in the community.  Right now, I serve on two city board.  One is the Veterans Memorial Park (I'm the Vice-Chair) and the other is the Chamber of Commerce board.  Both are very interesting.  Through these boards and my Leadership class, I've become pretty connected in our town of 130,000 people.  I know people now.  And now I can say "yeah, I know that guy" or "I gotta guy that I can call".  Pretty soon....I shall be Mayor of this town.  You can refer to me as Mayor, just to see if I respond and to see how that flows.  Mayor Donovan.  Or Mayor Brad (if I'm going for the cool aspect)

Last night was a good 4 miles.  The weather is great and I'm building the mileage for the IM.  Well....kinda.

Mama mia, Mama mia! Let me go!
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me!
for me!
for me!!
(Insert Waynes World Headbanging scene)

So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye
So you think you can love me and leave me to die
Oh baby -- can't do this to me, baby
Just gotta get out -- just gotta get right outta here

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jack Shit - Part 2

That's what I DIDN'T do.....what, what?!?!?!!??!

Ran 5 miles last night (what I should have done on Saturday or Sunday) but it felt great.  No issues with soreness or pain.  not even today.

So....get this....2 big pieces of news.....

1)  Jilian ran with me last night.  Granted it was for a half mile, but she was a trooper.  We held a good pace, talked about Christmas lights, and what she wanted to do with our lights next year.  She wants to run with me more.  I may have a running buddy!

2)  Reese slept thru the night.  I really hesitated to bring this up, but it's been so over the past 2 nights.  Let's hope this trend continutes.  We put her in the pack and play last night around 8pm.  She fussed and farted but never 'freaked out'.  She finally put herself to sleep around 9.  She woke up around 1:45am but wasn't screaming....again...just a little fussy.  So I put her in bed with me and got her back to sleep.  What seemed like about an hour later, she woke up...SCREAMING.  She was hungry.  I wanted more sleep becuase I was groggy.  I hit the "light" button on my Garmin 210 (shamless plug) and saw that it was 5:45!!!!!.  HELL YEAH!  I happily got up to get her bottle and get her fed.  She passed back out and I started getting ready for work.

Tonight is my off night, so I'll shave my head, go to the store, take care of chores.  Gotta keep the wifey happy and do my part!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Jack Shit

That's what I did this weekend.

Saturday I set out on my run but got a pretty bad knee pain (in both knees) around the 200m mark.  Decided that I'd run on Sunday.

Well....guess who had 8 beers and a shot on Saturday night?

Sunday was a wash.  Then by the time I recovered the Cowboys started and I had to watch the game.  Then Bob Costas started in on Guns and I almost went out then because I was a tad miffed at his idiotic statements.....but alas....I did not.

Then....this morning, I didn't want to get out of bed, so tonight I go for my Saturday run of 5 miles.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Naked Running - With Pictures

So.....not long ago I had mentioned that I stopped using music on my runs.....well, I went full on naked last night.  No watch either.  Just me and the road.  It was nice.  I didn't worry about "hitting marks" or pushing it or reigning it in.  Just run on how my body felt.  I did a normal route so I know that I went a little over 3 miles but it felt good.

Supposed to be going to a concert tomorrow night with some friends and neighbors.  It's to a little bar in town.  My neighbor knows the lead singer from college so there may be some beer flowing.  I'll get my run in tomorrow morning, so in case there is a copious ammount of alcohol abound, it will not interfere with my running.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Well Crap

AM and PM....

There's a little setting when you set an alarm that says AM/PM.  If you want to get up at 5 in the morning, one should select AM.

If you can't use your power of deductions.....I didn't do the above.  I missed my AM run because I was sleeping and sleeping well.

Last night Reese and I crashed out in the bed.  I was watching Van Helsing and she was....well....sleeping.  I must have passed out around 9pm while she was out cold by 8pm.  We woke up about 3am and she wanted to eat and poop (which doesn't sound like too bad of a life).

In my fuzzy sleep math, I realized that she'd been out for 7 hours....which is a new record.  Oh Joy.  Hopefully that will continue.

Daddy just needs to learn how to operate an alarm.......

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Store Closing

I received word the other day that my LRS is closing it's doors.  It's very sad because it was a "mom and pop" store that always took care of me and local athletes.  I was able to talk to the owner last night and thankfully it's not due to a lack of business, but rather the landlord jacking up rent on tennents.  It's sad.

About a month ago, I won a free pair of shoes from them, but never redeemed the certificate.  I kind of felt like a dick saying "even though you're closing, I want to claim my free pair".  Well.....I bought a $110 pair of bike shorts and a $55 pair of running shorts.  (both 50% off) The owner asked me if I had gotten my shoes and I told her that I didn't feel it was right since she was closing down.  She basically told me to HTFU and get them. 

Got a new pair of kicks......Mizuno Nirvana's.  Never worn them before (I'm a Mizuno Wave Inspire guy), but was told that these are comperable to them and provide more cushioning.

I put 4 miles on them this morning and didn't have any foot/ankle/leg issues.  I'm going to start slowly with these and use them for my 3 - 5 milers and save the long runs for my regular kicks.

Great cold morning too.....sitting around 30 degrees.  Layered up today and kinda felt like Ralphies brother in Christmas Story.  But run was great.....great I tell ya!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Giving Thanks and whatnot

So...when I last you, I had done two runs.....well....I've done two more.

On Thursday, I planned it out where I'd wake up, start prepping the Turkey, get it all ready then run.  And I stuck with that plan!  It was a beautiful morning for running and I made every second count.  I ran a route that I don't normally run and it made it go by so quick.

(the next part has been shortned for time allotment)....

We ate Turkey and other stuff.

Then it was Black Friday time.  This is an annual tradition to do.  It started out where we'd watch movies at home, get some sleep, then wake up around 3am and go to the stores.  Now that shopping begins on Thursday, it's changed....but it's still the same.

We saw fights between middle aged women over sheets.  We saw the anticipation and worry over "getting the limited amount of stuff".  We saw (and I chased) a raccoon thru a parking lot.  I saw drunk people.  I saw pissed off and aggitated people......and  I enjoyed every second of it.

I ran yesterday morning too.  We have had beautiful weather so I'm totally taking advantage of this.  We also cleaned up the house from all the guests that we had, put away the fall/thanksgiving decor and put up the Christmas stuff.  We listened to Christmas music and then watched "Elf" while decorating....then I did the front of the house with lights and yard art.

All-in-all.....great times.

Skipped this mornings run (partly on purpose) and will get after it tonight!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2 runs in 2 days....and lights

So the jouney has begun again.....and I'm 2 for 2.  Woo-hoo!  I think I'll take a week off now.....ok, mabe not. running last night and this morning (both in the dark), I was in awe of all the Christmas lights that were already up and on.  And, by "awe", I mean "that shits fucking stupid".

I'm all for Christmas lights.  Hell.....I've been hording them and will put them up.  In a few years, I'll be a Grizwald with all that I have.  However, they go up the week after Thanksgiving.  Not a week before. 

The neighborhood that I live in and run in is on the "higher end" so they have people to come hang them.  I get that....beat the rush, get them up, etc.  But really.....don't turn them on yet.  You're what's wrong with America and you're the reason that no one likes you.  I did see a house that had decorations up but not on.  I wanted to stop, knock on their door, and thank them.  However, I don't think they'd enjoy the sweaty runner guy knocking on their door at 9:30pm or 5:15am to tell them how happy I was with their decision to put the lights up but not turn them on.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I will run again in the morning, then begin the cooking of Turkey, GBC, Corn Cass, and opening a can of cranberries.  We have family coming in from Oklahoma and Austin so it'll be a great time.

We have been blessed in life, thus far.....we've had ups and downs, but for the most part God has blessed us.  Remember to give thanks to Him and be thankful for all that you have (no matter how much or how little).

Monday, November 19, 2012

WOW....It's been a while

So....after a long bout of nothingness, a few runs here and there, a new baby, a 4 day stay in the hospital for the 6.5 year old, more laziness, the upcoming holidays, etc......what else can I use as an excuse???  Hang nail, missed alarm, dirty clothes, rain......I got more.....wind, soreness, drunk/hungover, out of town guests.....


After seeing some friends complete IMAZ (following them online, I wasn't actually there) and talking to them about IM training....I need to start.

It started this morning with an alarm that went off and a few too many snoozes. starts TONIGHT.

Had to revamp the workout schedule and training plan but I think I've got it tweeked.  Need to do this, need to get this's all on me.  An IM won't train itself.  It's all on me.

Monday, September 24, 2012

New Watch for the Run

So....whilst in Chicago, my cousins best friend, Mike....refer to one of my first posts....gave me his "old" Garmin Forerunner 210.

After setting it up on Friday night, I was prepared for my Saturday long run.  After setting out, I pushed the wrong button aroun mile 1.89.....which caused it to 'lap', so my next mile was at it threw me off.  And trying to do math during the act of a long run is comical.

Anyway, it was a pretty uneventful run in the fact that nothing glamorus or funny happened between mile 0 and mile 7.5.

But when I got home and uploaded the data, it was STRAIGHT UP AWESOME!!!!  It showed my exact path that I ran, my splits, elevation, and gave me a clue to where waldo was.

Saturday night was a Jili/Daddy night.  We rented a Disney Princess movie, made a 'pilot' (pallet), got lots of pillows, and slept in her play room.  Only trouble was that it was not comfortable.  Apparently it was comfortable enough for me to fall asleep aboput 30 minutes into the movie (which we started at 8:00pm) but not comfortable enough to not wake up in pain.  I don't recommend recovering from a long run by sleeping on the floor.......that should be common sense, but I just want to toss that out there.

Didn't run on Sunday and slept in today.  Maybe run tonight......maybe.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update over the past 5 days

So....I don't normally blog over the weekend (I need SOMETHING to do at work, right?!?).

On Saturday mid-afternoon (9/15) I ran 6.75 miles, which is my lognest run in a long while.  Saw a momma and daddy tarantula, which you don't see much of.  I'm assuming they were related, however, I did not stop to ask them if they were.  Around mile 4, I ran past a row of bushes and heard some scurrying....which is normally rabbits.  However, as I got closer to the end of the row, something growled.  Not like a dog....but like something a fighting cat would do.  Like the "RRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr".  (that's my cat sound for the day).

Saturday night I watched 3/4 of the Longhorn game (HOOK 'EM BABY!!!!).

Sunday morning was quick packing and heading to the airport to go to Chicago.
Sunday night was dinner and drinks with the family
Monday night was drinks with family and friends
Tuesday night was Cubbies game (cold - as - shit!)
Wednesday night was finally sleeping in my own bed again.

It's great to get out of town every now and again and do things that you don't normally do.  However, my daughter took it pretty hard and had some seperation anxiety.

It's been a few days since I've had a good workout tonight is 4 miles.  Maybe a little more.

Friday, September 14, 2012

F**k You Weatherman

"Today there is a 50% chance of rain tonight" - Channel 4 - Noon
"Looks like best chance for rain around 9pm tonight" - Channel 4 - 5:30pm
7pm - 40%
8pm - 50%
9pm - 100%

Well.....f**k you all.

The night started off with a lovely dinner at IHOP (according to my wife....that's what the baby wanted....I asked how a child in utero told her that.  She said that she had a sonogram and that I shouldn't argue.  I though...seems legit.  Maybe it was tapped out via morse code....maybe the baby signed it out to seen during the sono....maybe the baby can text and has gotten ahold of a cell phone and sent a text....who knows...IHOP it was.  Anywho.....)

So, after dinner, I say to my wife....Hey....I'mma go running now because it's supposed to rain tonight and I want zero excuses (I actually said "Imma" - becuase thats how I talk).  So off I go.  I'm doing an out and back and I'll be exactly mile 1.29, the drops begin.  Not bad, not hard....just drops.  As I get to my designated turn around spot, there is noticebally more drops.  By mile 2 it's raining.  By mile 2.75 (sooooo close) it's pouring.  From mile 2 to 3 I tried to bump up the pace but it seemed that I was going slower.  Mile 3 hits....and I'm done....

I open the garage, strip down into my compression shorts, and walk in the house (I played soft-core music in my head).  My beautiful wife is sitting on the couch.....laughing.  She wasn't laughing at me, just the situation (so she said).

Everything on me was soaked.....but you know what.....I got my run in, bitches!

This is what you're supposed to do with wet daughter was VERY confused

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lunch Break

Didn't run this morning....slept in and it felt oh-so-good.....

This is what I had for lunch.  It was oh-so-good.

Had a thought about addining in pics to more posts.  Had a thought about going all out, throwing caution into the wind and posting self pics once in a show my progress in this journey....and to keep me motivated to not go back to the old Brad.

Enjoy this pic.....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I think I'm in the wrong business

So....this morning on my 4-miler, I went a different route to change it up a bit (and to run where it's not as hilly).  I did 2 miles out and 2 back.  While out, I passed one running group and 2 "boot camps".  I thought....hey, I could do that.  There were about 5 in the group and probably 15 in each "boot camp" (all ladies.....gigity).  I started to think.....15 x $30 a month is.....then I couldn't do that math, so I said 15 x $20 a month is $300.  That's straight cash.  Then I thought I'd have to market it and then do a groupon on signing people up and I've heard horror stories about people losing money and then I thought about losing money and then I thought about HAVING to wake up at 4:30am every morning.....then I thought 'meh....I'm good'.

But $300 in straight cash is tempting.

I also saw a shooting star on my run today.  The only wish I could think of at the time was "please let me get through this".  I my wish came true.  Need to think of something better for next time.

Also...had curriculum night at J's school.  They do a cool program where they have a surprise reader (not even your kid knows until you walk in the door).  I soooooo want to do this.  I do a good "Goldilocks and the Three Bear" where I do all the voices. 

Tomorrow is a 3 miler.....then Saturday is supposed to be 8 but I've been off the schedule, so I'll be pushing for at least 6.5 then go from there.  Sunday I leave for a conference in Chicago.....what, what!?!?!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RIP Eminem

....and Lil' Wayne and Fatboy Slim and Wiz Khalifa and Justin Bie.....nevermind

In reading some post on another site and in Runners World earlier this year, there was about 50/50 split in running with music and without.  I decided to go without on this run and it wasn't half bad.  Don't know if I will go for my long scheduled runs without music but my shorter 3-5 milers probably won't be that bad.  I'm weak maybe on Wednesday I'll put the earbuds back in, put on my Running Playlist, crank the volume to 11 and rage/throw gang signs/dance while I'm jogging.

Last night I made the wifey and I some yummy omelets.  I sauteed up tomato, onion, mushroom, and baby spinich.  It was 'nom-nomingly' good.  She didn't care for the cucumber and watermelon salad so I took one for the team and ate hers too.  I also, after some discussion, ate some hot pickled cucumber and onions.....

About 2 hours after dinner, I set out on my jog......fueled by the lovely dinner.  The run, itself, was unevently as it's an out-and-back in the 'hood.  The eventful part was the gas (both ends) brought about by, what I'm assuming was, the cucumbers.  There is a reason that I don't have a running partner.....and that was it.  It was so bad that I could smell my own even though I was running.

3 miles in the books for last night.  Today is an off day so no update until Wednesday (if I run in the AM).

Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing Catch-up and public shaming

Now that I have a follower on here, I'm being reminded how much I suck.

Since 8/14 (not quite a month) I acutally have been working out.....some.

I put in about 5 miles a week, up until last week....mainly just jogs here and there with no real purpose.  However, in looking at my training schedule I need to be running a lot more (no shit, right?!?!)

So....I ran 4 times last week.

Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - 4 miles
Thursday - 3 miles
Saturday - 5.75 miles (my schedule said to do 7......)

The weather has finally cooled off, for now, and it's not 85 in the mornings or 95 at night so there's one more excuse out the window.....damn....need to think of some more.

In other news....about 4 more weeks until little Reese makes her apperance into the world.  Annie had a baby shower this past weekend and we got a lot of stuff off the registry, which is good (since we are starting again with zero).

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Night Workout....Bodyweight style

Tried a new "body wight" routine last night....since it's still in the upper 90's at night.  Did the following workout for time.

100 Jumping Jacks
90 Body Weight Squats
80 Seconds of Planks
70 Mountain Climbers
60 Bridges (Lying Hip Lifts)
50 Crunches
40 Push-ups
30 Dips
20 Lunges
10 Burpees

Total Time.......16:14.

Going to try to do this every night and post my time......

No workout this AM.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back in the saddle see what I did there?  Saddle?  Horse? was funny when I typed it.

Did lots of heavy lifting again this weekend at the BIL's house.  Installed flooring in his attic (which was around 198 degrees because it was 100 outside.  Lots of water weight loss....which I rehydrated with Bud Light later that night.

This morning did a quick 2 miles.  It's still flipping 85 degrees and 50% humidity in the mornings (which I know will be the temps in Houston in May.

Starting to build my base more....and adding in bodyweight exercises at night.  Going to be sore but going to have to push through.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ever got "horse foot"?

Can't say I did much of anything.  Got lazy, got lazy....and got a little more lazy.

Started off this week pretty well.  Yesterday I did a 3 mile run.  Realized that my watch never started so I'm not sure of the time (it's my same 3 mile route, so I'm sure of the distance).  Not concerned now with time, as mentioned, but more mileage than anything.

Also....yesterday, I took J to riding lessons.  I never wear flippy-floppys there but decided to anyway.  Guess what stepped on my foot?  Not J....Not a dog....yup....a 1200lb horse.  Luckily, it wasn't hard, nothings broken, and there is just a contusion and some cuts on my foot.  Ahhh.....good times.  I can move my foot and toes without any pain and the only pain is from the small swelling.  Spent the rest of the day yesterday with ice on my foot.

This morning I did about 7 miles on the bike (damn snooze button).  Felt good.  Just need to get up earlier so I can put more time on the bike.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I haven't done.....

....jack squat since Friday.

I helped the BIL and SIL move into their new house this weekend.  I told of lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, stooping, and in the lovely Texas heat.  I'm still sore in the upperbody, but....on a legs aren't too sore and while doing the work, my endurance never faded (just my body).

So....tomorrow it starts back.  Tomorrow, baby.....too-mar-row.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend off....

Rode around 40 minutes this morning and right at 8 miles.  Not really focused on the mileage (or minutes per mile).  Felt good to attack some hills, which I lothe, but I know that it'll make me a stronger rider.

I am "throwing" a party tonight for the family in honor of the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  Team USA shirts, appitizers, some of my old race medals.....should be a good time.  Then, we are heading down to Georgetown, TX to help my BIL and SIL move into their new house.  Won't be doing any running or biking (but lots of lifting!).

Weekly totals

Swim - 0m (decided to focus on the R/B)
Run: 8.5 miles
Bike: 12 miles

(not bad totals considering I'm skipping 2 days)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last Night and Skipping

Decided on logging 2.5 miles last night....instead of doing all 4 or skipping it all together.  Also watched a a documentry on Fred Ludow (who started the NYC Marathon).  First entry fee was $1.

Skipped the swim this fact, going to take it off the schedule until after the first of the year.  It's my fall-back workout whenever I don't feel like biking or running.  I need as much road time and saddle time as I can get.

Tomorrow is hill repeats on the bike.  Going to do the loop in the 'hood.  Slightly boring but great workout.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Run

Ran 3.5 this morning in 37 minutes.  2 breaks around miles 1 and 2 at a playground to do pull-ups (if you can call that a break).

Got my first Brooks survey for the 13's in to fill out, too.

Have a jog scheduled tonight.....3 miles.  Finally have our house back from the in-laws staying, so I may cozy up with some Netflix and the Rangers game.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Broke out the Bike

Tires pumped - check
Computer working - check
Brakes, durailer, chain - check, check, check....

Ran 2 miles this morning, jumped on the bike for 4 miles of hill repeats, then ran another half mile.  Shortest. Duathlon. Ever.  :)

Felt good to be on the bike......only 108 more miles to go.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Totals

Since I didn't workout are my totals.  (still, really low......)

Run:  9 miles
Bike:  0
Swim:  1000m

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tri Voyeur

The morning started out with a 5:30am run for 3 whole miles.  I cut it a little short because I was going to head down to watch a bit of the Cooper Summer Sprint (which I've done 3 of 5 times).

It was kind of neat to see a triathlon from the outside, knowing what the people in transition were going through.  You could tell the first timers.....bundle of nerves, pacing, asking a ton of questions.....but as I recall, I was like that and so were many first timers.  The hardest part of the first time (assuming training has been done) is figuring it all out.  I even had a few people ask me questions.  I met a fellow BT'er (Shannon) who we both did Glaveston in 2011.  He did IMTX the past two years and he said that he'd assist in anyway he can with my journey.  That's what I love about this sport.  People willing to give back.  I also ran into my Pastor (Chris Stull) and his wife, Brenna.  Both are strong athletes, even though they won't admit it.  Also saw a few others from church and a few familiar faces from other local tris. dinner....the drinking commenced.  I knew that Sunday's workout was a wash, so I continued drinking.  It was a nice release.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Combo post - IM tips too

Thursday (7/19) - Ran 2 miles and swam 500m

Today I ran 2 miles (2 loop hill repeat course).

Last night, I spoke with Mike and Michael (cousin and his best friend) about my training.  Gave me some hell, gave me some solid tips......more bricks, less junk miles.  Don't ride to just ride and don't run to just run.

Also....downloaded a months worth of IM Talk on iTunes.

Going to head down to Cooper Sprint tomorrow to ogle at bikes, see some quality DFW athletes swim and fly through T1....then head home for J's swimming lessons.  She's going to be my little triathlete (and gymnist and swimmer).

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Run in New Kicks

Last week I received an e-mail from Brooks Running asking me to fill out a survey for the possibility to be selected for a wear-test program from the Adrenaline 13 prototype.  Filled it out and yesterday the shoes arrived at the front door.  As of right now, I'm not supposed to take pics of them or post anything positive or negative about they are prototypes and in pre-production.  I have to fill out several survey's over the next 3 months about wear, quality, fit, feel, etc..........

That being said, I ran 2 miles this morning and swam 500m.  Felt good druing both.  The volume and intensity will increase soon, so getting a base under me is top priority.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Make up session and bad Ironman dreams

Did Monday's workout today (4 loops in neighborhood) along with 40 push-ups and 40 sit-ups.

But let me tell you what happened while sleeping.  I guess I should preface this with the fact that I don't remember many of my dreams.  I've read that we all dream but, unless it's vivid, I don't remember.

Yesterday, I was researching Race Reports (RR's) online about Ironman Texas.  Reading people's reports about last  years race and the course, and their nutrition, and registration, and the expo, and so on.  I'm guessing that was still rolling through my mind.

My dream starts like this:

I remember getting to the race and begining to set up transition.  I look all over for my nutrition and it's not there.  Luckily my VP of Sales (who's an Ironman in real life) was there and he had a GNC in his bag.  He gave me a few powerbars.  Looking back, however, while I called him 'Donny', it was not really him.  Don't know who it was.....maybe that's how I picture Donny.  On with the dream......I look around again and realize that I don't have my race number or timing chip.  I go to the table to ask the teenager for my packet and he tells me that I missed the packet pick-up and I cannot race (this was addressed on the Ironman Texas website about picking up the packet on Thursday and not race day).  I tell the kid that I can see my packet in the box and that he should just give it to me.  He tells me he can't (super....a teenager that takes his job too seriously).  I then ask for the manager (like it's an Old Navy and I'm trying to return a shirt without a receipt).  The manager tells me that he can't do anything for me.  I explain that I see my packet and I just want to race.  I spent the money and I want it!  He tells me that he would have to restart the computers and that he cannot do that.  I woke myself up when I yelled.  This was around 2:30am.....I guess it didn't bother me too much because the next thing I know, Annie taps me and says "You better get up".  Thanks baby......I don't know if you were concerned with my training or just wanted me to quit hitting snooze and having my alarm go off every 9 minutes.

Monday, July 16, 2012



Within the first week of trianing, I oversleep.  Stupid subconscience and turning off the alarm at 5:00am and going back to sleep.

Had 4 loops through the neighborhood scheduled.  As tonight is my wonderful Ironsherpa Annie's last night of "eating bad" (diagnosed with gestational diabities on Friday), we are making the switch to a healthier diet and better choices for food.  So.....last meal will be Chick-Fil-A (and I'll get a 'Cookies and Cream' Shake to top it off).

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little Better....just a little

3.5 done today.  Same course and same time (36:00) as yesterday.  Not blazing fast but there are a few climbs (one being about 100ft. over a half mile - which I will probably reference a few times during my journey).

Better hydration the day before and a little better sleep.  That probably helped.

Totals for the week (7/11 - 7/15):

Swimming:  Does playing in the pool 3x count?  If not....then 0m
Running: 9.5 miles
Biking:  I walked past my bike 6 times.....  0 miles

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Worst. Run. Ever

Okay....maybe not the worst, but top 5 all time worst runs.

3 miles at a 12 minute mile pace.  About 50/50 walk and run....and the run was more of a shuffle at times.  I will give myself one's a hilly course.  With the new house location, it's in a very hilly part of town.  I'm used to running flats so this training is more beneficial (at least that's what I keep telling myself).

3.5 tomorrow.  Hoping it goes better.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 1

One of the slogans for Ironman is “It’s All About The Journey”.  Tonight the official journey begins.  I won’t stop believing (*rim shot*).  While I have done a Half Iron before, my fitness is severely lacking now.  I’m at 200lbs and running less than 8 miles a week.  Just think… 10 months, I’ll be doing 140.6 miles of Swimming, Biking, and Running…..all to hear Mike Reilly say “Brad Donovan.  You ARE an Ironman”.
Let the “fun” being.
3 miles for my PM run.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I sat staring at the “pay now” button on the registration website.  Mouse hovering over the green box.  It seemed to be mocking me, in its own little way.  I hear the voice of my beautifl wife, Annie, saying encouraging things and committing to be an “Ironman wife” and "Ironsherpa" (a support crew) for the next 10 months.  I hear the voice of Michael, my cousin and multiple IM finisher, and his best friend of 30+ years who is also a multiple IM finisher saying “Do it”.  I click… processes….registration complete!  Immediately my iPhone dings twice.  Once for the payment confirmation e-mail and the other for registration confirmation.  Holy Cow….it just got real.
I send out a few texts, I post on FaceBook, and then…..reality.  My knees get weak, palms are sweaty (yes….that’s Eminem but he’ll be my training partner on the road and trails when I’m doing my 20 mile runs). 
The range of emotions subside and I’m left with no other choice but to TRAIN!