Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend off....

Rode around 40 minutes this morning and right at 8 miles.  Not really focused on the mileage (or minutes per mile).  Felt good to attack some hills, which I lothe, but I know that it'll make me a stronger rider.

I am "throwing" a party tonight for the family in honor of the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  Team USA shirts, appitizers, some of my old race medals.....should be a good time.  Then, we are heading down to Georgetown, TX to help my BIL and SIL move into their new house.  Won't be doing any running or biking (but lots of lifting!).

Weekly totals

Swim - 0m (decided to focus on the R/B)
Run: 8.5 miles
Bike: 12 miles

(not bad totals considering I'm skipping 2 days)

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