Monday, December 10, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action

This weekend we did a "main stay" in our Christmas traditions....we went to see the house that, to me....started it all with the "music to lights".  The guy is great.  He designs the City of Frisco's main street lights too.

We also did "Deerfield" in Plano which is near where my wife grew up and they used to do that.  Starting the traditions!

On Satruday, we did the Plano Parade, saw Santa (the real one....not one of his helpers that dress up like him....the REAL Santa).

Mind if I grab your beard....cuz it's what I like to do

On Sunday morning....before the "cold front" hit, I went out for 7 miles.  It was a balmy 65 degrees with 93% humidity.  It was not fun toward the end.  I had planned the route where my 7 miles hit about a 1/4 mile from the house, so I could walk it in (plus....there's a big ass hill right there that I really don't want to run up after trudging through 7.  Just as I hit the Garmin to stop at mile 7, I hear a "HONK" and a hot blonde waiving at me.  It's my wife.  They were headed to breakfast so I sprinted to the intersection and jumped in....all sweaty and hot....

The front pushed in around 2pm and it got gradually colder......then we woke up to this.

Blizzard-mageddon 2012......the media had a field day with this.....the morning news was dedicated to the snow.

Oh the humanity....send FEMA.  It's bad....really bad.

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  1. Better go buy up all the milk and bread before everyone else does!