Friday, November 30, 2012

Naked Running - With Pictures

So.....not long ago I had mentioned that I stopped using music on my runs.....well, I went full on naked last night.  No watch either.  Just me and the road.  It was nice.  I didn't worry about "hitting marks" or pushing it or reigning it in.  Just run on how my body felt.  I did a normal route so I know that I went a little over 3 miles but it felt good.

Supposed to be going to a concert tomorrow night with some friends and neighbors.  It's to a little bar in town.  My neighbor knows the lead singer from college so there may be some beer flowing.  I'll get my run in tomorrow morning, so in case there is a copious ammount of alcohol abound, it will not interfere with my running.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Well Crap

AM and PM....

There's a little setting when you set an alarm that says AM/PM.  If you want to get up at 5 in the morning, one should select AM.

If you can't use your power of deductions.....I didn't do the above.  I missed my AM run because I was sleeping and sleeping well.

Last night Reese and I crashed out in the bed.  I was watching Van Helsing and she was....well....sleeping.  I must have passed out around 9pm while she was out cold by 8pm.  We woke up about 3am and she wanted to eat and poop (which doesn't sound like too bad of a life).

In my fuzzy sleep math, I realized that she'd been out for 7 hours....which is a new record.  Oh Joy.  Hopefully that will continue.

Daddy just needs to learn how to operate an alarm.......

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Store Closing

I received word the other day that my LRS is closing it's doors.  It's very sad because it was a "mom and pop" store that always took care of me and local athletes.  I was able to talk to the owner last night and thankfully it's not due to a lack of business, but rather the landlord jacking up rent on tennents.  It's sad.

About a month ago, I won a free pair of shoes from them, but never redeemed the certificate.  I kind of felt like a dick saying "even though you're closing, I want to claim my free pair".  Well.....I bought a $110 pair of bike shorts and a $55 pair of running shorts.  (both 50% off) The owner asked me if I had gotten my shoes and I told her that I didn't feel it was right since she was closing down.  She basically told me to HTFU and get them. 

Got a new pair of kicks......Mizuno Nirvana's.  Never worn them before (I'm a Mizuno Wave Inspire guy), but was told that these are comperable to them and provide more cushioning.

I put 4 miles on them this morning and didn't have any foot/ankle/leg issues.  I'm going to start slowly with these and use them for my 3 - 5 milers and save the long runs for my regular kicks.

Great cold morning too.....sitting around 30 degrees.  Layered up today and kinda felt like Ralphies brother in Christmas Story.  But run was great.....great I tell ya!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Giving Thanks and whatnot

So...when I last you, I had done two runs.....well....I've done two more.

On Thursday, I planned it out where I'd wake up, start prepping the Turkey, get it all ready then run.  And I stuck with that plan!  It was a beautiful morning for running and I made every second count.  I ran a route that I don't normally run and it made it go by so quick.

(the next part has been shortned for time allotment)....

We ate Turkey and other stuff.

Then it was Black Friday time.  This is an annual tradition to do.  It started out where we'd watch movies at home, get some sleep, then wake up around 3am and go to the stores.  Now that shopping begins on Thursday, it's changed....but it's still the same.

We saw fights between middle aged women over sheets.  We saw the anticipation and worry over "getting the limited amount of stuff".  We saw (and I chased) a raccoon thru a parking lot.  I saw drunk people.  I saw pissed off and aggitated people......and  I enjoyed every second of it.

I ran yesterday morning too.  We have had beautiful weather so I'm totally taking advantage of this.  We also cleaned up the house from all the guests that we had, put away the fall/thanksgiving decor and put up the Christmas stuff.  We listened to Christmas music and then watched "Elf" while decorating....then I did the front of the house with lights and yard art.

All-in-all.....great times.

Skipped this mornings run (partly on purpose) and will get after it tonight!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2 runs in 2 days....and lights

So the jouney has begun again.....and I'm 2 for 2.  Woo-hoo!  I think I'll take a week off now.....ok, mabe not. running last night and this morning (both in the dark), I was in awe of all the Christmas lights that were already up and on.  And, by "awe", I mean "that shits fucking stupid".

I'm all for Christmas lights.  Hell.....I've been hording them and will put them up.  In a few years, I'll be a Grizwald with all that I have.  However, they go up the week after Thanksgiving.  Not a week before. 

The neighborhood that I live in and run in is on the "higher end" so they have people to come hang them.  I get that....beat the rush, get them up, etc.  But really.....don't turn them on yet.  You're what's wrong with America and you're the reason that no one likes you.  I did see a house that had decorations up but not on.  I wanted to stop, knock on their door, and thank them.  However, I don't think they'd enjoy the sweaty runner guy knocking on their door at 9:30pm or 5:15am to tell them how happy I was with their decision to put the lights up but not turn them on.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I will run again in the morning, then begin the cooking of Turkey, GBC, Corn Cass, and opening a can of cranberries.  We have family coming in from Oklahoma and Austin so it'll be a great time.

We have been blessed in life, thus far.....we've had ups and downs, but for the most part God has blessed us.  Remember to give thanks to Him and be thankful for all that you have (no matter how much or how little).

Monday, November 19, 2012

WOW....It's been a while

So....after a long bout of nothingness, a few runs here and there, a new baby, a 4 day stay in the hospital for the 6.5 year old, more laziness, the upcoming holidays, etc......what else can I use as an excuse???  Hang nail, missed alarm, dirty clothes, rain......I got more.....wind, soreness, drunk/hungover, out of town guests.....


After seeing some friends complete IMAZ (following them online, I wasn't actually there) and talking to them about IM training....I need to start.

It started this morning with an alarm that went off and a few too many snoozes. starts TONIGHT.

Had to revamp the workout schedule and training plan but I think I've got it tweeked.  Need to do this, need to get this's all on me.  An IM won't train itself.  It's all on me.