Monday, September 24, 2012

New Watch for the Run

So....whilst in Chicago, my cousins best friend, Mike....refer to one of my first posts....gave me his "old" Garmin Forerunner 210.

After setting it up on Friday night, I was prepared for my Saturday long run.  After setting out, I pushed the wrong button aroun mile 1.89.....which caused it to 'lap', so my next mile was at it threw me off.  And trying to do math during the act of a long run is comical.

Anyway, it was a pretty uneventful run in the fact that nothing glamorus or funny happened between mile 0 and mile 7.5.

But when I got home and uploaded the data, it was STRAIGHT UP AWESOME!!!!  It showed my exact path that I ran, my splits, elevation, and gave me a clue to where waldo was.

Saturday night was a Jili/Daddy night.  We rented a Disney Princess movie, made a 'pilot' (pallet), got lots of pillows, and slept in her play room.  Only trouble was that it was not comfortable.  Apparently it was comfortable enough for me to fall asleep aboput 30 minutes into the movie (which we started at 8:00pm) but not comfortable enough to not wake up in pain.  I don't recommend recovering from a long run by sleeping on the floor.......that should be common sense, but I just want to toss that out there.

Didn't run on Sunday and slept in today.  Maybe run tonight......maybe.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update over the past 5 days

So....I don't normally blog over the weekend (I need SOMETHING to do at work, right?!?).

On Saturday mid-afternoon (9/15) I ran 6.75 miles, which is my lognest run in a long while.  Saw a momma and daddy tarantula, which you don't see much of.  I'm assuming they were related, however, I did not stop to ask them if they were.  Around mile 4, I ran past a row of bushes and heard some scurrying....which is normally rabbits.  However, as I got closer to the end of the row, something growled.  Not like a dog....but like something a fighting cat would do.  Like the "RRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr".  (that's my cat sound for the day).

Saturday night I watched 3/4 of the Longhorn game (HOOK 'EM BABY!!!!).

Sunday morning was quick packing and heading to the airport to go to Chicago.
Sunday night was dinner and drinks with the family
Monday night was drinks with family and friends
Tuesday night was Cubbies game (cold - as - shit!)
Wednesday night was finally sleeping in my own bed again.

It's great to get out of town every now and again and do things that you don't normally do.  However, my daughter took it pretty hard and had some seperation anxiety.

It's been a few days since I've had a good workout tonight is 4 miles.  Maybe a little more.

Friday, September 14, 2012

F**k You Weatherman

"Today there is a 50% chance of rain tonight" - Channel 4 - Noon
"Looks like best chance for rain around 9pm tonight" - Channel 4 - 5:30pm
7pm - 40%
8pm - 50%
9pm - 100%

Well.....f**k you all.

The night started off with a lovely dinner at IHOP (according to my wife....that's what the baby wanted....I asked how a child in utero told her that.  She said that she had a sonogram and that I shouldn't argue.  I though...seems legit.  Maybe it was tapped out via morse code....maybe the baby signed it out to seen during the sono....maybe the baby can text and has gotten ahold of a cell phone and sent a text....who knows...IHOP it was.  Anywho.....)

So, after dinner, I say to my wife....Hey....I'mma go running now because it's supposed to rain tonight and I want zero excuses (I actually said "Imma" - becuase thats how I talk).  So off I go.  I'm doing an out and back and I'll be exactly mile 1.29, the drops begin.  Not bad, not hard....just drops.  As I get to my designated turn around spot, there is noticebally more drops.  By mile 2 it's raining.  By mile 2.75 (sooooo close) it's pouring.  From mile 2 to 3 I tried to bump up the pace but it seemed that I was going slower.  Mile 3 hits....and I'm done....

I open the garage, strip down into my compression shorts, and walk in the house (I played soft-core music in my head).  My beautiful wife is sitting on the couch.....laughing.  She wasn't laughing at me, just the situation (so she said).

Everything on me was soaked.....but you know what.....I got my run in, bitches!

This is what you're supposed to do with wet daughter was VERY confused

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lunch Break

Didn't run this morning....slept in and it felt oh-so-good.....

This is what I had for lunch.  It was oh-so-good.

Had a thought about addining in pics to more posts.  Had a thought about going all out, throwing caution into the wind and posting self pics once in a show my progress in this journey....and to keep me motivated to not go back to the old Brad.

Enjoy this pic.....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I think I'm in the wrong business

So....this morning on my 4-miler, I went a different route to change it up a bit (and to run where it's not as hilly).  I did 2 miles out and 2 back.  While out, I passed one running group and 2 "boot camps".  I thought....hey, I could do that.  There were about 5 in the group and probably 15 in each "boot camp" (all ladies.....gigity).  I started to think.....15 x $30 a month is.....then I couldn't do that math, so I said 15 x $20 a month is $300.  That's straight cash.  Then I thought I'd have to market it and then do a groupon on signing people up and I've heard horror stories about people losing money and then I thought about losing money and then I thought about HAVING to wake up at 4:30am every morning.....then I thought 'meh....I'm good'.

But $300 in straight cash is tempting.

I also saw a shooting star on my run today.  The only wish I could think of at the time was "please let me get through this".  I my wish came true.  Need to think of something better for next time.

Also...had curriculum night at J's school.  They do a cool program where they have a surprise reader (not even your kid knows until you walk in the door).  I soooooo want to do this.  I do a good "Goldilocks and the Three Bear" where I do all the voices. 

Tomorrow is a 3 miler.....then Saturday is supposed to be 8 but I've been off the schedule, so I'll be pushing for at least 6.5 then go from there.  Sunday I leave for a conference in Chicago.....what, what!?!?!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RIP Eminem

....and Lil' Wayne and Fatboy Slim and Wiz Khalifa and Justin Bie.....nevermind

In reading some post on another site and in Runners World earlier this year, there was about 50/50 split in running with music and without.  I decided to go without on this run and it wasn't half bad.  Don't know if I will go for my long scheduled runs without music but my shorter 3-5 milers probably won't be that bad.  I'm weak maybe on Wednesday I'll put the earbuds back in, put on my Running Playlist, crank the volume to 11 and rage/throw gang signs/dance while I'm jogging.

Last night I made the wifey and I some yummy omelets.  I sauteed up tomato, onion, mushroom, and baby spinich.  It was 'nom-nomingly' good.  She didn't care for the cucumber and watermelon salad so I took one for the team and ate hers too.  I also, after some discussion, ate some hot pickled cucumber and onions.....

About 2 hours after dinner, I set out on my jog......fueled by the lovely dinner.  The run, itself, was unevently as it's an out-and-back in the 'hood.  The eventful part was the gas (both ends) brought about by, what I'm assuming was, the cucumbers.  There is a reason that I don't have a running partner.....and that was it.  It was so bad that I could smell my own even though I was running.

3 miles in the books for last night.  Today is an off day so no update until Wednesday (if I run in the AM).

Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing Catch-up and public shaming

Now that I have a follower on here, I'm being reminded how much I suck.

Since 8/14 (not quite a month) I acutally have been working out.....some.

I put in about 5 miles a week, up until last week....mainly just jogs here and there with no real purpose.  However, in looking at my training schedule I need to be running a lot more (no shit, right?!?!)

So....I ran 4 times last week.

Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - 4 miles
Thursday - 3 miles
Saturday - 5.75 miles (my schedule said to do 7......)

The weather has finally cooled off, for now, and it's not 85 in the mornings or 95 at night so there's one more excuse out the window.....damn....need to think of some more.

In other news....about 4 more weeks until little Reese makes her apperance into the world.  Annie had a baby shower this past weekend and we got a lot of stuff off the registry, which is good (since we are starting again with zero).