Friday, December 28, 2012

It's Mah Burfday!

....and I'm still sick.

As you can see, the 18th was my last post.  I ran that day.  I had planned on taking the next few days off because of the hams and turkeys event.  However, on Thursday (12/20) I woke up feeling run down with a nose full of snot and a slight 'drainage' cough.  That progressed over the next few days into a cold with lots of snot and a hacking cough.  I'm on the downhill of getting better and hoping to run on 1/1/13...which I do every year early in the morning.

10 days off while in IM training isn't the worst thing.....but it's not the best.

Balls to the wall, working out, making the right excuses!

But tonight.....we drink!


  1. Well, Happy Birthday to you, good sir! Have a fantastic celebration!