Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I think I'm in the wrong business

So....this morning on my 4-miler, I went a different route to change it up a bit (and to run where it's not as hilly).  I did 2 miles out and 2 back.  While out, I passed one running group and 2 "boot camps".  I thought....hey, I could do that.  There were about 5 in the group and probably 15 in each "boot camp" (all ladies.....gigity).  I started to think.....15 x $30 a month is.....then I couldn't do that math, so I said 15 x $20 a month is $300.  That's straight cash.  Then I thought I'd have to market it and then do a groupon on signing people up and I've heard horror stories about people losing money and then I thought about losing money and then I thought about HAVING to wake up at 4:30am every morning.....then I thought 'meh....I'm good'.

But $300 in straight cash is tempting.

I also saw a shooting star on my run today.  The only wish I could think of at the time was "please let me get through this".  I my wish came true.  Need to think of something better for next time.

Also...had curriculum night at J's school.  They do a cool program where they have a surprise reader (not even your kid knows until you walk in the door).  I soooooo want to do this.  I do a good "Goldilocks and the Three Bear" where I do all the voices. 

Tomorrow is a 3 miler.....then Saturday is supposed to be 8 but I've been off the schedule, so I'll be pushing for at least 6.5 then go from there.  Sunday I leave for a conference in Chicago.....what, what!?!?!

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