Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pitch Perfect

Instead of working out last night, I ate Taco Bell and then curled up on the couch with my beautiful bride and watched "Pitch Perfect".

Don't judge me. the immortal words of Roger Creager.....Tonight, we ride again.

800m swim (200m at 1:40, 300m at 1:55, 200m all out, 100m cool)

Then ride/spin for an hour or so.

Thursday I will run

Friday off

Saturday Brick (1 hour holding at 17.5 and 2 mile run)

Sunday Race.

*subject to change*

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Free Entry Submitted I did it.  I got confirmation that there was a free entry to be had and I has it.

Filled out the form (for 300m swim time I put 4:45.  I don't know how accurate that is but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

So I ran 2.3 miles last night.  It was a struggle.

Bike tonight

Run tomorrow

Bike Thursday

Light brick on Saturday morning (45 minutes, 1.5 miles)

Race on Sunday.

The race report probably won't be as long and/or emotional (for me at least) as the IMTX one.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Free Entry?

So...I'm so far off from any semblance of training that it's close to comical.....

However, I found out that my company give money for a triathlon sponsorship to a local charity.  A few weeks ago, my VP of Sales (who's the company contact for the sponsorship....and an Ironman) said that he was going to use the free entry.  I had hoped to use it as a motivator to train more religiously and have a mini-goal.

Well...he's traveling this week and I sent him a text bagging on him saying that I'm going to be there to watch and he'd better go sub-1:30 or I was going to make fun of him.  Well....he forgot that it was this weekend, he's been plagued by injury off and on and isn't going to do the race.

So....I sent an e-mail to the RD and my contact at the charity to see if I could use the free spot....assuming they are giving us one (they have in years past).

300m Swim
14 mile Bike
5k run

It's on Sunday.....and I'm not even in "sprint" shape.  And I have an Ironman tattoo (which will be funny when the 14 year old on a huffy passes me)

I'm thinking to myself that I should just go for it (assuming there is a spot).  I will have ZERO issues with the swim (it a pool swim) and the bike is moderate hills so that probably won't be an issues since it's not very long.....but the run.....that may be a killer.  It's got some hills in it too....

I've never done this course either, so I can't even give a goal time/proximity of how I'd finish.

Should I?????

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Remember me?

I posted last week....

Get on the wagon....fall off.  Then repeat.

Ran this weekend.  Completed 5 miles.  Felt Good.

Didn't do anything the rest of the weekend (expect paint an entire kitchen and Master bedroom - I do the rolling and Annie does the trim work.  I'm banned from trim work)

I swam 850m last night straight....and then I did 2 x 50m sprints.  (37 seconds each time)

Tonight I have a Chamber event of a Grand Opening for a new tech center in town...and I also have a "reappointment" interview for my position on the Armed Services Memorial board.  Basically, it's a 'go through the motions interview' since I'm the current Vice Chair and been a member for 2 years.

After that, I'll run 4 miles.

Then...tomorrow....the Fam and I are headed to Hawaiian Falls Water Park.  We went 2 years ago but J was about 2 inches too short for most of the rides.  She is a little daredevil and is PUMPED!!!!! about being able to do it all.

Bike tomorrow night.
Run 5 on Thursday
Short Brick (one hour/2 miles) on Saturday
6 mile run on Sunday.

(The wife and kiddos will be out of town beginning Thursday afternoon....and I already have the Netflix queue filled up.  I need to get my workouts done before settling in or they will not happen)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Who's got two thumbs and is a lazy ass.....

.....This Guy there's only one thumb in the's hard to do a selfie with no hands.

So, I started off well.  Swimming and running but get lazy again.  I cannot find the motivation to get in consecutive workouts. 

I swam and ran in the beginning of last week....then trailed off and haven't done anything since. 

I had planned on going last night for a run.....but yesterday was a cluster.  Got up early and started painting our bedroom.  I had to leave around noon and drive an hour north to meet the BIL's parents with the kiddos (mine, the niece, and the nephew).  Well....they wanted to eat so we did.  Drove back south an hour to drop off mine, unload her stuff, go potty and then head out for a 1.5 hour drive south to meet up with the BIL to get his kids.  Everything was thrown off, traffic, lateness, and weather....and I didn't get home until LATE.   arrrggghhhh......

Planned vs. Actual schedule for yesterday:

Planned -
Leave house to pick up:  12:15  (left at 12:15)
Pick up:  1:15
Drive back home: 1:30
Arrive home:  2:30
Drop off mine and leave to meet BIL:  3:00
Meet BIL:  4:30
Swap everything out, chat, then leave: 5:00
Arrive home: no later than 6:45

Actual -
Leave house to pick up:  12:15  (left at 12:15)
Pick up:  1:30 pm
Drive back home: 2:30 (cuz we ate)
Arrive home:  3:30
Drop off mine and leave to meet BIL:  4:00
Meet BIL:  6:15 (we both got stuck in traffic)
Swap everything out, chat, then leave: 6:55
Arrive home:  8:45


And....if you're a friend on IG....something happened and I cannot access the app through my phone.  It's saying that I've violated the terms of the app (maybe because I'm so hot.....and athletic....and all Ironman-y....and all that).  I've deleted the app, reinstalled.  Nothing.  I've shut my phone down....nothing.  I've wiped my phone and reinstalled everything.....nope.  I've sent IG several e-mails but no return e-mails.  So....i'm not ignoring y'all.....I just can't get on.  :(

I think I'll start again tonight.  Maybe.

600-650m swim?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

It's dreary outside so sleeping may be in order.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

600m.....I feel like a newb.

This week, the oldest daughter is in Tulsa, so daddy has about an hour of free time after work.  Yesterday, while at work, I made up a training plan to get me through a 13.1 in mid October....there are a few sprints, a few 13.1s and an OLY in there too.  I may not get to all of those, but the OLY and the "Showdown 13.1" are my goals.

Goal for the OLY is 2:45
Goal for the 13.1 is sub-2 plan is a similar set up to my IM plan.

M - Swim
T - Run
W - Swim, Bike
Th - Run
F - Off
Sat - Long bike (or brick)
Sun - Long Run (or brick if not on Sat).

Being Monday, I had 500m on the plan.....but when I got home I had the 'brilliant' idea to run.  Well, it was 93 degrees and humid but I went out.  I was doing an out and back and went 1.25 then turned around.  I got about half way home and felt dizzy and breathing was spastic.  Stopped under the little shade there was and got under control.  Ran a little more, then walked it in.  Should have eased into that....not balls out after no training.

Got home, ate the new sonic hotdog (pretzel bun, cheese, and bacon).....don't judge...I'm a flippin' Ironman. 

After the wifey went to bed, headed to swim.  I was pumped up....ready for the water.  Got to the pool and no one was there!!!!  Bonus Time!!!!  So I take off.  First 100m was great.  Second 100m was okay.  The final 400m I felt like I was baby giraffe that was thrown into the water......flailing arms, horrible breathing/form, and inconsistent strokes.  But you know....I did it.

Tonight is a 4 mile run which I will not be starting until after 9p.   :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello Siri....what's my name?

I ended up not doing jack-squat on Friday night.  I was lazy.  But you know....I'm an Ironman, so I'm allowed to be, right.

Saturday morning, I had planned on getting up early and running.  That was thwarted by a 8 month old getting up earlier than I wanted to.  So....when she went down for her morning nap, I went out.  Later than normal but still early enough.  It was already getting toasty and humid.  Nutrition and hydration from the night before sucked butt so I was happy to get in 3 without stopping then run/walking the last 1.75 miles. 

On Sunday I just road the trainer and watched two episodes of Archer on Netflix.  Funny as shit.  My daughter left for Tulsa for a, while I'll miss her, I get a little more freedom after work and after 7:30p to get in some working out.  I may even a legit swim.  *gasp*

Being bored....I was playing with Siri on my new phone.  Asking her questions, testing it out, etc.  I asked her "What's my Name" and she said Brad.  I said "I want you to call me Ironman".  And now she does.  Lulz....   I'm Ironman to my phone. 

Friday, July 5, 2013


Happy belated 4th Y'all....

Wednesday was "cook out" day here at work.  We cooked fajitas (yes....they let me cook....kinda.  Basically I was out there and then cutting the meat.....but whatevs)

I ate so incredibly much that I did not even eat dinner and, thus, didn't work out.  No prob, I thought, I'll just workout in the morning.

Well....alarm goes off and I turn it off.  I wake up at 8:00 and we have to leave the house around 9 to go to the hometown parade.  So I surprise the kiddo with donuts and when I pulled back in, there was a 5k that was running in front of the house (really random I know.....apparently they changed the route of the race last year).  So we went outside and ate donuts and rang our cowbells for the runners.  Some people were a little too serious for a 5k.  Lighten up people, you weren't going to podium anyway so flippin' have some fun and say "HI" to my 7 year old daughter who's cheering you on.

Parade was fun and after we went to a friends house who was having a party.  I, again, ate too much and thus did not get a workout in.  Planned to get up this morning and swim and/or run because my moms is staying with the kids today so I didn't have to get up to get them ready, etc.....but....alas....that plan fell through and now I'm here.

2 days without working out.  I'm more pissed at myself for being lazy than I am for missing.  Tonight......45 minute trainer ride followed by a 2 mile run.....or maybe just one of those.

Nothing set for the weekend but will do something.  The 7yo is headed to spend the next week with her "grandparents" (my BIL's parents) so that'll give me more free time in the mornings to get up and workout.

Have a great weekend y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why, oh why, did I stop

Struggled to get in 3.25 miles last night.....but you know what.....4 days in a row for me.  Horray!  Just wish I hadn't stopped all together and just taken 2 weeks off.

Remember kids....after your A race.....don't stop. 

A former coworker of mine has been posting, for a while, about working out....eating better....not drinking.....and he posted pics last night for the first time.  HOLY CRAP.....the dude has dropped 80+ pounds in the last 9 months.  This was a big dude (we're talking 300+) but he's had an amazing journey.  He's totally changed his life and lifestyle.  I actually had to read the name on the post before I realized it was him.  I love stories like this......the ones who say "I have to do something" and just make it happen.  So proud of him!!!!

While this technically isn't "MY FRIDAY", it feels like one.  Boss is out of town, we are about to cook for our employees (fajitas and fixin's).....and yes....I said "we".  My safety manager and I are in charge of cooking when the boss is away.  Don't know why this gringo was put in charge of fajitas though.  Maybe I'll recruit and sub-contract my fajita job today.

Tomorrow is the annual hometown parade with the family.  It's always a great time down there.  This will be R's first parade and Annie has gotten outfits planned for that kid....with matching and coordinating bows for all outfits.  Then we're headed to some friends house for a low key gathering....and only low key cuz I gotta work on Friday.

Have a great Holiday y'all.....


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We're goin' Streakinnnnnnnnn

Not really.....ok....kinda.....

I swam last night and it was an impromptu swim.  When I got home from work, my wife suggested that after dinner that I take J to the pool.  I have NO issues with that.  We have a pretty cool 'aquatic center' in our subdivision that's a big pool with 3 roped lanes.  It's a 25m pool and it's nice.....really nice.

So we get ready to go, get goggles, 'noodle', rings to toss, towel, sunscreen, hat, glasses, her MP3 player, my phone, our ID cards....goodness....all for an hour at the pool.

Once we get to the pool and get our chairs (in case we want to "tan"....that's her new thing) we jump in and for about 3 minutes we have a great time.  Then the lifeguard blows his little whistle and yells "Adult Swim".  Of course I giggle because of several things.  Anytime I hear the word "Adult" followed by any other word, I think of something involving nakedness.  Also....Adult Swim is the Cartoon Networks 'after hours' shows like Family Guy, Robot Chicken, etc.....and I also giggle my evil giggle because I get to swim in a pool while everyone sits on the side.

So.....I think to myself....I don't have my goggles and I'm wearing baggy board shorts....but Meh....LET'S DO THIS......  So I take off and get in a solid 300m swim.  After I was done, I helped a man and his wife with their form and by that time the kids were allowed back in.  So J and I played and played.

Now....I'm sore.  300m swim in baggy shorts is no joke.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm Baa-aackkk


I ran a slow 3 miles on Saturday (set out to do THAT was a little ambitious - lol) and then last night I set the bike up on the trainer and rode for 30 minutes at more of a "spin it out" pace.

I also did 50 push-ups and sit-ups after the ride.

Ironically, I'm down 2lbs on my weight since May 18th, but I've been eating like I'm still in full on IM training.  I probably just jinxed that, tho.

I also learned a lesson this weekend......showering in a Garmin Forerunner 210 is okay but apparently swimming with my kids is not.  The screen is fogged all up, the buttons are spastic now and work sometimes, and it beeps randomly now.  Cool, huh?  I've e-mailed Garmin support to see what I can do.

Going to run tonight and try to make it a streak......Can I go three-in-a-row????

Stay tuned!