Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update over the past 5 days

So....I don't normally blog over the weekend (I need SOMETHING to do at work, right?!?).

On Saturday mid-afternoon (9/15) I ran 6.75 miles, which is my lognest run in a long while.  Saw a momma and daddy tarantula, which you don't see much of.  I'm assuming they were related, however, I did not stop to ask them if they were.  Around mile 4, I ran past a row of bushes and heard some scurrying....which is normally rabbits.  However, as I got closer to the end of the row, something growled.  Not like a dog....but like something a fighting cat would do.  Like the "RRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr".  (that's my cat sound for the day).

Saturday night I watched 3/4 of the Longhorn game (HOOK 'EM BABY!!!!).

Sunday morning was quick packing and heading to the airport to go to Chicago.
Sunday night was dinner and drinks with the family
Monday night was drinks with family and friends
Tuesday night was Cubbies game (cold - as - shit!)
Wednesday night was finally sleeping in my own bed again.

It's great to get out of town every now and again and do things that you don't normally do.  However, my daughter took it pretty hard and had some seperation anxiety.

It's been a few days since I've had a good workout tonight is 4 miles.  Maybe a little more.

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