Tuesday, April 30, 2013

18 Days....and short blog

Gotta be a short one today kids......not much to say and I have a meeting in about 15 minutes.

1:00 swim last night.
Everything is sore
I'm tired
I'm hungry
My shoulder hurts
I have ugly feet
I'm mentally drained and am forgetting things
I'm tired
I'm hungry
I am obsessed with this race and think about it 24/7 (it has replaced sex in the thought process)

This meeting better be good, or I'm going to nap during it.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Long Weekend

Let the volume reduction begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

My legs are jello, my mind is mush, my body is all like "What the hell, bro?"......but I'm done.  Done with the long volume and long weekends.  I'm done with the fighting through fatigue to crank out a few more miles.  I'm over the "I'll just sit here and watch my movie and peddle randomly".....I'm done.

Kind of....

Since my training up until the end of January was spastic at best, I've had to revamp the training plan over and over.  I do have two 3 hour trainer sessions and a 75 mile / 5 mile brick this coming up weekend....and also a 14 mile run.

The following weekend, is a short 15 mile run but only a 35 mile bike which I will do around the hood, just to make any adjustments and make sure the bike is good before heading down.

I think that I have my nutrition dialed in too.  I've had some good long rides during this training plan.  Mostly because of my nutrition that works for me (and nutrition/dydration the day before).

I'm worried about having a bad session over the next 12 - 14 days that will set me back mentally.  I'm worried about being sick, or getting hit by a car, or taking a misstep off of a curb, or getting sick.......I hope the worrying doesn't get me sick.....LOL.

I have 19 days to get thru.  19 days until I hear "Brad Donovan.....You ARE an Ironman". 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Weird Feelings

The past 2 bike sessions, I've been pushing it harder than normal.  On Tuessday I had a great 2 hour ride....and last night was supposed to be the same.  However, both nights, I got cold sweats while on the bike, jello legs, and feeling like I was going to puke.  Last night I stopped after 45 minutes.

Not sure if it's nutrition (or lack there of), lack of sleep, body being broken down without rest.....or what.  But I was concerned enough to stop last night.

I'm hoping that it's just sleep and proper nutrition that will fix the issue.

Tonight is my off night.  Which means it's family movie night.  I'll probably fall asleep at 8pm like normal (LOL).....

This weekend is a 10 mile run and a 100 mile ride.

Weather is supposed to be sketchy this weekend, so....hopefully I don't have to do 10 miles on the treadmill (because that WON'T happen).

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not in my 'Hood (and other things)

23 Days to IMTX.

Last night I had sooked Beef Stroganoff in the crockpot and the 7yo and the wifey both said "lets eat Rosa's tonight".  Rosa's is a fast food mexican joint....below a 'On The Border' but way higher than a Taco Bell....they make their own tortillas right there, fresh everything, fresh salsa, etc.  So, I caved and said okay.  As I was pulling out, I saw a solicitor and sent the wife a text letting her know to not worry about answering.  I go and get the food and come back.  Wife says the guy knocked.  So...about 15 minutes later, while eating.....*knock* *knock* *knock*.  It's him again.  Didn't answer.  About 30 mintues later.....*knock* *knock* *knock*.  Seriously dude......  So, I call the cops.  I attend meetings with, and regularly chat with, the deputy cheif of the McKinney PD.  He said anytime there are door-to-door people, call the non-emergency line and they'd come and make contact, ask for their permit - as requried by city law, etc.  So...I did.  I then set out for my 3 mile run.  I run the neighborhood loop 3 times and the sales guy is still in the area.  Then, I see the police.  He was making a U-turn and I stopped him and told him what's up.  He said he saw him and was going to make contact.  At that point, I had run for 10 minutes (and had 20 more minutes to go).  I continue to run and as I turn back into the 'hood, the cop is still there talking with the guy, the guys trunk is open, there is another cop there, and it's been 20 minutes......this had turned into more than a "let me see your permit" and "you can't be here, now leave" situation.    I was feeling bad after calling the cops because it was a guy trying to make a living......but apparently there was more to the story so I didn't feel too bad.

If you're keeping score at home and my story didn't bore you, you'll remember that I had Rosa's for dinner.  It's the perfect pre-workout meal.  And by "perfect" I mean "top 10 dumbest things you can eat before a run and swim".

3.2 miles in the books.....followed by a 25 minute swim. 

During my run and swim, I began to have the mind-wander....just random things in my head.  I was thinking about instagram and how you can hashtag pics.  Sometimes, I'll click on the hashtags to see what type of pics are there, view other pics (I'm a vouyer guy), etc.....well, one tag seemed innocent to me, but apparently others use it for self pics of body parts, subtle nudity, etc.....which got me thinking......have you or would you post subtle/openly nude pics of yourself on line or texted them?  I will be honest and say that I have.  I have done it as a joke and as a seduction technique.....I have done it while somewhat intoxicated to friends (which to me is the funniest because they're not expecting it)......

If I have your e-mail address or phone number, I promise that I will never send you pics of me.....and by "promise that I will never" I mean, you better be on the lookout after 5/18 because I'll have a lot more time to drink on the weekends. 

Tonight is a 2:00 trainer and 5 mile run.  Legs will be cranky but Friday is my off day so that'll be some motivation....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bubble Wrap

I'm to the point now....with 24 days to go, that I want to take a big ass roll of bubblue wrap and make myself a nice little suit as to not get hurt.  Like this morning....I was getting into my truck and stepped onto the running board to get in and it was slick (as it rained last night).  I could feel my footing start to slide.  It's almost like in the movie series "Final Destination"....I see everything that's hazardous and picture things falling on me, etc.

I also worry about getting sick.....and worry about my bike....and now I'm starting to worry that the list I made for packing and taking things to the race isn't right.  I made it about 3 weeks ago, then remembered 4 other items last night.  What else am I forgetting????? 

So...last night, I did 2 hours on the bike.  My computer says I did over 35 miles.  Some may think that's slow....but that's blazing fast for me.  If I could/can sustain almost 18mph on my IM ride, my day will instantly get better.......

Have a good'un kids.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Post #100

This is Post #100.....I have written 100 posts.....yeah for me.  :)

Last night was a solid 2500m swim in 45 minutes.  I started out well, got sloppy, fixed my form, got sloppy again, then finished strong.  I was happy with my performance seeing that it had been a week and a half since I had been in the pool.  I'm a tad bit sore this morning in the upper back/shoulders which I guess is to be expected since I'd taken off that much time and got back into it without building a few smaller swims.  Oh well....'tis what it 'tis

On the radio this morning they had a poll on the top factors that make a 'happy relationship' (I can't say that we hit them all....but we're not unhappy....but we both heard the radio program and started texting soon there after)

1 - Split everything equally - money, chores, duties, etc....
2 - Bedroom door closed at least 2 - 3 times a week
3 - Show affection even outside of the bedroom
4 - 100% honesty....no secrets
5 - Stay in shape/be physically attractive
6 - No political talk
7 - Religion in the home (shared values and importance)

Tonight is a 2 hour ride.  I may go longer to get some volume in....but volume with a purpose.  I started "Breaking Bad" on Netflix.  Right now it's moving really slow, but I heard that it 'picks up' and gets a lot better.....I'm hoping so!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Crunch Time - and running a'naturale

Did a nice 12 mile run on Saturday.  No support, no nutrition, no water....just me and a garmin (and shoes and clothes.....but see a little further down in the blog here.....going to address this).

The run was okay.  I averaged around 11 minute miles which is okay.  I'm not going for speed, I'm going for distance.  I'm going for endurance.  I'm going for completion.

On Sunday, I decided that 100 miles was not what I wanted to do.  In fact, I wanted to get shit done around the house.  I had started out wanting to get in 100 miles.  I really did.  I wanted it, but I guess my legs and my mind were not on the same page.  I was a tad sore from the run but after around 60 miles, I quit.  I did.....no excuse....just quit.  Said "Eff it.....I'm out".

This coming up weekend was supposed to be the 'wind down' (I'm not going to call it taper) and I have a 14 mile run schedule and a 75 mile/5 mile brick.  Thinking of getting that 100 in in lieu of the 75 miler and then do a "jog it out 30 minute run".  Mentally, that 100 is where I want to get to in order to break thru the wall on the bike during IMTX.

Other than that....great weekend.  Got a lot of stuff plated (flowers, vines, veggies and fruit).  I also got a lot of things cleaned and cleared out of the back yard.  We can actaullly entertain back there now.  HA!  In fact, we did yesterday.  We met our new neighbors and invited them over for dogs, brats, chips, beer, and dessert.....we got to hang with them.  They're about our age (and the woman's name is Annie.....hahah), they have a 5yo boy, they're into Texas music, sports, and we share lots of mutual interests.  Hopefully they don't turn out to be weirdos down the line.

Ok.....so.....the whole shoes/clothes reference.

I was looking up races that I could possibly do either this coming up weekend or the following weekend.  Looking for a Half-Mary....where I can run in a supported environment, push my body a little and get a medal for participation (hey....I'm easy). 

So....I came across a 5k that's about an hour drive away....the 16th Annual SkinnyDipper Sun Run. 

Yup...it's a clothing optional 5k at a nudist resort.  How flippin' fun would that be?  Seriously.  A naked run.  Running all primal and whatnot.   And how cool would that race shirt be to sport around  (as runners we all check out other race shirts....some we recognize as we've done the race or seen it before.....but not this one.....nope....I've never seen one of these and would LOVE to sport that bad-boy).

I told the wifey about it and she actually said "if you wanna go....I'm not".  If I was not in the middle of training and needed all my availble weekends I would so do this on the 27th.  But.....there's one in October too.  Stay tuned!  :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

You can run....but you can't hide

I'll just leave it at that.

You can't expect to do something horrific and expect to get away with it.

Thank you law enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Feds, and all the vigilant bystanders/witnesses/tipsters.

Last night was a 3:00 ride.  I did 2:47 mintues because I was watching the Hobbit and that's how long the movie was.  I didn't get as much mileage as I wanted (46 miles).  It was a lot slower than I wanted.  My legs just didn't want to move faster, my body wanted some rest.

After I got off the bike, I wanted to just shower, shave, and go to bed.....well....all hell was breaking loose in Boston so I quick showered/shaved and air dyed on the couch watching the updates on the hunt for the suspects.

I'm tired as all hell today....I have a "youth Summit" that my leadership class is hosting for the city.  I have a walkie-talkie and I'm supposed to be coordinating the volunteers.  Lets hope the volunteers can coordinate themsleves cuz I'm not looking forward to this.

This weekend.......

Sat - 13 mile run
Sun - 6 hour ride (will split up between trainer and road)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

30 Days

30 short days until IMTX.  I still have more to do on my training plan (including my long ride this weekend of 100 - which will basically be my second century) and some higer volume runs.

I've come to realize that I'm not going to be as prepared as I want to be for this race.  I accept that and can take blame for about 90% of why I'm not there or where I want to be.

If I can finish within 15 hours I will be fine.

The break down is like this:

90 minute swim
15 minute transition
7 hour bike
15 minute transition
6 hour marathon

That's 15 hours on the nose.  I'd love to go sub 13:30 but I don't think that's in the cards.

I'm going to have fun and soak in the day/night......

I'm sure that y'all have heard about the explosion in West, TX.  West is a VERY small town about half way between my town and Austin.  I think most people in the Dallas area know where it is becuase you have to go thru it on the way to Waco/Austin.....and they have the best kolaches in the world.  If there is a kolache that exists they make it.  There are several of these shops right off the highway....and I've never been to one that I haven't had to wait at least 20 minutes in line.  They are that popular.

Keep these people in your prayers......

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Four - Zero - Nine

Last night I ran....just ran.  I used my Garmin to get me to the 4.09 mile mark, where I stopped, said a prayer for the victims, the cowards behind this, and for everyone involved that may not be physically hurt.

I jogged/walked the rest of the way home, which was about 2 miles.  I wasn't concerned with my time, I wasn't worried about hitting marks or sustaining a pace.......

Before that J had her first grade music performance.  It was cute.  It was fun to watch 80+ young'ens try to get all on the same page with instruments, lyrics, and hand guestures/movement.  Classic.

After that...but before my run...my mom took us to Chiptole.  While I love it and could eat it everyday, it's not best to eat that much then run in the 80 degree/60% humidity...and have an emotional run too.  Not a good combo.  :)

Tonight is supposed to be inclimate weather (which is another reason I did the run last night opposed to tonight.  I have 3 hours on the bike.  Then, on Thursday, I have another 3 hour ride.  Back-to-back 50 milers.....getting the legs primed and ready!

On IG yesterday, I put a quote and it sums it up based on what I've seen from the outpouring of IG pics, FB posts, news stories, etc:

You're going to have to do more if you're going to try to break the spirit of a marathon runner. 
Remember, we run 26.2 miles for fun.

and if you're part of this conspiricy movement (the gov't did this to start a war, it was a fake event and no one was really hurt - it was a drill, etc).......unfriend me now and move along with your pathetic life.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

*Untitled* - Part 2

***I started this at 3:18pm yesterday (4/15) while the news was still poring in***

My last untitled blog was about Sandy Hook....and now another tragedy has hit.  I'm sitting here watching the news on my computer, getting updates from freinds on my phone, I have several message boards open and looking, and reading all the "thoughts and prayers" posts on FB.  In this age of social media and instant news on demand, I hope that what I'm reading and hearing is speculative and that some of it isn't true. 

I'm listening to the Boston PD radio scanner....still 2 hours after the bombs and there is still mass chaos.  You can hear it in their voices, you can sense their urgency. 

Clear out this area, report of a package, suspisious person, where are you, head over to Com. Ave, secure this area, why is this van here.......

Reports of people with missing legs, an 8-year old that was killed....100's injured.  What the hell?  This is a marathon....in Boston, not Baghdad......

Sensless....all FUCKING SENSELESS!!!!!  There wasn't a need for this.  If you want to make a political/religious/personal/whatever statement.....write a fucking blog, rant on FB, stand in a public area and yell....just don't kill people.  What the hell is wrong with people?  I've been pissed before.  Super pissed......but you know....I never thought "Imma go kill some folks".  Never.  Not once.

I just want to scream.

I started a hashtag on Instagram (#runners4boston).  For people to post their pics of them in their race shirts today.  I'm wearing mine.....are you?

In other news...the pool was closed last night.  Uggh.  Tonight, I was going to do a trainer ride, but instead, I'm going to run.  I don't know how far or how long....but I'm going to go out.  It could be 3 miles, 6 miles, 19 miles.....I don't know.  I'm just going to run.......

Monday, April 15, 2013

33 Days (and 3 is my lucky number)

33 Days....One month and 3 days (or one month and 2 days......or one month and 5 days if it was February....one month and 4 days if it was a leap year....or one.....nevermind...y'all get it)

This weekend was exciting.  I got up on Saturday and ran 9 miles, doing a 1 mile run, 30 sec walk.  I actually ran a little faster than I wanted to.  My pace, on race day, will be dictated by my body.  I just need to reign it in.  After that....J's first soccer game.  Now.....I'm not the 'sports dad' type of guy.  I want her to do good and I want her team to win....but really, I want her to have fun and enjoy what she's doing.  She had a blast and she did (surprisingly) well.  We took her to Chick-Fil-A for a celebration lunch.

Ssturday night was a fun filled "I'm hitting the sack at 8:45pm" night....got my set up for the trainer ride set with nutrition, hydration, and earbuds, then watched part of the Ranger game then the next thing I know, my alarm is going off......


After my 5 hour and 43 minute ride with a total of 96 miles.....it was time to stuff my face with mexican food....NOM-NOM-NOM......to the point of 'ah shit....I overate".

Got home and needed more recovery time....nap and beer....and let me tell ya....both were excellent.  I also wore compression pants the entire day and I iced my legs twice during the day.  I'm not as sore as I thought I would be.  Did I push hard enough?  Or was the recovery beer/ice/compression the magic formula?


Finally, the baby has hit the magical age of 6 months.  All the parents know that this is "baby food time".  This is absolutly hilarious.  They gag, they make faces, they get it all over......it's pure greatness!

Tonight is my recovery swim (wish it was more recovery naps and beer....but whatever) of 65 minutes. 

How was y'alls weekend?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Motivation and Inspiration

Last night was a 3:00 trainer ride.  I really wanted to go 3.  Would have been happy with 2:30.  Been okay with 2.......  I manned up and did 3:00 (actually 2:58, the show I was watching was over - lol)
The last 20 minutes were hard.  Legs talking back.  I wanted to watch the Ranger game (I only have movies in my 'dungeon').  I was getting tired (physically and mentally....it was 11:15pm after all), and I was getting ansy.  I pushed thru that.....and I felt better for it.  I know that the scenario above will be 100x that during my race and that my legs, lungs, and mind will not only be 'talking back'....they'll be yelling, screaming, crying.....just like my 7 year old.  haha.

I've also had some doubts recently.  Not about my fitness or the race (well....yes, the race) but it's the whole enormitty of the race.  140.6 miles.  That's a lot to wrap your head around. 

What if.....what if.....what if......that's where I'm at now.  The I saw this on FB this morning....

Also....as inspriation, a buddy of mine (who's obviously done an IM race) sent me this.  If you're following me on Instagram (if not....follow my ass) I posted it up yesterday as inspriation.  I'm thinking that after the race, I'll get something similar tatt'd on me.

Have a great weekend followers.  Do Work.  Make Shit Happen!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm mental and I know it....

In reading one of my followers recent blog posts (Big Daddy Diesel) he was discussing his mind set and what he's gone thru over the past couple of years....and where he's at now.

The mental aspect of this journey is harder, at times, than the actual physical aspect of the race.  I believe that most anyone with some training under their belt can complete an Ironman.....but what will hold most people back (remember....we're the 1% of the world that will do an Ironman....and that's pretty dang cool) is the mental aspect to break thru and make it happen.

I don't know who said it or if I'm even getting it right but a quote that rings true is "Triathlons are 80% mental.  The other 20% is mental".  If I can push the negative thoughts out and take everything, including the race, mile by mile, hour by hour, day by day....then it doesn't seem as bad.

When I get off the bike at IMTX will I have a marathon to complete or will I have 26 one mile jogs with a .2 sprint down the chute?  On the bike, I have a 56 mile ride....a stop to get more nutrition....then another 56 mile ride.  I can do two 56 milers....but can I go 112?

I'm rambling now....but you get it.  It's a mental game.

Which "little guy" will show up on your shoulder to tell you you can or can't do this.  I guarentee they both will....but the one with the pitchfork and devil horns will be SCREAMING at you, while the halo'd one will be chilling and relaxing.  You need to train the one with the halo to get off his ass and talk over the other one.

While all this is what I believe, it's getting pretty damn hard......I cut my swim short last night and only ran 3 (of 5) miles on the dreadmill.  It was 40 last night with 20mph cold winds.  I can't run on a treadmill.  After one mile it feels like I've gone 10.  Legs hurt, sweating profusly, breathing/HR jacked up.....I'm a hot mell on the 'mill.

Tonight is a 3:00 trainer ride.  As of 8:30am, I'm looking forward to it.  Hopefully that stays true at 8:30pm.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

38 Days....less than 1000 hours

In 37 Days, 23 hours, and 57 Minutes.....I'll have started IMTX.

That's not too far off kids....

One of my followers on Instagram put down "Less than 1000 hours until #imtx".  For some reason, 38 days sounds a lot further away than 1000 hours. 

I'm getting nervous.  I'm getting worried, I'm getting excited, I'm getting anxious, I'm getting happy, I'm getting........very emotional.  Other than simple adjectives, it's really hard for me to put down how I'm feeling without rambling for pages and pages.......

On Monday night, I swam 2800m.  Had a good time (both literally and figuratively) too.

Last night called for a 3 hour trainer ride.  I got in 2 good hours and a little over 36 miles.  Very happy with that too.  However....I should have moved my Wednesday workout to last night.  Because today, it's 40 degrees with storms all day and high wind.  Last night it was in the mid-70's (and that was at night).  What wacky weather we've been having.....

Tonight may be a treadmill night.  I do have a swim after that too.

We'll see.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The suck line

I listened to a great podcast put out by Endrance Nation on Friday (while at work....and on the way home) about 4 keys to finishing an Ironman strong.  The 4 main points were:

1) Race Day is about execution not fitness
     Apply the fitness that you bring to the race
     See your race as a video game.  You control you.

2)  Execcute 100%
      The goal for the first 2/3's of the race is to set up your run
      Nothing before mile 18 of the run matters
      The "suck line" will come....guarenteed.  The decision you make will either move the suck line closer to you or further away (goal is 'further')

3)  Dealing with the suck line with your box
      Urgency vs. Importance  -  your race is important.  Act out of importance not urgency
       This is your box.  You control what's in that box (fitness, nutrition, planning).  Stay in your box

4)   Why are you here (mantra)
       When the line hits, what will you do to keep going.
       Why are you here?  Why are you doing this race?  Why did you sign up
       This will keep you going until the end.  Don't pull this out until necessary

So....on Saturday....went to bed (well....fell asleep on the couch) around 8:30pm.  I moved to the bedroom around midnight.  Alarm set for 4:30a - check.  Alarm goes off at 4:30a - Check.  Snooze and sleep more becuase all I have is a 10 mile run.  Wake up and it's light outside.  Wait, what?  Snooze lasted a little longer that I thought.  Check the time......10:30am.  W.T.F???? 

As it's a little to late to start the run, I decide that I'll run tonight.  Fast forward to 8p (after drinking nothing but soda all day and eating like crap, I start out on my run.  Immediatly my heart rate jacks way up.  At mile .4 (yes.... *point 4*) I throw up in a neighbors yard.  This run is done. 

Go home, shower, go to bed......

4am alarm - check......alarm goes off.....next thing I know it's 5:30am.  Whew....day is not shot.  I get on the bike and start to go, go, go.  I got in 4:40 on the bike (which I figure is about 78 miles).  I then do a 7 minute "transition" and head out for my run.  I got thru 5.25 miles in a pretty qucik 57 minutes.  I was cooked......completly done.....

While I was happy with my distance (a breakout)....i got a little nervous.  How am I going to get thru 2 more hours on the bike....and 21 more miles on the run???? 

Here's to hoping that adrenaline and the crowd get me there!  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Breakthrough or Breakdown?

In my last post a follower, Coy (check out her blog) said something that made sense.....I needed a "break out" workout to get me out of my funk.  On Wednesday night, I headed out between rain breaks....that ever so short window in Texas in Spring.....LOL.....and did 4 miles.  I did them at race pace, kinda, meaning I ran for a mile and walked the "aid stations" (30 seconds) I ended up doing 4.25 miles in 44 minutes.  It felt good.  I was pleased.  I was having a 'breakout'.  Wednesday is also my "two-a-day" workout where I go from my run to the gym to get in a swim.  I was supposed to do 2800m but couldn't get going.  I felt I was swimming backwards.  My strokes were off, my breathing sucked....I didn't want to be there.  I managed 1300m in 23 minutes which is slower than normal.  Ugggh....breakdown.

Last night, we met up with J's Kindergarten teacher from her old school and we sat and visited while J played with her boys and little girl.  The plan was to meet around 7 and hang until 7:45-ish then get home, do 'night time' and then I'd be on the trainer for 3 hours.  Well......we didn't leave there until 8:30....uggh....

So at 9:15 I finally get on the trainer.  I did 1:48 minutes and 33 miles.  I held a good clip but it was no where near the volume I need......

Run - Breakout!!!!
Swim - Breakdown,  :(
Bike - a little bit of both.

Tonight I'm taking off.  I shouldn't, but it's a swim and my confidence is a little shot.  I used to love swimming.  And I guess I still do......but it's now the distance that I'm putting in.  It's boring.  I'm used to HIM, Oly, and Sprint training....where I go a max of about 2000m....The next time I'll have that is in a few weeks. 

Thoughts?  Suggestions? 

Tomorrow is a 10 mile run.
Sunday is a 85/5 brick.  Looking at the weather, I 'may' get to ride outside for part of the ride.  If I can, the plan is to put about 3:15 on the trainer, switch out skewers, load up some nutrition, and get on the road for 1:45-2hours.....I really need to get outside and do some hills, flats, and sprints....

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So Tired....

But I schlepped off last night....and put in a whole 45 minutes on the trainer (of what was supposed to be 3 hours).

Let me take you thru the night.

6:15pm - Wifey and baby get home.....dinners ready and baby needs to be fed.  Let the 7yo and wife eat while I feed.  I then eat while the wife takes baby duty.

7:00pm - Was asked by a freind if we could visit them in the hospital.  She sustained 2 broken arms while tripping over a dog gate in her house.  Went up there and visited for a while.  Her husband and kids were there so we got to see them, they got to see the baby, and we hadn't seen them in a while.....so I'm not complaining.  It was a good visit.  Rangers game is on in her room but not really paying attention to it.....they were winning so that was good.

8:30 - Get home.....I had needed to go to the grocery store earlier, so I make a quick dash there.

9:10 - Get back home.  Realize that the Rangers (and Yu Darvish) are in the midst of a PERFECT GAME.....something very rare and amazing to watch.  It's in the bottom of the 7th.  I can't miss this.  My Rangers....My Boys.....about to make history their 2nd game of the season.

10-ish-pm - Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs and the perfect game still intact.  Holy Crap...this is amazballs.  History in the making.  a 2nd year pitcher about to throw a prefect game.  2 outs....one strike.....BAM.....ball goes right between Yu's legs.  Perfect game and no hitter GONE.  Just like that.  Needless to say it was defeating and mentally draining.  Rangers did win 7 - 0, though.

10:25pm......Get on the trainer......watch an episode of Jericho....and just don't want to be there.  Get off, shower, and lay in bed....wide ass awake.  I can't sleep.  Mentally defeted for the Rangers.  Beating myself up for only going 45 minutes on the trainer.  I remember seeing the clock at 1:30a and still tossing and turning.  4 and a half hours of sleep.......uggh.  Need tha coffee's.....stat.

Tonight is supposed to be a 4 mile run and a swim.  With the pouring rain we're getting now and it's been raining since about 10p last night, don't know how condusive the run will be.  I'll get out and do some....and I will swim.  You can bet on that!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Swimming Rocks

But after about a mile it gets boring as all Hell.....

I did 2700m last night.  My lungs felt great, my arms weren't tired, my form was holding up, but Holy Lord....I wanted to quit.  It's not that I wanted to quit because I was tired or having a bad swim (like last Friday) but I was just bored.  Plain ol' bored.....straight up.....like fo' reals.....bored.

I kept trying to visulize the IM course, how I would position myself near the bouy, how to drift after the turnaround toward the right so it cut off some distance entering the canal.....that worked for about 150m.

I guess it's an exercise for the body and the mind.  I'll keep at it. 

Tonight is a 3:30 ride......it's supposed to be storming too.  I love the rain and the thunder and the lightening.  It's relaxing to me.  Just hope the storm pushes in after the ride so I can fall asleep to the sounds of nature.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter, stomach issues, Butt sore, and totals

If you want to know what the rest of the blog is about.....just read the title and you'll have it.

Saturday morning was an early one.  Up and on the bike at 4:30a.  I had the same set up as last time with all my nutirtion and liquids set up the night before.....got on the bike and just went after it.  Thought I wasn't drinking too much because I only pee'd once during the the bike session (but after I pee'd about every 30 minutes but it was clear....so I know that I was hydrated.  The bike....while I went 75 miles in 4:20.....was pretty uneventful.  It was nice knowing that I can get that distace in....and I still have more to build on.  Next weekends long stuff is 85 mile ride/5 mile brick.  I did have some butt soreness (more rubbing) but my shorts sucked.  I have a new pair of Pearl Izumi shorts that I'm going to try out for the next few rides as they are the ones I'll be riding in for the IM.

My totals for the month of March are:

Swim - 19,200m  (5:38)
Bike - 449.5 miles (26:24)
Run - 38.42 miles (6:47)

I was really light on the running as those workouts I missed (or shaved off) the most. 

Prior to my HIM that I did in 2011, I may have put a total of 200 miles on my bike and did one brick.  My long ride was about 45 miles and I did that once.  it's kind of comical to look back at that.  I knew I was undertrained going into that race, but I really had no idea.  I know going into this IM, I'll be undertrained, but not as bad.

Easter was great.....We went to my mom's on Saturday afternoon and hung with her.  Then....the stomach issues hit.  I wasn't feeling great upon waking up for church.  I ate breakfast anyway and started to feel better.  Ate lunch (read "overate" lunch - haha) and still felt fine....then about an hour before we left, it hit.  Queezy, flush, light sweat, stomach cramping.....uggh.  Fast forward to this morning....it seems to have worked itself out.

I have a 2700m swim tonight and since I missed my run yesterday....I'll probably put in some shoe time tonight too.  Since I missed the grocery store yesterday too, I'll have to get that done as well.  Busy night!

Oh.....and we had to put a cat down this morning.....so.....that's how my morning started off.