Friday, November 8, 2013


***Title said in my best Barney Stinson sure and pause an inordinate amount of time between words***

Challenges have been a part of history as much as anything else....

Christopher Columbus - challenged to be the first to discover new lands

Burr/Hamilton Duel - A fight to the death

JFord and Brads 2015 Redman Challenge...

All have been historical in nature and all will be talked about for years.

I am a little upset that I am the challengee....and not the challenger.  As an only child, I need to be the challenger.  But since I'm not, I'll need to make up for it with smack talk and subsequent excuses.

Lets back up a little bit.  I "met" James - Click here for his blog - and follow him -  on a little over a year ago.  We mentored a group of true beginners together and both could commiserate, motivate, and lean on each other as we were both going through Ironman training at the same time.  As y'all know, I did IMTX in May and JFord did Redman in September.  The difference in IMTX and Redman is very slight.  They are both "140.6" distances and a side from that, there isn't much of a difference. hear me talk about it....Redman is A LOT easier for 2 main factors.'s not an Ironman race and's not in Texas.  That right there makes it a ton easier.

So....when JFord crossed the finish line (and beat my time)....I sent him texts and FB posts congratulating him but he also received the "but it's not a real race" texts and posts as well.

Well....he's upped the ante and challenged me to Redman 2015.  Mano y Mano....same course, same date, same race, same start time......this will define who the better triathlete is.....and crown the best of all time. 

When I told my wife about this, she said "I thought you weren't doing another Ironman?"  To which I said "but I was challenged".  She just shook her head.  Pffft.....she don't get it....wimm-in....pssh.

Now....where are my shoes?  Are cobwebs normal on a bike?  These Reese's PB Cups look amazing....

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

EnduroPacks - 30 Day Review

If you recall from my post about 30 days ago, I was selected to be a Brand Ambassador for EnduroPacks, which is a new sports nutrition company for endurance athletes....which focuses on recovery.

I have to say that as a previous 'non-believer' in any supplements other than my daily multi and Gu/Calories on my runs and rides, EnduroPacks made me a believer.

Haven gotten the first shipment in around 20 days out from my half marathon....which was horrible and a race that I would LOVE to forget....I started taking the supplements as directed.  After the first week of taking them, I had a long run of 9 miles and my family and I went to the State Fair of Texas for a day of walking.  I figured I walked around 4 miles that day.  The next morning, I had a slight case of "heavy legs" but I had no noticeable soreness.  None, zip, zilch.  Pre-EnduroPacks I know that I would have had some soreness related to a 13 mile day but had none.

Post "horrible race" (as we'll now refer to it, going forward) I was not sore either....and actually began looking for a redemption race the next day.  The morning after a bad race or a race where it didn't come together, you normally wake up sore, wallow in your pity, and never want to see your shoes again.  While I did throw a pity party, I did so without the lactic acid funny walk.  (haha).  No soreness, no tenderness, nothing.  I was amazed and had actually told my wife that I had planned on skipping a neighbors party...but decided to go because I was refreshed.

I continued taking the supplements and using the electrolyte spray in bottles of water....sometimes on my off days just trying to get "topped off" for the next days activities....and have gotten to the end of the pack and can't wait for the next shipment to arrive.

While I still haven't picked a redemption race yet.....due to external factors....I am glad to know that I have supplements to get me to the level that I need to be.

Goal for 2013 'redemption race'......Sub-2 hour 13.1

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dipping in the mustard and can't Ketchup

So it's been a few weeks, huh?

Lets recap....

Breaking Bad ended - WOW!!!!
My Daughter turned 1 - Double WOW!!!
I went fishing in Idaho for 4 days - Boom!
I was picked to be a brand ambassador for EnduroPacks - Boo-Yah!
I ran the worst 13.1 that I ever have....ever.... - Major SUCK.

Breaking Bad Finale

I'll leave it at WOW....just in case any of my readers aren't caught up or want to watch the series

Reese Turns 1

We had her birthday party on 10/6 when we had everyone in town for our annual State Fair of Texas gathering.  Reese had such a blast.  It was great to have loving family in town and neighbors come over to hang and celebrate her birthday.  She was the most hugged and loved on person ever.

Fishing the Snake and Salmon River

I could dedicate 3 posts to this alone....but the words and the pics wouldn't do it justice.  I was asked by my boss to go on a 4 day fishing trip (paid for by a vendor) to Lewiston, ID where we ate, drank, and fished.  The scenery was spectacular, the accommodations were great, and the fishing was something that I had never experienced on that level.  8 - 18 lb fish fighting and tugging, reeling and fighting taking over 10 minutes from setting the hook to getting it into the boat.  I caught several fish (Steelhead Trout and some salmon). 


Worst. Race. Ever.

So....anything you read here is partly an excuse but partly justification (make sense)......

I had been pretty spastic in my training the three weeks leading up to the race.  And the last week was the fishing trip so I missed some volume runs and had a little too much fun eating and drinking as well....and lack of sleep too.

Race morning it was 75 degrees with 90% humidity and it stayed around that for the race.  After about the first 3 miles, I knew it wasn't going to be fun anymore.  I started fading and walking....and walking more....then around mile 11, it was cramps.  I rarely get cramps, but wow....they suck.  I finished in 2:41 (which was 30 minutes SLOWER than my slowest time.  I have a new PR in the "what's your worst race" category).  The course was pretty hilly too, which I don't train much on.  If I go right out of my neighborhood, I get hills....if I go left, it's pretty flat.  I normally go left.  Guess I should go right more.

The race itself was great.  Average Joe Racing puts on a hell of a race.  Great support, great volunteers, lots of schwag, lots of information leading up to the race....and at a very cheap price.  If you're in the Dallas area and looking for a well run race....check them out.

My splits were:

1 - 10:03
2 - 10:33
3 - 10:34
4 - 11:07
5 - 11:49
6 - 12:55
7 - 12:08
8 - 12:54
9 - 13:29
10 - 14:29
11 - 13:50
12 - 13:55
13 - 12:40

Uggh....just typing those out made me vomit a bit in my mouth.  I need a redemption race and one that doesn't conflict with major holidays, birthdays, fishing trips and anything else.  HAHA.

Monday, September 23, 2013

EnduroPacks - First Impressions

As some of you know, I was selected to be a one month trial participant for EnduroPacks, which is a start up nutrition company for endurance athletes, focused on recovery.  That's a challenge for a lot of us, especially me, so when I saw they were asking for Brand Ambassadors, I jumped at the chance.  They are still accepting applications, so if any of my followers....or followers of my followers want to apply, you can go to their website and check them out and apply.


When I arrived home on Friday, there was a nice little treat waiting for Enduropacks shipment.  I opened it immediately waiting to see the goodness that a little white box held for me.  This was perfect timing as I had my longest run since IMTX on the books for Saturday.  The box was packed perfectly and the only glass bottle in there was the liquidmulti but it was wrapped in bubble wrap securely.  The first thing I did was, obviously, pop all of the bubbles.  That's a hard and fast rule.....if there is bubble wrap, it must be popped.

Inside the box was a nice, soft cotton T-shirt, Liquidmulti, electrolyte spray, amino patch, glutamine caps, and an instruction card. bubble wrap

As I was excited to get started, I put on the t-shirt and ran around the house for about 30 seconds, under the watchful eye of a 7 year old and a cat.  Both were confused, but I didn't care.

I put all of the items on my vanity and waited, somewhat impatiently, for 4:30am so I could get started.

Fast forward to go time.

First thing that I took was the Liquidmulti.  The taste wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the best either.  It does have a chalky taste to it, reminiscent of the Flintstone chewable vitamins that we all took as kids.  The instruction card said to take with food, but the only thing I eat, pre-run, is a Gu.  I was worried that I would "taste it" via burps once the Liquidmulti made it's way down, but I did not experience any negative side effects from it.

I got my water bottle and pumped 5 "shots" of the electrolyte spray and set off.  Around mile 2, I took my first drink and was surprised, for two reasons.  One....I didn't think that there would be a taste to the spray and Two....that it wasn't bad at all.  It has a citrusy flavor to it, similar to Nuun or Gu Brew.  It's not overpowering and it's pleasant.

After the run, I was instructed to put an amino patch on.  This is were I had an issue....the instruction card does not specify where to put it.  As it's a transdermal patch, I figured anywhere was as good as any so I put it on my stomach, close to my belly button.  Then, I went on the website and it recommended that it be placed on the inner-arm or the wrist.  Well, poop.  So I took it off and placed it on my wrist.  This was the first lesson in "what not to do".  Once the patch is on, it doesn't want to go back on anywhere else.  I placed it on my wrist, but within a few minutes it was starting to peel off.  I got another patch and stuck it on my wrist and it stayed there for a good 8 hours.  We went to a festival around 4pm and I took it off because it was starting to fold/crease a bit.  It was still on, but I figured 8 hours was good enough.

Patch size
Placement of Patch....

That night, I took the Glutamine caps about an hour and a half before bed, while I was finishing up the late football games.  I was worried, again, about the "tasting" of the caps so I took it early and if I was feeling it, then I'd be able to drink some milk and/or have a light snack.  The caps are just a little bigger than an Advil Gelcap and very easy to swallow.  I took both at the same time with a small glass of water.  I didn't feel any side effects from it.

The next morning....I woke up...and felt I could have gone for another long run.  I had scheduled off on Sunday (and I'm a rule/plan follower) so I only took the Liquidmulti and I took the Glutamine caps at night. 

My first overall impression is a good one.  I'd give it a solid "B".  I would have given it an "A-" for first impressions had the instruction card been a little more clear on the patch placement.  After a week (next Monday), I'll give another review on how the first week with the product went and share my thoughts on that.

I'm super excited to get further into the trial and see this through an entire month (and hopefully more) while I wind down the 13.1 training and ramp up to 26.2 this winter.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Happy Friday Y'all.....

This weekend is supposed to be a busy one, but due to the weather today, it may not be at all.

Tonight is J's volleyball practice and tomorrow she has a game in the mid-afternoon.  After her game, we're supposed to go to the Plano Balloon Festival.  It's an awesome event with a balloon launch, balloon glows, fire works, things for the kids, over-priced sno-cones and festival food, etc.'s held in a park and it's all grass and one HUGE hill that everyone sits on.'s been raining since about 7:30pm last night.  It's projected to continue raining for most of the day and into early evening.  Rain + grass/hill + 10,000 people = MUD.  So....we may miss that.

I have a 8 mile run to get in at the crack of dawn.  I'm super pumped because the reason we have this rain is a "cold front" pushed down.  It's supposed to be in the low-60s.  Our lows have been in the upper-70's and this will almost feel chilly.

On Sunday, I'm going to do a 5 miler (recovery at 80%) to get the legs used to the mileage.

The run tomorrow will gauge if I'll be able to sniff a sub-2 in the Showdown Half ( or if it's just going to be part of the master plan of a marathon.

My going doing Redman Full (140.6) on Saturday.  Follow him on FaceBook (Daily Trainings) for live updates done by his wife.  His blog is

I should be receiving my EnduroPacks supply soon ( and will post my initial thoughts on it as soon as I get it.  I cannot wait. 

I visited the Cooper Clinic on Wednesday for my annual physical.  They do a great job checking every crease and crevice (and I mean EVERY crease and crevice).  According to my doc I need to drop about 10-15lbs (duh) and do some additional strength exercises.  She's a former marathon Top AG'er and overall she's not just spouting off crap.  She said it's more for performance than it is actually for "health" (although being healthier is a side effect of that).

OK....calling all readers.  I need more followers.  Give me a shout-out, tell people to follow me, whatever.  I follow a ton of bloggers and some follow me back, but I want followers.  I am a people person.  I have people skills, dammit.......

I will be looking at/doing a give-away for followers in the near future.  I'm in the works now with some companies for discounts and products related to running and tri's.

Y'all come through for a brotha!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Running Randomness

Out for my solitary 4 miler this morning (which sucked butt, btw...more on that later).  When I'm about a mile and a half in, I see something in the grass.  Normally it's a rabbit and will scurry off.  And sometimes they'll run in the direction I'm running....then dart across the sidewalk....then back....then sprint ahead.  I'm all like "I'm not chasin' you lil' bunny fo-fo....just stop" but they don't seem to listen. the grass.  I see something that appears to be crouched down.  I could tell it wasn't a rabbit and first thought was a bobcat kitten/cub as it was small.  Shortly there after, I got a little nervous as a kitten will have a momma near.  Now....being from the country, I know that if I'm not a little animal/rodent or a chicken....I'm fine.  But still, coming upon a bobcat isn't the most fun thing on a jog.  I did have a quick thought of "well....this can be my interval training".  As I get within 10 yards, it starts across the sidewalk and I hear *click-click-click....* and I realize that I'm coming upon an armadillo.  They're docile and more scared of you....and they are the worlds worst animal at getting across the street.  So....the armadillo realizes that I'm coming up and quickly heads back the other way.

That interaction and the thought of the senseless murders of armadillos every year on Texas streets by out of control cars and truck.....brought me back to a FB post I saw not too long ago.
The Balloon says "Get Well Soon"

Then....with the armadillo being the State Animal of Texas (actually the Nine-Banded Armadillo), I thought of all the cool facts of the armadillo that we were taught in school.

**Armadillos have four babies at a time, always all the same sex. They are perfect quadruplets, the fertilized cell split into quarters, resulting in four identical armadillos.

**Armadillos get an average of 18.5 hours of sleep per day.

**Armadillos can walk underwater.

**Armadillos are the only animal besides humans that can get leprosy.

**When an armadillo is frightened it jumps straight into the air.

**Armadillos can be housebroken.

**Armadillos have a very low need of oxygen. Even when burrowing they can stop breathing for 6 minutes by storing air in the trachea and wide bronchus.

**The name "Armadillo" comes from the Spanish explorers word meaning "Little Armored Thing"

So that was my morning.  Oh....and the run sucked because I ran slow and it was hot (80 degrees) and humid and no wind to cool the body down.  Ran 4.01 in 44:45.  That's absolutely horrible.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hey There....remember me?

Well....this is awkward.  You know...we have our little fun, say we'll talk and hang out, never really do and then run into each other at the store.....

I feel like there's a lot that's happened, but I can't really think of much.  I'm into 13.1 training now and should be around the 9 mile mark for my long runs, but just completed 7 this past weekend.  I was shooting for a PR of Sub-2 for the race on 10/12 (the Showdown Half)  but it's looking more like a good jump start to marathon training. 

I volunteered for a sprint tri over the weekend.  Saw some people I know, saw some familiar faces, and got to give back to the sport that's treated me well.

I also found out that I'm a finalist for a Brand Ambassador gig with EnduroPacks.  I was interviewed over the phone last week and got an e-mail over the weekend that they want to send me a one month trial and have me review it, etc....and if they like my 'social interaction' on the web, I could possibly be a 3-month Ambassador.  Go check them out.  It's a new company.....focused on the recovery aspect of training....which is my nemesis.

Also....JFord is about to embark on an amazing 140.6 journey.  He's doing Redman in OKC this weekend.  You can follow him on FB and via his blog (

We have a lot going on these next few weekends.....lots of family things.  This is where we, as amateur athletes, shine.  We have to get our training in and balance the family time too....which if it comes down to it, I pick the family.  But.....I can get my azz outta bed at 4:30a and get it done before anyone even knows I was gone.

I'll be posting more....I'll be looking for new followers.

Spread the word on my blog....and get me some followers people!!!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week in Review

That's a dumb title....I apologize.

Monday - Rest and recover day....posted on here.

Tuesday - Rest  and recover.  Really didn't need it but lied to myself and justified it that way (Did 6 burpees and 60 push-ups and 60 sit-ups_

Wednesday - Thought about swimming and spinning.  Had cable issues and spent well over an hour on the phone with AT&T.  They will hear back from me today.  Ate taco bell.

Thursday - up early and ran. 3 miles in the books.  Also did 8 burpees followed by 80 push-ups and 80 sit-ups.  Tonight is an "alumni" reception and Leadership class kick off party.  I was a part of a very cool program hosted by our City last year.....and now I'm an alumni so I get to go rub elbows with important people and drink free beer or two. (but not too many).

Tomorrow I need to either do a brick of (1:15 and 3 miles) or swim/spin.  Normally I do take Friday off, but I've schlepped off a bunch and we are leaving on Saturday morning to drive to Austin of the nephews birthday and "end of summer bash" at the BIL and SIL's.  That means Saturday will be a wash and I'll probably consume beer....because that's kinda my Sunday morning at their house will be slow going.  Unless I can not drink beer and then hop outta bed at 6a and then run while I'm down there.  Hmmmmm.

So....there's what's happened thus far and what's to happen.

Forgot to mention that we watched the Cowboys game on Sunday.  Here is the lil'est Cowboys Fan....and the damn cutest too......just my opinion, but it's also fact.

How could you not want to be a Cowboy fan after seeing that?!?!!!?

Monday, August 5, 2013

McKinney Kiwanis Triathlon - Race Report

For those keeping score at home, this was the race that I got a comp'd entry for....a week before the race....and something that I had not trained for (or trained at all after my Ironman).  This seemed like a good idea, then it didn't, then it did.  I had a few people that said to just rock it and have that was the plan going in.  When I picked up my schwag on Friday, I saw the entry list.....there were about 100 doing the race.  This got me concerned again, because there was a bigger chance for me to be close to last.......

Race Schwag.....not too shabby

Race morning, I was up at 5, loaded up into the car by my 5-hour energy, clif bar, and the Gu Blocks to eat right about 20 minutes before the swim.  Got to the race site, set up transition and then sat around for an hour.  Why, oh why, did I get here so early.  I did run into some folks I know and the mayor was there we chatted. was time to get in the water.  They were letting people in every 10 seconds and there were already log jams in the water.  I was actually in an okay spot...the guy before me took off and he was pretty quick.  I get in and just start to go.  Took the first 100 pretty easy then noticed that I had a bunch of open water both in front and behind (I didn't want to get caught either).  Snaked the pool and finally got to the end.  Felt slow in the water but finished clean.

Transition was very quick and then off on the bike. 

I know the bike course pretty well, since it went next to and behind my office campus.  The ride was 13.6 miles in lots of country roads.  Some decent short climbs and some good flats to get the speed up to hold it.  Bike was really uneventful.  I got passed about 10 times and passed one.  I was feeling pretty good during and after the bike.

T-2 was a blur....I remember getting it, then the next thing I know, I'm on the run.  Probably fastest transition time for me.

The run started off great.  I didn't have any time on me or my gps watch so I was just running....and running.....I got to the first aid station pretty quick.  I thought "wow....that first mile was a breeze".  Got my drinks, then headed back out.  The run snaked around some neighborhoods and near our downtown area.  However....we started up a pretty long hill and I decided to walk at that point.  I figured I'd already gone 1.25 - 1.5 miles so it wasn't a big deal.  Half way up the hill I see the sign "MILE 1".  WTF??!?!!!??!  Seriously.....Uggghh....  I was a bent spent after that and decided to walk/run the whole rest of the way in.  At that point, I knew that I had done better than I thought I would and was okay with how the day had gone.  Got back around to a slow downhill then hit the finish line.  Time said 1:27:xx.  Very....very pleased with sub 1:30.  However...that was Gun time....I thought to my self "no f'ing way did I do better than that".  Got back into transition and got my phone to text Annie.  Went to results table and saw that I was 3rd in my AG as of right then.  "No F'ing Way" I thought again.....

Sure enough, I was.  I was 3 out of 6 in my AG!!!!!!!  This is my first podium spot in a race that I thought was going to be my worst race. 

3rd Place Baby!!!!  (not a great pic of me)

My splits were:

Swim: 4:41 - Ranked 10th out of 85
T1: 1:19
Bike: 42:08 - 59 out of 85
T2: 32 seconds
Run: 35:38 - 66 out of 85

(see where my areas of opportunity are????)

All in all....good race, very pleased with how I did, especially having not done anything for 2 months.  I am sore, very places that I haven't been in a while.

Big Shout to JFord and Coy......for their pep talks!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Packet Pick up and other things.

I ended up riding on Wednesday night, but did not swim.

I was going to run last night, but at 9p it was still in the upper 90' I caught up on sleep.

Tonight....I may ride.  I also go and pick up my packet today.  I'll IG pic the schwag.......

Tomorrow, when the baby goes down for her morning nap, I plan on bricking.

Then Sunday is the sprint.

I'm just going to go balls out for as long as I can.....especially on the bike.  There is zero strategy to this race, no goal, nothing.....just go.

The swim won't be an issue at all.  The bike will come down to how much wind is out and the run....that may be more of a walk/run.

I know I just said that there is no goal for the race (meaning, I'm not trying to improve, hit marks, etc) but here is what I'm thinking will be my times:

Swim: 5:05 (300m)

Bike: 50 minutes (14 miles - 16.5mph)

Run: 41 minutes (3.6 miles - 11:30/mile)

Plus 4 minutes total transitions......

A little over 1:35 finish time.

Realistically, it'll probably be closer to 1:45

Check back on Monday!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pitch Perfect

Instead of working out last night, I ate Taco Bell and then curled up on the couch with my beautiful bride and watched "Pitch Perfect".

Don't judge me. the immortal words of Roger Creager.....Tonight, we ride again.

800m swim (200m at 1:40, 300m at 1:55, 200m all out, 100m cool)

Then ride/spin for an hour or so.

Thursday I will run

Friday off

Saturday Brick (1 hour holding at 17.5 and 2 mile run)

Sunday Race.

*subject to change*

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Free Entry Submitted I did it.  I got confirmation that there was a free entry to be had and I has it.

Filled out the form (for 300m swim time I put 4:45.  I don't know how accurate that is but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

So I ran 2.3 miles last night.  It was a struggle.

Bike tonight

Run tomorrow

Bike Thursday

Light brick on Saturday morning (45 minutes, 1.5 miles)

Race on Sunday.

The race report probably won't be as long and/or emotional (for me at least) as the IMTX one.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Free Entry?

So...I'm so far off from any semblance of training that it's close to comical.....

However, I found out that my company give money for a triathlon sponsorship to a local charity.  A few weeks ago, my VP of Sales (who's the company contact for the sponsorship....and an Ironman) said that he was going to use the free entry.  I had hoped to use it as a motivator to train more religiously and have a mini-goal.

Well...he's traveling this week and I sent him a text bagging on him saying that I'm going to be there to watch and he'd better go sub-1:30 or I was going to make fun of him.  Well....he forgot that it was this weekend, he's been plagued by injury off and on and isn't going to do the race.

So....I sent an e-mail to the RD and my contact at the charity to see if I could use the free spot....assuming they are giving us one (they have in years past).

300m Swim
14 mile Bike
5k run

It's on Sunday.....and I'm not even in "sprint" shape.  And I have an Ironman tattoo (which will be funny when the 14 year old on a huffy passes me)

I'm thinking to myself that I should just go for it (assuming there is a spot).  I will have ZERO issues with the swim (it a pool swim) and the bike is moderate hills so that probably won't be an issues since it's not very long.....but the run.....that may be a killer.  It's got some hills in it too....

I've never done this course either, so I can't even give a goal time/proximity of how I'd finish.

Should I?????

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Remember me?

I posted last week....

Get on the wagon....fall off.  Then repeat.

Ran this weekend.  Completed 5 miles.  Felt Good.

Didn't do anything the rest of the weekend (expect paint an entire kitchen and Master bedroom - I do the rolling and Annie does the trim work.  I'm banned from trim work)

I swam 850m last night straight....and then I did 2 x 50m sprints.  (37 seconds each time)

Tonight I have a Chamber event of a Grand Opening for a new tech center in town...and I also have a "reappointment" interview for my position on the Armed Services Memorial board.  Basically, it's a 'go through the motions interview' since I'm the current Vice Chair and been a member for 2 years.

After that, I'll run 4 miles.

Then...tomorrow....the Fam and I are headed to Hawaiian Falls Water Park.  We went 2 years ago but J was about 2 inches too short for most of the rides.  She is a little daredevil and is PUMPED!!!!! about being able to do it all.

Bike tomorrow night.
Run 5 on Thursday
Short Brick (one hour/2 miles) on Saturday
6 mile run on Sunday.

(The wife and kiddos will be out of town beginning Thursday afternoon....and I already have the Netflix queue filled up.  I need to get my workouts done before settling in or they will not happen)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Who's got two thumbs and is a lazy ass.....

.....This Guy there's only one thumb in the's hard to do a selfie with no hands.

So, I started off well.  Swimming and running but get lazy again.  I cannot find the motivation to get in consecutive workouts. 

I swam and ran in the beginning of last week....then trailed off and haven't done anything since. 

I had planned on going last night for a run.....but yesterday was a cluster.  Got up early and started painting our bedroom.  I had to leave around noon and drive an hour north to meet the BIL's parents with the kiddos (mine, the niece, and the nephew).  Well....they wanted to eat so we did.  Drove back south an hour to drop off mine, unload her stuff, go potty and then head out for a 1.5 hour drive south to meet up with the BIL to get his kids.  Everything was thrown off, traffic, lateness, and weather....and I didn't get home until LATE.   arrrggghhhh......

Planned vs. Actual schedule for yesterday:

Planned -
Leave house to pick up:  12:15  (left at 12:15)
Pick up:  1:15
Drive back home: 1:30
Arrive home:  2:30
Drop off mine and leave to meet BIL:  3:00
Meet BIL:  4:30
Swap everything out, chat, then leave: 5:00
Arrive home: no later than 6:45

Actual -
Leave house to pick up:  12:15  (left at 12:15)
Pick up:  1:30 pm
Drive back home: 2:30 (cuz we ate)
Arrive home:  3:30
Drop off mine and leave to meet BIL:  4:00
Meet BIL:  6:15 (we both got stuck in traffic)
Swap everything out, chat, then leave: 6:55
Arrive home:  8:45


And....if you're a friend on IG....something happened and I cannot access the app through my phone.  It's saying that I've violated the terms of the app (maybe because I'm so hot.....and athletic....and all Ironman-y....and all that).  I've deleted the app, reinstalled.  Nothing.  I've shut my phone down....nothing.  I've wiped my phone and reinstalled everything.....nope.  I've sent IG several e-mails but no return e-mails.  So....i'm not ignoring y'all.....I just can't get on.  :(

I think I'll start again tonight.  Maybe.

600-650m swim?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

It's dreary outside so sleeping may be in order.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

600m.....I feel like a newb.

This week, the oldest daughter is in Tulsa, so daddy has about an hour of free time after work.  Yesterday, while at work, I made up a training plan to get me through a 13.1 in mid October....there are a few sprints, a few 13.1s and an OLY in there too.  I may not get to all of those, but the OLY and the "Showdown 13.1" are my goals.

Goal for the OLY is 2:45
Goal for the 13.1 is sub-2 plan is a similar set up to my IM plan.

M - Swim
T - Run
W - Swim, Bike
Th - Run
F - Off
Sat - Long bike (or brick)
Sun - Long Run (or brick if not on Sat).

Being Monday, I had 500m on the plan.....but when I got home I had the 'brilliant' idea to run.  Well, it was 93 degrees and humid but I went out.  I was doing an out and back and went 1.25 then turned around.  I got about half way home and felt dizzy and breathing was spastic.  Stopped under the little shade there was and got under control.  Ran a little more, then walked it in.  Should have eased into that....not balls out after no training.

Got home, ate the new sonic hotdog (pretzel bun, cheese, and bacon).....don't judge...I'm a flippin' Ironman. 

After the wifey went to bed, headed to swim.  I was pumped up....ready for the water.  Got to the pool and no one was there!!!!  Bonus Time!!!!  So I take off.  First 100m was great.  Second 100m was okay.  The final 400m I felt like I was baby giraffe that was thrown into the water......flailing arms, horrible breathing/form, and inconsistent strokes.  But you know....I did it.

Tonight is a 4 mile run which I will not be starting until after 9p.   :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello Siri....what's my name?

I ended up not doing jack-squat on Friday night.  I was lazy.  But you know....I'm an Ironman, so I'm allowed to be, right.

Saturday morning, I had planned on getting up early and running.  That was thwarted by a 8 month old getting up earlier than I wanted to.  So....when she went down for her morning nap, I went out.  Later than normal but still early enough.  It was already getting toasty and humid.  Nutrition and hydration from the night before sucked butt so I was happy to get in 3 without stopping then run/walking the last 1.75 miles. 

On Sunday I just road the trainer and watched two episodes of Archer on Netflix.  Funny as shit.  My daughter left for Tulsa for a, while I'll miss her, I get a little more freedom after work and after 7:30p to get in some working out.  I may even a legit swim.  *gasp*

Being bored....I was playing with Siri on my new phone.  Asking her questions, testing it out, etc.  I asked her "What's my Name" and she said Brad.  I said "I want you to call me Ironman".  And now she does.  Lulz....   I'm Ironman to my phone. 

Friday, July 5, 2013


Happy belated 4th Y'all....

Wednesday was "cook out" day here at work.  We cooked fajitas (yes....they let me cook....kinda.  Basically I was out there and then cutting the meat.....but whatevs)

I ate so incredibly much that I did not even eat dinner and, thus, didn't work out.  No prob, I thought, I'll just workout in the morning.

Well....alarm goes off and I turn it off.  I wake up at 8:00 and we have to leave the house around 9 to go to the hometown parade.  So I surprise the kiddo with donuts and when I pulled back in, there was a 5k that was running in front of the house (really random I know.....apparently they changed the route of the race last year).  So we went outside and ate donuts and rang our cowbells for the runners.  Some people were a little too serious for a 5k.  Lighten up people, you weren't going to podium anyway so flippin' have some fun and say "HI" to my 7 year old daughter who's cheering you on.

Parade was fun and after we went to a friends house who was having a party.  I, again, ate too much and thus did not get a workout in.  Planned to get up this morning and swim and/or run because my moms is staying with the kids today so I didn't have to get up to get them ready, etc.....but....alas....that plan fell through and now I'm here.

2 days without working out.  I'm more pissed at myself for being lazy than I am for missing.  Tonight......45 minute trainer ride followed by a 2 mile run.....or maybe just one of those.

Nothing set for the weekend but will do something.  The 7yo is headed to spend the next week with her "grandparents" (my BIL's parents) so that'll give me more free time in the mornings to get up and workout.

Have a great weekend y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why, oh why, did I stop

Struggled to get in 3.25 miles last night.....but you know what.....4 days in a row for me.  Horray!  Just wish I hadn't stopped all together and just taken 2 weeks off.

Remember kids....after your A race.....don't stop. 

A former coworker of mine has been posting, for a while, about working out....eating better....not drinking.....and he posted pics last night for the first time.  HOLY CRAP.....the dude has dropped 80+ pounds in the last 9 months.  This was a big dude (we're talking 300+) but he's had an amazing journey.  He's totally changed his life and lifestyle.  I actually had to read the name on the post before I realized it was him.  I love stories like this......the ones who say "I have to do something" and just make it happen.  So proud of him!!!!

While this technically isn't "MY FRIDAY", it feels like one.  Boss is out of town, we are about to cook for our employees (fajitas and fixin's).....and yes....I said "we".  My safety manager and I are in charge of cooking when the boss is away.  Don't know why this gringo was put in charge of fajitas though.  Maybe I'll recruit and sub-contract my fajita job today.

Tomorrow is the annual hometown parade with the family.  It's always a great time down there.  This will be R's first parade and Annie has gotten outfits planned for that kid....with matching and coordinating bows for all outfits.  Then we're headed to some friends house for a low key gathering....and only low key cuz I gotta work on Friday.

Have a great Holiday y'all.....


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We're goin' Streakinnnnnnnnn

Not really.....ok....kinda.....

I swam last night and it was an impromptu swim.  When I got home from work, my wife suggested that after dinner that I take J to the pool.  I have NO issues with that.  We have a pretty cool 'aquatic center' in our subdivision that's a big pool with 3 roped lanes.  It's a 25m pool and it's nice.....really nice.

So we get ready to go, get goggles, 'noodle', rings to toss, towel, sunscreen, hat, glasses, her MP3 player, my phone, our ID cards....goodness....all for an hour at the pool.

Once we get to the pool and get our chairs (in case we want to "tan"....that's her new thing) we jump in and for about 3 minutes we have a great time.  Then the lifeguard blows his little whistle and yells "Adult Swim".  Of course I giggle because of several things.  Anytime I hear the word "Adult" followed by any other word, I think of something involving nakedness.  Also....Adult Swim is the Cartoon Networks 'after hours' shows like Family Guy, Robot Chicken, etc.....and I also giggle my evil giggle because I get to swim in a pool while everyone sits on the side.

So.....I think to myself....I don't have my goggles and I'm wearing baggy board shorts....but Meh....LET'S DO THIS......  So I take off and get in a solid 300m swim.  After I was done, I helped a man and his wife with their form and by that time the kids were allowed back in.  So J and I played and played.

Now....I'm sore.  300m swim in baggy shorts is no joke.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm Baa-aackkk


I ran a slow 3 miles on Saturday (set out to do THAT was a little ambitious - lol) and then last night I set the bike up on the trainer and rode for 30 minutes at more of a "spin it out" pace.

I also did 50 push-ups and sit-ups after the ride.

Ironically, I'm down 2lbs on my weight since May 18th, but I've been eating like I'm still in full on IM training.  I probably just jinxed that, tho.

I also learned a lesson this weekend......showering in a Garmin Forerunner 210 is okay but apparently swimming with my kids is not.  The screen is fogged all up, the buttons are spastic now and work sometimes, and it beeps randomly now.  Cool, huh?  I've e-mailed Garmin support to see what I can do.

Going to run tonight and try to make it a streak......Can I go three-in-a-row????

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Recovery time vs. just being lazy

When is that point?

Is it a fine line?

How do you know which side you're on.

It's been 18 days since IMTX.  I've done 15 lunges, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and run 2 miles.  Not all on the same fact, not even in the same week.

I need to get back at it.  At least attempt to, I guess. 

I'm still eating like I'm burning 1000's of calories a day.  I have gained all my "lost" weight from the race and am back (but maintaining) my weight that I raced at. 

I still say "I'm recovering" but I think I've drifted into the "lazy"......

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Tattoo

When you do an's a rite of passage to get the tattoo.  It's a mark that other triathletes know.  When you're out.....people that have done it know what you've been though.  People that haven't done it, know that you've been through it....and people that don't know what it is will ask.'s a little egotistical to get.'s a little conceited.  But you know....I put in the work.  I finished one of the hardest endurance events that amateurs can sign up for.  I did what 1% of the world has done.......

The funny part to the story was that Annie knew I wanted the tattoo...and she was on board with it.  We had gone down to Austin for the Memorial Day weekend and I was with my B-I-L running errands.  We passed a tattoo shop (where my B-I-L had gotten some work done) and I asked him to pull in to talk to the artists and see how much, etc.  I took a picture of the sign and sent a text to Annie.
Me:  Be Back in a little bit
Annie:  Seriously???
Me:  Just kidding, stopped in to get pricing.  Not getting now.
Annie:  Why not?
Me:  I actually don't know why not.  Going to drop off the ice and get you to come look with me for placement and size.

So....We went the sizing and the placement down and off the artist went.

The worst part was the circle of the M-Dot.  He couldn't stop so he said "be still or you're going to be here a lot longer"
All in all, it took about 45 minutes to do and I'm very pleased with the work.  My badge of honor is complete

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ironman Texas - Race Report

As I couldn't wait for Thursday morning, plus wanting to save some time, I loaded up the vehicle with most everything on Wednesday night.  Double checked everything before loading it.

We left McKinney around 8:15am and had a nice drive down.  It's a little over 3 and a half hours, which in Texas, is a "decent" drive.  There's not much between Dallas and Houston but farmland and small towns.  We've made the drive a few times so we knew what to expect.

After arrival at the Garden Inn - The Woodlands (which was a top notch hotel because of the staff and the facilities) and unloading everything, I went down to the Expo area to get my packet and meet up with my cousin Michael and his buddy from Chicago, Mike.  The packet pick-up is a whirlwind but ran like a well oiled machine.  Sign here, pick up here, gear there, get chip, and you're out.  With 2700 registered, they have to have it this way or it would be a nightmare.  Also...and I'll mention this again, the volunteers were excellent.

What are you doing today.....just an Ironman

We got some pretty cool merchandise just for signing up....including this backpack....

As Annie calls it....the most expensive backpack ever....

After messing around in the merchandise tent and walking around the expo, we parted ways and set a time to meet up for the Athlete Dinner.  The dinner was great, hosted and MC'd by Mike Reilly (the voice of Ironman).  Lots of good food, inspirational videos and words of encouragement.  After the dinner, and walking to the car, I met Chris McDonald, a pro triathlete.  That's what I love about the sport....the pros are accessible and down to earth.  They'll chat with you and treat you like an equal....

I don't know why I look drunk and fat....I'm neither in this pic

Friday was a "do nothing day" except for checking the bike and the T1/T2 bags.  I woke up pretty early, around 6:45, and couldn't get back to sleep.  As the family was still snoozing, I went down to the lobby and chatted with the other athletes down there.  Had some coffee, talked about how flipping hot it was supposed to be, and whatnot.  Around 10:30, I was going to check everything in, so I triple checked the bags that had already been double checked and that was AFTER they were packed using a list that I made.  Jilian helped me out and then wanted to go down to check in with me.  So, we walked down there (it was already in the low 80's) and I dropped my bags and checked my bike. 

I was one of the first 200 or so that checked the bike in....she looks lonely

When I was walking out, there was a guy that "fell out"....meaning, he was dehydrated, and was being attended to by medical staff and was eventually taken away in an ambulance.  He was an athlete....but I don't know what number he was to see if he even started on Saturday.  I thought....that's going to be you if you don't get into the A/C and get liquids in you.  Poor guy though....imagine doing all that training and prepping to fall out the day before the race.  There was a grocery store on the way back, so J and I stopped and got some water and Gatorade for the walk back.  That night, we ate at Cafe Express with the Michaels and called it a night around 8:00am.  Before that, we walked thru the "Market Street" area which was a nice place of restaurants and shops.  One store had done their entire front window with all of the racers names.  How cool is that???

I'm official....or so says the window of the shop

 I had 3 alarms set on my phone (with motivation) and had the Michaels come by the hotel to walk down to transition in the morning....and to call if I was not in the lobby....I was NOT going to oversleep.

RACE DAY!!!!!!   I woke up before any of the alarms went off (and made sure I turned them off).  I had to get dressed in the dark but since it was jammers, t-shirt and wasn't all that hard.  Met the Michaels in the lobby and off we walked to transition to pump up the tires, fill the bottles, put nutrition on the bike, final checks, etc....then the 1/2 mile walk over to the swim start.

Once at the swim start, we got body marked, dropped morning clothes bags, waited in line for the Port-O-Pottys, then were ushered into the water at the end of the National Anthem.  The water was a bit chilly on the skin (it was over 76.1 degrees, so it wasn't cold....) but after the first 15 seconds of quick breathing and the realization of what was about to take place set in.....everything went numb.  I placed myself in about the middle and 3rd person back.  I treaded water for a few minutes, then *BOOM* the cannon goes off.  The link below is the Ironman video of our swim start.  I'm somewhere out there between the two big yellow buoys...

The swim was rough in the beginning.  With 2700 other people doing it, there was a lot of contact, swimming over, under, around....there was one guy that was swimming perpendicular to everyone (don't know how that happens)...but finally found some open water after 7-8 minutes.  I was frustrated because I felt I was swimming slow and wasn't in a rhythm.  Eventually I did find a rhythm and was good.  I calmed down about my time, my pace, and just focused on stroke after stroke.  I was having some goggle issues and the left eye kept filling up.  I made a quick stop to look for a kayak and one was about 100m away.  Swam over and, of course, they were like "Are you okay....Are you okay....just hang're" and I stopped them and said "other than this water in my eye, I'm perfect" and swam off.  I just kept plugging forward....and on...and on...and on...and hey there....the turn buoy!  Wow...that got here quick.  So I made the turn, swam about 50 feet then made the other turn back to the canal.  1.5 miles to go.  The second half of the swim seemed to go a lot quicker.  I made it a point not to check my watch at avoid any frustrations if I wasn't where I wanted to be.  Once I reached the canal, I knew I was home free.  There were lots of people lined on the shore cheering and you could hear music and you knew it was sooooooo close.  I needed to fix my goggles again so I stopped and while treading water, my foot touched the bottom of the canal.  So I go over about 5 feet and could stand as the water was chest high.  I fixed my goggles and looked around...and took it all in.  Amazing.  The sun was out, people were cheering, people were was glorious.  I was doing an Ironman....holy crap.  So I got back into the deeper part and kept going.  The last little bit seemed long, but it really wasn't.  Swam toward the ladder, see an arm reached out and made it onto land.  Total swim time.....1:24!  I wanted in the 1:15, but was going to be happy with anything faster than 1:30.....especially in an non-wetsuit OWS.  I could have easily shaved off those minutes with a wetsuit.  I was done....1/3 of the way through an Ironman. 
As I go into transition, I could my cousin wrapping up.  He must have had a slower swim than expected because he should have already been on the bike.  Said Hey and he was out.  The volunteer took my bag from me and helped me open it.  I sat in a chair and first grabbed my hand towel to start drying off.  He laid everything out in a nice, neat fashion so it was easy to grab.  After drying off, dropped my jammers and put on the bike shorts...then jersey....then socks and shoes....helmet....glasses....a little butt cream on....and I started to pack my bag and the volunteer said "that's my job" and told me to go have a good race.  Awesome.  My bike was near the end of the rack on the aisle so it was a quick grab and I l headed out on the 112 miles journey..... T1 time - 8:12
I have no idea what's about to happen.....
The bike started out great.  I was feeling great.  I had a good pace that I was holding, but didn't feel that I was exerting at all.  I even "reigned it in" a little because I was up to 20mph on the flats and I knew I couldn't (and shouldn't) be there.  Nice and steady....nice. and. steady.  The bike was really uneventful for the first 30-40 miles.  I was settled in and letting everyone pass me.  The sun was already starting to beat down and I knew it was going to be a hot one.  I was taking in water and gatorade and had started my nutrition plan.  Eat 200 - 250 calories on the hour and drink consistently.  This was going well.  I remember passing my first person around mile 35 but she and I would eventually play leapfrog for a while.  Since I weighed about 50lbs more than her, my downhill speeds would get up to 28-30mph with minimal effort....but pulling and extra 50 up a hill isn't easy.  By mile 60, which was almost noon.....I was starting to not feel good and my head is starting to pound.  The sun was beating down, there was no shade anymore, the wind was hot, and the cold water that you'd get at the aid stations, would be warm after 10-15 minutes.  Nothing like drinking warm water on a hot day.  I'd also started to feel nauseous and even dry heaved at one point.  I couldn't stomach anything without wanting to puke and water was the only thing that I could keep down....with the occasional drinks of powerade.  Every aid station was the same....toss bottles, grab water and squirt myself down to try to get my core temp down, grab another water and put in cage, powerade in cage, and go.....however...starting around mile 70, the aid stations were starting to look like triage units instead of aid stations.  People laid out, bikes off in the corner, people under tents, medical aid being was crazy....and we still had 40 miles to go!  Being so close, I knew that I needed to just "get home".  The wind was up into the 15mph range and was a total headwind.  It was horrible at some points.  I felt like someone was blowing a hair dryer in my face....and holding my bike back at the same time.  I was peddling....but my bike computer said I was going 9mph at one point....really....that was demoralizing.  Mile 80 hits and I'm struggling....but I press on.  The next aid station is 10 miles up....I just need to "get home".  We turn onto a pretty busy road and there is absolutely ZERO shade or anything to block the wind again.  This time it's more of a cross wind....but still.  I finally hit mile 90 and....what???  No aid station.  So I keep going.....91.....92.....93....94......AHHHHHH.....mile 95.  I stop and finally unclip for the first time.  Wow.  I tell the volunteer that I just want to stand for a sec.  She gets me ice and water.  I fill up all my bottles with fresh, cold liquid.  I really want to continue but laying down would feel so good.  So I get off my bike and just sit under a tent.  I took my helmet off...and relief....that was causing my headache.  About 3 minutes later there is a van that pulls up and says "if anyone is calling it, lets load up and I'll take you back".  There were about 10 guys that got in.  No.....Effing....Way....  This close and you're hang it up?  HTFU people.  I told myself before that the only way I was getting off the course was it someone from WTC told me I couldn't go on.  Other than that....I was going to go.  Right after that, I stood up and asked a volunteer how far we were from the turn in back into the neighborhoods (where I knew we would be wind protected and also sun protected).  She told me it was less than a mile.  I believed her.....and sure enough it was.  I was glad that I got back on and went.  I was at the aid station for about 20 minutes.  Made the turn and was so close.  There were people out cheering, lots of slower bikers that I was passing now (which put a little "pep" in your cadence), and knew I was so close.  The last little bit was pretty technical with a lot of turns....hard to pick up speed only to slow down again.  Once I made the last turn it was a straight shot into the transition was amazing.  It was like watching the bike races at the finishing line how people are lined up on both sides behind barricades's so cool.  Once I got off the bike, the volunteer joked " want to sell me your bike?".  I told me " can HAVE it".   As I was "running" toward transition I hear my name.....FINALLY....there is my beautiful family and our old neighbors.  In a normal race, I would have waved and blew them kisses. In this race, I walked over, said hi, chatted, shook hands, kissed my wife and babies, and then headed to get my bag.    Total Bike time 7:14 (which had I not stopped for 20 minutes would have been sub-7 which was my goal)
Wanna know why I look so happy....I'm about 100yds from the finish!
T2 was in the same tent....I sat down and didn't want to move.  Everyone in there was really slow moving, chatting about how much the bike sucked and how bad the runs going to be.  Both guys next to me were from The Woodlands....and they were even complaining about the weather.  They said that they had ridden the entire course 3 weeks prior and did it in 45 minutes quicker and that was with stop lights and stopping to refuel.  They were so shocked at the weather as it had been so mild up until 3 days ago.'s Texas!  So Finally got changed and right when I exited, alls I wanted as a big cup of ice.  The volunteer said she had to get me one so I went to the bathroom.  That was my first time to pee since 6:45am.  Not good...and it was a struggle to get out.  Uggh....not good.  As I got out and got my ice....the fam was there again.  Chatted about nothing for a minute or two.  Told them I was doing great (I wasn't...but I wasn't THAT bad either) and that I was going to finish.  Kisses, high fives, fist bumps...and I was off.  T2 Time.....18:11 (lol)

The marathon....26.2 miles....there aren't many people that do marathons....much less an Ironman marathon.  I knew after about 400 yards that I was going to be walking the entire marathon.  I was around 9 hours on the race clock, so I knew I had 8 hours to do it.  I knew that I could make it by walking.....but if I had to stop, or had an issue, or needed to stop that I'd be cutting it close.  My goal was just to go.  And keep going.  The aid stations were great.  All sorts of food, drinks, ice, sponges, name it.  Great stuff.  However...nothing would stay in me without feeling like I was going to puke.  Every aid station got to be the same thing.....water, ice, water, ice, sponges.  That's all that I could keep down.  The first loop was hot as the sun was still up.  It was uneventful as I was was just going along.  Would chat with a few people.....standard questions....where ya from, what loop ya on, how ya doing..... Finally made it back to the waterway and had my head on a swivel.  I knew that Annie and the girls should be around.  Kept looking and looking and looking.  I was way behind schedule from when I said I would see them.....I finally stopped and asked a volunteer if she could text my wife.  I texted "I'm going really slow, I'm doing fine, I love u" and I told the volunteer if she texted back to tell her I looked okay and that I was in good spirits.  I completed the first loop and never saw my wife.  While I was concerned, I knew that she was probably okay as she had a 7 year old and a 7 month old to take care of.  At the start of the second loop, I found a friend....she was starting her second loop and we just chatted.  It was her first IM and her husband was tracking her too.  She had just seen him and so I described my wife and we were on the look out.  We walked almost the entire 2nd loop together and it really passed the time.  She was wanting to "step it up" a bit but I knew my body....if I pushed anymore than I was, I was going to have more issues.  She parted ways but saw each other several more times on the out and backs.  As I entered the waterway ending the second loop, from across the water I hear "DAAAADDDDYYYY" and there they wonderful family.  I shouted that I'd see them in about 30 minutes and that put some pep in my step.  Got back around to them and it was great.  People were cheering, I was close to tears, and I just wanted to stay with my family.  Annie told me to finish strong and I gave her and the girls my love and kisses and started out on loop 3.  I told her it would be around 11:30pm when I finished.....but that I was going to do it.  Loop 3....the last loop.  I knew the loop like the back of my hand.  I knew where people would be cheering.  I knew where it was just going to be me and my thoughts.  I kept positive thoughts and kept thinking about how proud my family was.  What sacrifices they had made and how I was going to be an I entered the waterway again...for the last time...I knew I was home free....I made my jokes to the volunteers about how this was the last time they'd ever have to see me again.  At the split for the "start loop 2 and 3" and "finish" it was amazing....people still lined up 2 and 3 deep shouting your name....clapping, screaming.  As I made the 2nd to last corner, the Mikes jumped out and squirted me with beer......I got hugs and there were tears that started.  I had about 100 yards to go.  To finish you actually ran past the finish line then u-turned back toward it.  My head was on a swivel again....Where's Annie...where's my babies....I just want to see them.  It's hard to find them when EVERYONE is yelling your name.  I'm starting to run (my adrenaline took over) but as I made the U-turn there they were.  I lost a baby!   I told them how much I loved them and that I was going to need to go get an IV at the medical tent (so they wouldn't worry about why I was there) and told them to find a volunteer and head down to that area.  As I left them, it was me and Mike one behind me.  As I ran up he says "Brad Donovan" and he paused and then said "Way to go Brad" and then said the magical words "You Are" (and I stopped and put my hand up to my ear....and the crowd screamed the final two words with him "AN IRONMAN!!!!"  and I was you can see from the video below....and the finisher pics.  I was also a feature photo on the Ironman website of the "Midnight Hour" finishers......

It's grainy and hard to see.....but this was AMAZING.....

Let me hear it!!!!!!

I'm there...I did it!

Yes...I'm crying....So....

From the Ironman Website.....Damn cool pic!

Total "run" time: 7:31

I had done it....I was an Ironman.  As I crossed the line, I was asked if I was okay.  I said No and needed medical.  The guy said "your medal is given to you by the womans champ" and I looked at her and said "who the hell are you"....I then apologized.  I really need to send her an e-mail.  Seriously.

There it is.....

In medical...I guess it was pretty standard.  IV, anti-nausea, and released.  Annie and the Mikes were waiting outside and hugs all around.  Jilian got to wear my medal and she LOVED it.  Unfortunately, we had to go get our bikes and gear bags which was a half mile walk then another half mile back to the hotel.  Once that was done, I took a quick shower (as everything that was chaffed - basically my ass crack - hurt) and I just wanted to lay down.  I remember sipping Gatorade and falling asleep around 2am.  I was up every hour because anytime I moved, it woke me up...and I pee'd every hour also.  I woke up around 7am and couldn't get back to sleep so I went to the lobby and checked my 98 texts, Voicemals, FB posts, and IG comments.....WOW!

I went back to the room around 8:30 and we started to pack.....load up....and drive home.  All I wanted to do was unpack, eat pizza, and sleep....which I that order.  I weighed myself (after eating the pizza) and was 8lbs less than what I was the morning we left for the race.  Holy Schnikies! 

Thank you to my followers and encouragers during this journey.......I will continue the blog, but just not as often, but will still follow y'all.......Again....thanks!

Monday, May 20, 2013



I don't mean to tease y'all, but right now is not a good time for me. 

I will post my race report soon....

Thank you all for following in my journey. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 Days....Last Post

Well Boys and Girls....this is it.

This is my last post before heading out.  I'm "working" today (meaning...I'm at work, but consumed with thoughts of this and that....) and we are rolling out tomorrow morning about this time.

Bikes lubed and clean, nutrition bag is full, swim/bike/run bags are packed and ready.  I've packed extra stuff just to be safe.  I've pack my regular street clothes.  I have stuff laid out near the door.  I've already planned on how I'm going to pack the back of the Expedition.

I've gone over my nutrition plan.  Eat every hour.  Continual drinking.  Electrolyte caps every hour after the second hour.  Gu's, Clif Bars, Payday bars......Gatorade....water....  On the run it's survival mode.  Plan on Gu's every 3rd aid station, electrolyte caps at mile 1, 9, 17, 22.....water, Gatorade...coke....chicken broth.....whatever else looks good.

The last few months have been a whirlwind.  Lots of training.  Some bitching.  Lots of saddle time in a stuffy and humid room (where I would be completely soaked down to my socks.....which I guess, in hindesite, was okay since it's supposed to be HOT and humid.....and the sweat loss will be the same).  Lots of calories consumed and burned.

3 days......until the cannon goes off. 


And we're off.......................

Some time the darkness....with people I don't know saying my name and cheering, I'll make the final push down the chute.  I will hear my name, followed by words that will hold a special meaning in my heart.....right next to the word "Yes", "I Do", and "It's a Girl".....

Brad Donovan.....You ARE An IRONMANNNNNNN..........

See y'all on the flipside to this journey. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

4 Days....list checking begins

Since I'm allowing (and by allowing, I mean forcing) my body to rest and recover and hydrate so I can go into IMTX as close to 100% as possible, I've started double checking the list that I initally made.  Tonight I will lay out the clothes, gear, nutrition, extras, etc that I will need for my race.  I will put them all in different bags so I can eaisly check, double check, and transfer into the IM bags that we get at registration.  Then I'll double check all that before I go to gear drop on Friday.

Last night, I found myself in a weird calm.....then I realized I was in a calm state and my mind shifted to "lets read stuff on the internet about tips for First Time Ironman".  So I did.....I read what to do, what not to do, how to do things, how to screw up royally.

Basically it was "run your race, control what you can, don't blow out the bike".  I also read a story of a girl (who didn't make the bike cut off.....but there were reasons why) who said that the Monday before her race she got flu like symptoms, slept most of the day, had an upset stomach, and a headache.  She wrote "I told a friend about this and they said it's your mind telling your body to be sick.  Your mind is giving you reasons to not do the race, your heart is bigger than that".

In an funny, sorta related, note, I received an e-mail from our town Mayor (who's an Ironman) who said "Don't blow out the bike, you will DNF if you do.  Hydrate and pull back on the bike.  DO NOT DNF"  Well said Mayor....well said.

I'm still really nervous about the race....but about the unknown.  I think getting sick for those few days was a blessing.  It forced me not to try to build 3 months of fitness in 5 days with no recovery.

Below is a cut/copy/paste of a word document that I made up about 2 months ago.  I read it every day and change something on it.  This will give you a little insite as to how neurotic I've been about this race.

Thursday 5/16
                Leave McKinney  8:15am
                Stop at Bucees – 11am
                Eat in Woodlands - 12:30
                Check into Hotel – 1:15
                IM check in and packet pick-up  1:45  (9a – 4p)
                Welcome Dinner  5:30 – 7:30p
                Athlete Briefing  7:30p – 8:30p
Friday 5/17
                Lay out bag stuff and double check your double check
                Bike and Bag Check in  9a – 3p
Bike Bag

Run Bag
Race Belt with #

Saturday 5/18
                Wake up 4:40a
                Eat and Drink (energy shot, banana, powerade/Pedialyte, clif bar) 5:05a
                At Transition area 5:45  (shorts, flops, shirt)
                Chomps and rest of powerade  6:15
Race Start 7:00
                Transition to Bike 8:30-ish
                Transition to Run 3p to 3:30p-ish
                Mile 1 – 3:45-ish
                Mile 9 – 5:45-ish
                Mile 18 – 7:55-ish
                Finish – 9:50-ish – 10:30-ish
                Bike/bag pick-up and hotel  - 10:30-ish
                Rehydrate, shower, and BEER – 11p
                      (Maybe close to Finish Line to cheer)

Shopping List
Gel (if needed) x8
Chomps x3
Clif bar x4
Energy Shot
Powerade x5
Water Jug
Pedialyte x 3

Electrical Tape
NB Water Bottle
Garmin Charger

In bag for morning
5 gels
2 Clif Bar
2 Payday
Filled water bottle

Monday, May 13, 2013

5 whole days.....or 2 more blog posts

5, 5 effing days......FIVE.....F-I-V-E....  I will blog today, tomorrow, and on Wednesday, as we roll on Thursday.  I don't know what I'll blog about, but it will be rambling for sure (as if all my other posts weren't). 

So...this past weekend.  How was it you ask.......

I had probably the worst ride on Saturday morning. Legs felt heavy, Bike flet like it weighed 50lbs, couldn't get comfortable, couldn't find a speed.....ugghh....  It was bad enough that I wanted to toss my bike and say screw it.  I can't get about 15mph and I wanted to quit after the first 10 miles, how am I going to get 10x this?????  I've talked it out with myself and a few others about the ride.  Everyone says it's okay, except for me.  I should listen to everyone else.

Saturday was a normal day.  Soccer game, pool party for the kiddo after the soccer game, then we went to our town square where they did an old time election result party.  The judge would get a call from a disctrict and then announce it/write it on a chalk board.  It was a good time.  Right before we were about to leave I got hit with the worst pains in the world. Head, body, legs.....sore throat, drainage, chills, muscle came on all of a sudden....out of no where.  When we got home, I got into a hot shower for 20 minutes and drank 32oz of Pedialite and 20oz of water.  I didn't pee during the night nor until about 7:30 the next morning.  I guess I was a little dehydrated.

I've been pumping my body full of all sorts of pills. Sunday was no better.

I did man up and go to the doctor this morning. No fever (Yeah!!). Got an allegry shot, B-12, amoxicillian 'script (just in case), musinex, and Zyrtec......

The doc said okay to race as of now, since there is no fever.  Suggested that I have no physical activity for a few days, hydrate lots, and limit outside exposure due to high pollen counts.

Why did this have to happen with less than a week to go???? 

Please pray (seriously) for my quick recovery.  If you're not the praying type.....just keep me in your thoughts or do an interpreative dance for my wellness.