Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jack Shit - Part 2

That's what I DIDN'T do.....what, what?!?!?!!??!

Ran 5 miles last night (what I should have done on Saturday or Sunday) but it felt great.  No issues with soreness or pain.  not even today.

So....get this....2 big pieces of news.....

1)  Jilian ran with me last night.  Granted it was for a half mile, but she was a trooper.  We held a good pace, talked about Christmas lights, and what she wanted to do with our lights next year.  She wants to run with me more.  I may have a running buddy!

2)  Reese slept thru the night.  I really hesitated to bring this up, but it's been so over the past 2 nights.  Let's hope this trend continutes.  We put her in the pack and play last night around 8pm.  She fussed and farted but never 'freaked out'.  She finally put herself to sleep around 9.  She woke up around 1:45am but wasn't screaming....again...just a little fussy.  So I put her in bed with me and got her back to sleep.  What seemed like about an hour later, she woke up...SCREAMING.  She was hungry.  I wanted more sleep becuase I was groggy.  I hit the "light" button on my Garmin 210 (shamless plug) and saw that it was 5:45!!!!!.  HELL YEAH!  I happily got up to get her bottle and get her fed.  She passed back out and I started getting ready for work.

Tonight is my off night, so I'll shave my head, go to the store, take care of chores.  Gotta keep the wifey happy and do my part!

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