Monday, December 31, 2012

See ya next year!

(That's the line I get to use every 12/31.....and I make sure and get it in before anyone else it's like it's mine)

2012 was a pretty random year. 

From a racing standpoint, I raced a 15k (I placed 3rd in the AG), but got injured a week before a HM and never really did anything after that.

We bought/sold a house and moved, we had a child, we had one spend 4 days in the Hospital, and there was laziness thrown in there.

I got back on track by laying down $625 to race an IM in May 2013 and began the training for that.  Unfortunatly, I've had to revmap the plan several times becuase of my sickness and the kids.  I'm finally to the piont of recovery and have redone the plan again.  Now....the goal is to finish the IM.  I can do this.  This can be done.

I start tomorrow morning with my annual 1/1 run.  Tomorrow starts some Tony Horton Beach Body Power 90 too.  I've vowed to do that once a day help strength and additional cardio.

This is my year....2013.   I'm ready for you!

So....see y'all next year!

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