Friday, March 29, 2013

Too tired for a catchy title

This week started out so promising.....2400m swim.  Check

Tuesday, if you're playing along at home, was my 'pass out with cycling clothes on' night.

Wednesday I had a 6 mile run (did 4.5) and a 2500m swim.  Check

Last night was a 3 hour ride, of which I did 1:55 and this morning was a 2600m swim of which I did 900m.....


I'm so tired.  I could literally fall asleep standing up and was contemplating going into a bathroom stall at somepoint this morning and taking a nap.  Seriously....

I'm starving all the time.....and I want to sleep. 

/rant's Good Friday.  And Easter Weekend.  I shouldn't be a negative-nancy.

Going to my mom's this weekend, on Saturday, then going to church with her and doing lunch, easter egg hunt, and hang out with her for the day.

Satruday morning, I have an 80 miler planned....but the weather is supposed to be crap again, so it's the trainer for me again.  Sunday night, I'll get a run in.  Plan says 8 but if I'm still feeling like this, it may be .8

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tomorrow....Don't Turn Into This

We've all heard it and said it "I'll start tomorrow" or "I'll do it tomorrow".......

There are 7 days in a week and none of them are called tomorrow.

Get out and make it happen.

Last night I did a quick loop of 4.5 miles and then drove to the gym for a 2500m swim.  I did half of a mile for JFord and the last 100m was for him too.  He's been under the weather for a few days and I know it's eating him alive.  But he knows that rest is best.

Tonight is 3:30 trainer ride.  I'll probably shorten it to 3 hours and give some pushes and sprints and do some up/down drills too.

Tomorrow is Good Friday and the wife and kiddo's are off of school/work, so instead of having to get up and get everyone ready, I'll have some 'me' time.  The only debate is do I sleep in until around 6:45 and get additional rest or do I get up around 5:00, gym by 5:40, swim until 6:20, home by 6:45????  Hmmmmm......

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I listened to my body

It said "Hi"

Actually....what it said was I kinda need some rest or Imma revolt.

Last night we had "Family Fit Night" at my daughters school.  Hung out and messed around on the rock wall, bounce houses, collected a bunch of C-R-A-P that will end up in the trash, and she got to see her friends that she hadn't seen in all of 2 hours....but you would have thought it had been years. the time we got home and kids in bed it was around 8:30.  I got my cages filled and actually got changed.  While I was changing the show "The Mindy Project" was on, a show that I had never seen.  I thought....I'll watch until the end which was only about 15 more minutes.  Well....around 9:45, my wife comes in and wakes me up.  She said she thought I was in my office riding.  Apparently I passed out on the bed and was sleeping pretty soundly.  LOL.

So.....I skipped the bike last night.  As there is no chance or day to make it up (I have something on the schedule 7 days a week.....but 2 of those days are swim it's recovery days for me) I will chalk that up to listening to my body.

Tonight is a 6 mile run and a 2500m swim.

hopefully it's productive since I had some good rest.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You did how much???

I'm a bragger.  I like to brag, I like being the center of attention....I AM AN ONLY CHILD.....  LOOK AT ME!!!  EVERYONE!!!   OVER HERE!!!!  LOOK.....

Actually.....while I'm a 'bragger', I am in the sense a humble bragger.  I won't boast about doing an Ironman or triathlon unless asked or it gets brought up in conversation.  While I may steer conversation to topics close to it, I won't outright meet someone and say "Hey there.  My name is Brad.  I'm training for an Ironman.  Here's my business card...and I'm from Texas.  God's Country.  I am a Texas Triathlete....have you ever met someone with such stature???"....

When you walk into a room, how can you tell who the triathletes are?
No need....they'll tell you.
Never ask a man if he's from Texas. 
If he is, he'll tell you, if he's not, there is no need to embarrass him
Where I'm going with this is an interaction that I had at the pool last night.  My pool has 3 lanes.  And when I walked in, all 3 were taken.  Two by people (adults) that were using SCUBA masks and snorkles (basically just playing around) and another by a 30-something, semi-overweight guy that was water running, flailing, breast stroke, out of breath, more flailing, stopping in the lane, etc....I'm not poking fun at him.....stick with me here.
He was with the two others so he offered up his lane.  I thanked him, got in and proceed to swim.  I'm making some pretty good time on my way to 2400m.  About 20 minutes in, the people had left the pool.  Another couple had come and gone from their swim and I finally wrapped it up.  41 minutes in the pool kinda sucks.....
As I finish up, I see the guy sitting in the hot tub.  He made eye contact and said something, but with the echo in the pool and water in both ears, I basically saw his mouth move.  He got out and said "How long did you swim". 
"41 minutes...about a mile and a half"
"You did HOW MUCH"
To someone training for an IM, this late in the training plan, the response probably should have been "You ONLY did HOW MUCH?".
He told me that he had just gotten into working out and asked why I was swimming so far (my door and how I learned to swim.
Told him that I was a swimmer since I was 7 and that I was training for an Ironman triathlon.  He seemed more impressed that I was swimming since I was 7 and not that I was training.  He said that he wanted to learn so he could swim.  I told him to get in and within 3 minutes, I had his form a little better and he swam 25m without stopping.  He got to the end, took a breath and swam back and stopped about 5m short.  He said that was the furthest that he'd ever swam without stopping. 
I gave him my schedule and he said that he would try to be up there to swim more.
While I didn't get to brag (the door is still I got to help.  And that made me happy (so I bragged about it here).

Monday, March 25, 2013

Holy Crap it's Cold....and windy

Friday night....I decided to skip my swim.  It would have been nice to get it in, but we watched two episodes of Grimm for FMN and by the time they were done, it was 9:30.  Since the gym closes at 10p on Friday, there was no way I could have made it there for a swim.  I didn't beat myself up over it and, since I'm not worried about the swim, it was decidely okay to miss.....but lets not make a habit of this, I told my self. 

That afternoon I had dropped by bike off at the shop for a tune up, a freehub converter, and new cassette and chain to be put on my race wheels...and installed.  About an hour after I dropped it off, they called and said it was ready.  So after school, I picked J up and we went to get it.  Of course, she found some things in the Tri-Shop that she wanted....including an aero helmet for her "princess bike" and a pink carbon water bottle holder.  Helmet priced at $170 and the cage was $49.  LOL....she's already got "triathlete tastes".

C'mon daddy....I really want it.

Saturday morning, was up at 5:30am and ran 6 miles.  We had a lot going on and scheduled for the day....especially in the morning, so I wanted to get my run in.  Now THAT, I can't miss.  Running has been lacking in my plan as I'm focused on the bike...and the 112 mile sufferfest awaiting me.  I've done a marathon before (albeit very slow) so I know what it takes to get thru that.

On saturday night, I got everything prepared for Sunday's 4am alarm and 4:30am start time on the trainer.  Nutrition laid out, cages filled, extra water, clothes laid out for bike and run, shoes, headphones plugged in, Amazon Prime pulled up on the comuter and ready to hit play.  Start off with no stress or "looking for stuff" and it eliminates excuses.


The  ride was uneventful really, but the new components were great.  Could feel a hug difference in shifting and ease of peddling.  I got thru 5 episodes of Jericho, which was another recommendation.  Missed it the first time around on TV.  I ended up doing 3:40 on the bike....what I projected around 65 miles).

Then the run.....was planning on doing 10 miles and really felt good during the run.  I ended up with 6 miles and had some good times on the runs (9:45, 10, 10:18)......but the weather was Out Of Control.  A brisk northly wind that was whipping to the point of no matter how I was running, it was hitting me.  The temp was in the upper 30's and the winds were in the 30mph range....and that was sustained.  It was gusting up to 35-40mph.  I truly could have done more on the run, but was so miserable, that I stopped.

All in all....great weekend!!!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Purple Powerade = green poop

Catchy, but true, title.  I promise....that will be the last time in this post, that I refer to my poo.

Rode 3:00 last night on the bike.  Watched Serenity last night to complete the Firefly/Serenity series that I got engrossed in.  It would have been okay as a stand alone movie.....but coupled with the Firefly series, it was pretty damn awesome.  It really made the time fly by.

Thanks for the suggestions as what to watch next.  I have a 4 hour ride on Sunday.  Imma need something to keep me engrossed or I'll get bored and then quit.  No quitting!

This morning I was going to swim.  Up at 4:30, gym by 5:05, swim to 5:45, home by 6.  Great plan, right??!?!  Well....didn't get to bed/sleep until 12:15.  For those quick in math, you know that's 4:15 of sleep.  Not really condusive to recovery and good for the body.  So....I will try to sneek it in tonight after our regular Friday Night Family Movie Night.....which will actually be "Grimm" night as we have 2 of them recorded and the 7 year old LOVES it.  I know......what great parents, letting a small child watch Grimm.....meh.

Tomorrow is a 6 mile run, which....believe it or not....I'm actually looking forward to.  It's supposed to be 'chilly'....(in the 40's)....which isn't half bad for a run.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I got nuthin'

Ran 5 and swam 2100m last night.

Ate "make your own pizza" at the house when my mom came over to visit the kiddos

Tonight....I have a 3:15 ride.  I finished up FireFly and will watch the movie Serenity tonight, which is the movie version, and continuation, of the show.  Apparently it was canceled after one season and there were unanswered questions so Joss Whedon made a movie out of it.  The show has had a ton of success since you have it.  A 12 second recap.

I really like the "here's a picture" to close my posts too.....maybe it's just me.

So...enjoy this picture of....this.....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm boring...or blah....or both

I rode 2:35 last about 42 miles.  I got bored on the bike.  I'm done with Firefly and didn't know what to start next so I just quit.  I really want to get out on the road, but I have no time during the week.  The past few weekends have either had family in town (and a small hangover) or the weather has been crappy.

5 mile run tonight and a 2100m swim (or about 37 minutes).  It's hard to keep count on the longer distances so I just swim for time.  I try to keep track, I really do....but my ADD kicks in and I end up singing songs, thinking about whatever.....

Enjoy a picture of my resemblance to Johnny "Football" Manziel.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I just swam...

That's all I did yesterday.  Swam.

2000m in 34 minutes.  I say it was 2000m cuz I lost count.  I felt fast though, so I called it 2000m

Since I don't have anything else to add.  Enjoy a picture of a cat

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tailgating, Beer, Drunks, Running, Biking

Not necessarly in that order....

On Saturday morning, I was up and at'em at 5:30. I did 5.5 mile run (was supposed to do between 6 and 8) but wasn't feeling it. I've gotten that way lately and it's shown on the training volume. Yesterday was 60 mile ride but managed to do 25 because I didn't start until around 9pm and, frankly didn't want to do it at all. Since this is a new week, I'll hit it strong tonight with a 2000m swim.

Before I get into Saturdays totals for the month are:

Bike - 188.5 miles
Run - 16.82 miles
Swim - 9300m


We loaded up everything for the festivities and got to our area aroun 9:15am.  As the parade didn't start until 11am, we had plenty of time to hang, chill, eat, start drinking, and have fun.  There were an esitamed 110k people out for the parade and with temps in the mid-70's it was damn near perfect.

We had some friends meet us out there too.....and they brought A LOT of champaign. I figure that I had close to a whole bottle based on how I was feeling by the end of the parade.  All in all we had a blast.

Post Parade.....yup....


Floats and throwing beads

Seriously....already doing 'duck face'???

Cutiest family ever SIL and I were in a grocery store on Friday night and we walked passed a disply of Shiner beer.  Attached to this display was an awesome tin sign that would look perfect in my office.  So....we find a manager and he's like "I can't give it to you but maybe the manager can.  He's not here so you'll have to come back tomorrow".  I turn my charm on and was like "c'mon make an executive decision" and "no one will know".  He was stedfast....can't do it.

So....on Saturday, after the parade, I return to this grocery store.  I walk in, walk to the display, take the sign, walk out and put it in my car.  It was straight up Oceans 11 style operations. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gave up, then I didn't

Last night was a 2:15 ride on the trainer.  It was supposed to be 3:00.....but again with a late start and some boredom, some saddle soreness, and being tired (partly lazy).  It was a good ride for the time I was on. 

My safety manager at work texted me the other day and had car trouble, so the past few days, I've picked him up and brought him to work.  Not a problem since he lives one neighborhood over.  Yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to go get my swim in around 5:30.  He asked if he could get a ride to work then and he would work out in the company gym.  Not a problem.  So....I pick him up and drop him off.  As I pull up to the gym, turn off the truck, get out, and head in I realize that I don't have my towel and goggles.  The plan was to swim, go home, eat, shower, and come to work.  So I had to drive home, get all my stuff to shower/change at the gym, grab food, make coffee, then head back to the gym.

As I was almost home, I almost gave up and said screw it, I'll skip today.  As I make the turn to the house, I see a shooting star.  I took that as a sign and HTFU.  Got my stuff and headed to the pool.

You traveled very far
You traveled far, like a star
- 'Drown' by The Smashing Pumpkins

Got in 1900m in 33:57.  Not too shabby.  I need to be consistent and hit around 1:45 per 100.  That's the plan for the IM.  If I can hit that mark, it'll be a mental victory and set me up for the day.

Tonight is FMN.  With family in town the niece and nephew wanted to watch 'Wreck It Ralph'.  Even though we watched it last week, J said she'd watch it again. is.  It was a good flick, so I don't mind watching it again....maybe even doze off and not feel bad. 

Tomorrow is a 6 - 8 mile run then headed down to Greenville Ave. for the HUGE Dallas St. Paddy's day parade.  100k people, beers, breif nudity, ect.  (well...that's how it was in my single days).  Now, we go down and set up in a parking lot (we have VIP parking becuase the parade route goes right thru where Annie works and her company owns half of the land in the area) and we 'tailgate' family style.  I'm bringing an electric griddle to cook bacon, eggs, sausage, and pancakes.  Nom, Nom, Nom!  Mimosa's may be served, but that's as wild as it gets now.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's mah Baby Momma's burfday...

The light of my life, my world, my everything......she's lucky to have me.    HA.  I'm truly blessed to have her in my life and that she puts up with my shit.

She's been doing some pintrest projects and had a bunch of little wooden letters laying around.  I made this for her to wake up to this morning.

As it's her birthday, we are going to dinner tonight and I will probably over eat and then not want to workout.  So....I got up and did a 2 mile jog (had 4 on the schedule) and then swam 1600m (had 1800 on the schedule).  My time for the 1600m was 27:25.  I was flying today (not on purpose).  I was going through the water with ease, breathing was on point, smooth all came together.  It'll probably fall apart on Friday for my next swim....but today was what I needed.

My buddy and co-mentor JFord is giving away a hydration pack on his blog.  Click the big words to enter.  Tell em Brad sent you.  He'll know what you mean.

Also....last night, the 7 year old wanted to do her own "home improvment project".  I got 2 scrap 2x4's, cut them and made a "frame".  What we are going to do is mount it to the house, outside, and put little flowers on it.  It's like a plant frame.  She wanted it pink, so daddy went to Home Depot and got pink spray paint for it.  By the time I got home from there and finished it all up, it was 9p.  I was supposed to do 3:00 on the bike, but settled for 2:30.  Watched the movie Sinister.....HOLY CRAP!....and then watched another episode of FireFly...then called it a night since I was getting up earlier to 'Do Work' this morning.

Wood Filler



Tuesday, March 12, 2013

67 Days

Until Ironman Texas.....that seems crazy short.  I was thinking about that during my run on Saturday about how close it is, what I have to get done - training wise, and what I failed to do during other times of training.

Part of me says "You can do this" and "Its not going to be fast but you'll finish".  The other part is like "What the eff are you thinking".  As long as the first part of me wins out, it'll shut the second part up, right.

Swam 1600m last night in 30:48.  Not as fast as I should be swimming, but it's a pace that I can hold.  If I keep on that pace, I'll finish the IM swim in 1:15.  I'm allowing 1:30 for the swim during the race (which I probably shouldn't set any goals but I can't help it).

Monday, March 11, 2013

Building a house....

....with BRICKS.

Saturday morning, the alarm goes off at 4:15am.  I did NOT want to get up.  Snooze.  4:24am.  Nope....snooze.  4:33am....Nope again.  Wife gives the little "accidental" shove to get me up.  Nope.  Snooze.  4:42am....okay, I'll get my ass up.

I had everything set up, ready to go.  Aerobottle filled, both cages filled, 5 hour energy to shoot before getting on bike, Gu's on computer desk, headphones plugged in, Amazon Prime webpage pulled up, clothes laid out, and even had the water, powerade, and sports beans ready for the run.

Got on the bike at 4:49.....and rode until 7:28.  Figured I did 47 miles in that time.....Very uneventful ride, got through more of FireFly and decided that my last bit on the bike would be spent watching Airheads.  Classic 90's flick.

After the bike, I pee'd, swapped out shoes, put on a shirt, then commenced the running.  I had mapped out several different one mile loops.  I wanted to have access to water/nutrition every mile like I would in a race.  I ran 5 loops then an extra out and back for a total of 5.45 miles.  I did that in 58 minutes....which included the "rest" time every mile which was basically this:  Grab water, walk around car and drink, grab powerade, walk around car and drink, grab 4 sport beans and take off running.  30-40 seconds at most.  I probably could have gone another few miles with this system, but I had family and fatherly duties starting at 9am.

Looking back on the time that I had and what I did....I would have PR'd an OLY distance.

I was sore most of the day on Satruday......a little more sore yesterday....but today I'm not as bad.  Tonight is a swim and that's it.  Great way to recover.  Maybe even a hot tub and sauna tonight too.  My right calf is getting me some issues.  It's very tender.

I will confess......I ate like a total pig this weekend.  After my post workout shake and 2 cups of coffee, it got to be lunch time on Saturday afternoon.  I had a Baconator burger, large fries, 4 nuggets, and 2 diet cokes.  Saturday night I had 3 bowls of cereal and 1/4 box of peanut butter girl scout cookies.  On Sunday, I finished off the rest of the 3/4 box of cookies.

Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Been....One Week Since.... posted here.

Started a mileage challenge with my Mentor group on BT.  So I'm actually logging miles on BT now.

Monday I did 1400m in the pool before going on a road trip with my Leadership class to Austin to visit the Capitol, to meet our state and local reps, and to have some 'bonding' with the class.  Beer was consumed, so I'm glad that I worked out before.

Tuesday and Wednesday both my wife and I were beat down by allergies and the onset of them.  We were in bed both nights by 8:30 and asleep close to around that time.  I kept kicking myself for missing a bike, but looking back, I needed that rest.  Since my 'refocus', I've only missed a run so missing a bike isn't going to kill me.

Last night ran 3.87 a very slow pace (43 minutes) and then changed, drove to the pool, and cranked out 1500m. 

Tonight is FMN.  Jilian really wants to see Wreck It Ralph....and so do I.  However, Redbox all over the area don't have it in as of yet.  Going to keep checking throughout the day.  If it's not there, J said that she'll watch Ironman 2.

Tonight I'm trying ribs in the crockpot for the first time.  Cornbread and veggies on the side.  hope it's good.  Also, after the movie tonight, I'm supposed to ride.  However, I also have a brick workout in the morning that I need to start about 4:30am (bike will be part on trainer, part on road) and I have to be done by 9am so I can get the kiddo to gymnastics.

What's on tap for my followers this weekend?

Friday, March 1, 2013

It's Friday again

Rest day and family movie night!!!!

On Wednesday night, while my daughter was getting over her strep/fever, guess who go a low grade and felt like complete ass.  I'll give you a's the only member of my family that types on this blog.  So, after taking it easy and getting some rest (which meant missing a run workout of 4 miles) I felt great on Thursday (I also had some left over amoxicillian so I started popping those too).

I was supposed to do 2:00 on the bike last night but couldn't find a comfortable pace, comfortable position, and generally didn't want to be there.  So....knowing what JFord would say, I managed to get 1:15 on the bike while watching FireFly.....which is an AWESOME ships, cowboys, pirates, pirate hookers.....guns.....women.....dark humor.....what's not to love.....

After the ride, I decided to go and get the swim workout from Wednesday in that I missed.  I cranked out 1300m (plan was 1200) in 24:18.  First couple of 100s were rough, as I was still a little sore from Monday's swim but that worked itself out and I was able to focus on form, feel, and breathing.  I also have to 'remember' how to sight also.  Usually every other breath on my left side, I can lift my head as I'm turning to breathe and sight.  I aslo practice different breatheing patterns.  Every few 100m, I'll switch from every 3 stoke bi-lateral to every 4 strokes and breathe only left.....then the next few 100, only right, then I'll go to 5 stroke bi-lateral, then repeat.....this helps me mentally to focus on that....and also get comfortable with different breathing patterns.  During my 70.3 in 2011, the first leg of the swim.....the wind was pushing from my right and creating waves and some caps.  Every time I'd breathe to the right, I'd get a face full of water.  I had to switch to breathing only left until I got to the bouy where I could go back to bi-lateral....then on the next turn, heading back to shore, the waves were on my left so I could only breathe right......knowing how to bi-lateral and being able to switch it up on the fly saved my swim that day.  Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!

Tonight is Ironman.....the movie.  never seen it so I'm looking forward to it!!

I didn't take an after pic of the ab challenge this morning.  I will take one this weekend and post on Monday.