Friday, September 14, 2012

F**k You Weatherman

"Today there is a 50% chance of rain tonight" - Channel 4 - Noon
"Looks like best chance for rain around 9pm tonight" - Channel 4 - 5:30pm
7pm - 40%
8pm - 50%
9pm - 100%

Well.....f**k you all.

The night started off with a lovely dinner at IHOP (according to my wife....that's what the baby wanted....I asked how a child in utero told her that.  She said that she had a sonogram and that I shouldn't argue.  I though...seems legit.  Maybe it was tapped out via morse code....maybe the baby signed it out to seen during the sono....maybe the baby can text and has gotten ahold of a cell phone and sent a text....who knows...IHOP it was.  Anywho.....)

So, after dinner, I say to my wife....Hey....I'mma go running now because it's supposed to rain tonight and I want zero excuses (I actually said "Imma" - becuase thats how I talk).  So off I go.  I'm doing an out and back and I'll be exactly mile 1.29, the drops begin.  Not bad, not hard....just drops.  As I get to my designated turn around spot, there is noticebally more drops.  By mile 2 it's raining.  By mile 2.75 (sooooo close) it's pouring.  From mile 2 to 3 I tried to bump up the pace but it seemed that I was going slower.  Mile 3 hits....and I'm done....

I open the garage, strip down into my compression shorts, and walk in the house (I played soft-core music in my head).  My beautiful wife is sitting on the couch.....laughing.  She wasn't laughing at me, just the situation (so she said).

Everything on me was soaked.....but you know what.....I got my run in, bitches!

This is what you're supposed to do with wet daughter was VERY confused

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