Monday, November 26, 2012

Giving Thanks and whatnot

So...when I last you, I had done two runs.....well....I've done two more.

On Thursday, I planned it out where I'd wake up, start prepping the Turkey, get it all ready then run.  And I stuck with that plan!  It was a beautiful morning for running and I made every second count.  I ran a route that I don't normally run and it made it go by so quick.

(the next part has been shortned for time allotment)....

We ate Turkey and other stuff.

Then it was Black Friday time.  This is an annual tradition to do.  It started out where we'd watch movies at home, get some sleep, then wake up around 3am and go to the stores.  Now that shopping begins on Thursday, it's changed....but it's still the same.

We saw fights between middle aged women over sheets.  We saw the anticipation and worry over "getting the limited amount of stuff".  We saw (and I chased) a raccoon thru a parking lot.  I saw drunk people.  I saw pissed off and aggitated people......and  I enjoyed every second of it.

I ran yesterday morning too.  We have had beautiful weather so I'm totally taking advantage of this.  We also cleaned up the house from all the guests that we had, put away the fall/thanksgiving decor and put up the Christmas stuff.  We listened to Christmas music and then watched "Elf" while decorating....then I did the front of the house with lights and yard art.

All-in-all.....great times.

Skipped this mornings run (partly on purpose) and will get after it tonight!

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