Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm a Turkey and I like to Ham it up

Today is day one of 3 that the HR department gives out turkeys and hams to each of our 1,100 employees.  It's tough work (I'm in the back of a refer truck lugging 50lb boxes of turkeys - 4 per box...and 30lb boxes of hams - 4 per box).  I get a great workout from this.

We also order over the amount, just in case we have additional employees that came aboard or in case there were some employees that missed the sign-up process.  We have always had left overs and we take them to local churches, the city run homeless shelter, and the firehouses and the PD sub-station that supports our campus.  They love receiving them and sometimes I get to sit on the firetruck and go *rreeerr, rreeerrr, reeerrrr* and pretend like I'm talking on the CB.

 Run tonight should be fun....3+ miles.  It's still in the 70's here.  So much for December weather......


  1. That is cool that your company gives employees a Christmas gift! My company's motto is "expect more, Pay less"

  2. The Poultry and Pig Crossfit WOD! Nice! :)