Thursday, January 31, 2013

I've been looking so long at these pictures of you

Pictures being the operative word in the title....

Yesterday was bike fit day (if you haven't been playing along at home) and it was "put the new components on the wheel and bike" day too.  However, the wheel that I have isn't compatable with the cassette that I bought.  So.....again, for those keeping score, I've messed up.  Luckily, there is a part that can be ordered to convert the freebub where the cassette goes so it'll be all good.

The bike  There were so many adjustments made to my bike, that I feel like I'm on a new bike all together.  In fact, the guy that was doing the fit commented that he didn't know how I had completed a HIM on the bike and/or haven't had any injury associated with riding.  I have pics from the before/after of the bike fit, but they have not been e-mailed yet.  If I get them today, I'll add at the bottom.

I also got a new saddle on the ride that should help with the "taint" pain and tenderness.  The guy told me to keep the saddle in good condition and give it a few weeks....and if it didn't help out, to come back and they'd swap it out too!

I took my before pic for the JFord Abs challenge.  I look a lot fatter in the picture, than what I see when I just look in the mirror.  Something to keep me motivated, I guess.

So....lessons learned from me:

1)  When you get a bike, pay the extra money and get a professional fit.  It will help

2)  When you upgrade your bike, bring your bike to a professional, tell said professional what you want and say "this is what I want to spend, this is my goal....aaaaannnndddddd GO"

Those tips are free of charge.....



Notice how far I moved up on the bike (stare at my butt, compated to the cutout in the wall).  Also bumped the seat up a bit and moved the aerobars in closer, moved them down and widened the pads.  Some adjustments were made on my cleats too. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bike Fit Day

Ok....I'm a little 'sited about this.  Headed to the Tri Shop in Plano today for my fit.  Got the bike loaded up in the Tahoe, backpack with shorts, shoes, etc.....and I was told to "bring my legs" because I should be prepared to ride. 

Nevermind the fact that I did 1:15 on the bike last night.....

Speaking of, I decided that I'd start waching a TV series because the trainer and I will (and are) become BFF's.  At the recomendation of a fellow BT'er.....Cord (Big Appa), I started watching "Amercian Horror Story".  Holy. Crap!!!!!  Now, let me preface this by saying that I absolutly love scary movies and horror movies.  The scarier the better.  However....not much scares me.  I will watch these types of movies in the dead of night with the lights off.......but this.....this show....WOW.  There were a few parts that had me a little edgy.  I'm only through about 17 minutes of the second show, but I can tell that this is going to be a quick series for me, especially with the time I'm going to be logging.

Any recomendations for another series to watch (I think Amazon Prime and/or NetFlix has both seasons of AHS on it....but will take a recommendation for another series).  Preferably the LOL type of comedy (Happy Endings, Family Guy, etc) or something scary/intriging.

Tonight is a 4 mile run but it's like 40 degrees outside and the wind is around 30mph.  This may have to happen on the treadmill (but then I can finish up the second episode of AHS).....hmmmm....treadmill not looking so bad now!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Appointment Made!

Tomorrow (1/30) is my day at the TriShop in Plano!!!!  I'm having my components put on my bike, new wheels trued, and a Retul fit.  If you don't know what that is...check it out at the Tri Shop's Bike Fit site or at the RETUL website.  I'm hoping for the best fit for my bike and body and that it will help stave off injury and increase the comfort in the saddle.  Now....just have to get bike fit(ness).......

Last night was a 3 miler in the 75 degree heat and humidity (and crazy wind).  I ran last night at 8:30...and it was still that warm.  I was drentched after the run due to the high humidity and the wind at my back for the last mile.

Tonight is a 1:15 ride on the work!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Part 3? 4?

Friday night was a success.  We watched X-Men 3 (which has a lot more cussing and some sexual instances in it) and lounged and ate popcorn and drank soda.  I was able to get in an hour trainer ride before the premier so I was happy about that.

Saturday I had a 7 miler planned but after the baby waking up at 5am, it being 40 degrees and misty outside, and the fact that I refuse to get on the treadmill for THAT long, I decided to run in the afternoon.  Well....based on what we did on Saturday (including pizza), that was a bust.'s going to happen on Sunday.  After the baby waking up again in the 4am and out of sleep....and grocery shopping....then a trip to the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo....and then a heavy mexican food dinner.....Sunday was right out too.

Tonight is a 3 miler (which I will probably do at lunch) and then may do another 3 at night (it's 75 degrees today!).

The FWSSR was great.  Cows, Pigs, Rodeo, Tractors, Exhibits, and family-time.  Reese loved the excitement of the rodeo but fell asleep.  Jilian loves the rodeo too.  Luckily, I've been exposed to rodeo and can answer the basic questions for her....rules, timings, etc.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Crazy (and Lazy) Night

Last night started out like any other "after school" night.  J got on the treadmill again for 8 minutes while we chatted about her day.  As I had a lunch meeting (which is a company sponsored Bible Study/Lesson - with local Pastors that come in to teach) dinner was "on your own night"....which means left overs.

By the time the other kid and the wife got home, got through the feeding, the hissy, the bath, and then my was almost 8pm.  I was done for the night.  No 3 mile run for this guy.

Tonight is the trainer, which I'm actually looking forward to.'s X-Men 3 night.....

Saturday is a busy day with lots of "TO-DO's", so it'll be an early morning for an 8 miler (insert Eminem)....

On the BT message boards, I'm a co-mentor with JFORD and we decided on a challenge for the group.  Crunches/Core workout.  JFord said that his goal was 7000 for the month of February.  So, naturally, my goal is 7001.

I have also decided that I will take a pic on 2/1/13 and then take one of 2/28/13 and do a before and after.  I hope to see some results.  Ford said he would to.....and that he "maybe" will post them.  This is the offical "call out"......I'm posting them on 2/ matter what!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Summer in Winter - Again?? was in the low 70's yesterday and today it's supposed to be in the mid-to-upper 70's.  I'm really digging this weather.  I was able to run last night outside.  A nice 4 miles in a littl over 42:00.  I can't seem to get back down into sustained 10:00 miles.  I'm not at a good weight for it now (201lbs) but it's frustrating to not be able to consistantly run at that pace.  The positive takeaway is that I'm able to do the speed will start to increase.

Yesterday I got my Ultegra 6500 cassette at Performance Bike with the help of the "Spin Doctor" there.  He was a great help in getting me what I need.  Ordered a new chain from Amazon too.  With the new wheels, cassette, and chain all in (tomorrow), I'm hoping to get it on the bike within the next week or so and being able to get out on the road.  I actually don't mind the trainer, but with the new parts, I wanna ride!!!!!

My 6 year old wanted to "run" yesterday too.  When we got home, I set the treadmill up for her and let her get after it.  Poor girl is as uncoordinated as her mom and dad.  She likes to run though.....just need to foster that.

Future Ironman........

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

'Taint that something?!?!

Got in a good 30 minute spin before the wife got home last night while the older one played outside on her scooter ('s THAT nice here in January where we can be outside comfortablly).

Got in another 40 minutes after the dust settled from dinner, clean up, kids washed, and in bed.

Felt good to be on the bike for a little longer but toward the end, I got the "taint pain".  Guys know what I'm talking about.  Not sure what chica's go through.....but it hurted.  Hopefully the bike fit will eliminate all that.

Put the new wheels on the ride (at least the front one).  Looks sexy, if I do say so myself.

After my ride and push-up/sit up routine.....did the count down and then sets of 20 up to 100...I was watching the news and up pops a guy that I know....that I consider a friend....who was arrested for alleged improper contact with a minor (a high school girl) and solicitation of a minor....both felony's.  I sent him a text asking what was up (I put it a little more bluntly).  He said that it was BS and that it would all be cleared up.  I told him I hoped that was true and that I would pray for him.


Easton Wheels (EA 90 TT)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Running, Push ups, and a great dinner

Last night, before the wife and the bay-bay got home, I decided to get my treadmill run and out of the way.  Dinner was in the crock-pot and the other bay-bay was eating a snack and watching TV.  I got through 27 minutes of my 30 minute run.  So after dinner (which was OH SO GOOD.....see below), kids bathed and in bed, I got back on the treadmill for 8 more minutes.  I would have gone a little more but I get seriously bored on the treadmill and cannot go for very long.  I thought it was fitness but I ran 6 on Saturday with not wanting to quit after the first 45 seconds.  Oh well....what doesn't kill you, right?!?!?!!?/

After the second fun run of the night, I did a push up/sit up count down:

9 push ups - roll over - 1 sit up
8 push ups - roll over - 2 sit ups
7 push ups - roll over - 3 sit ups
1 push up - roll over - 9 sit ups.

Easier to type out than it was to do them.  For those that aren't able to do quick math in their heads, that's 45 push ups and 45 sit ups in a pretty short time.  I followed that up with a minute rest then did 10 push ups and 10 sit ups, rest, then 10 more of each.  I got in 105 of each.  I know that's not a lot and that push ups/sit ups are 'old school'....but they really work for me.  I don't want to lift.  I really don't like the gym scene all that much.

Tonight is the trainer.....can't wait to get the bike components in the mail (which I found out that I bought the wrong thing, so I'll be making a trip to Performance Bike ( to swap it out.  My limited knowledge of bikes really shined on that purchase. 

Dinner.....nom-nom-nom.  It was White Chicken Chili....and holy hell is it good.

Grilled chicken (I use the frozen already cooked/grilled) - about a pound or so
Can of Corn (drianed)
Can of Black Beans (drained)
3/4 Can of Chicken Broth
Can of Rotel (I use the one with lime)
1tsp of Chili Powder (more or less depending on you)
1tsp of cumin (more or less depending on you)
Package of dry Ranch
8 oz of Fat Free Cream cheese.

Now...the hard part.  Put everything in the crock pot and mix it up.  Break up the cream cheese into chunks and put on top.  Set on low and walk away.

This is very cheap to make, it makes a lot (enough for 2 of us to eat a bowl and a half and have 2 servings left for lunch), and super easy.  It's not bad for you either......give it a try!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Summer in Winter????

Friday night, was 45 minute trainer ride.  I had the same set up (which I like) with the you-tubes on showing an IM course.  The guy filming it is wicked fast and in 45 minutes only gets passed by a few people and does a lot of passing.  Makes me feel like I'm flying on the bike.

Saturday was a REALLY lazy day at the house.  My mom came over and took us to Chipotle (NOM-NOM-NOM......I *heart* Chipotle) and hung out with the kids.  I got my Home Depot shit squared away (* see bottom of post for the story) and got the thermostat installed.  The thermostat should have taken me 15 minutes but between my stupidness, the baby crying, more of my stupidness, and climbing up and down from the attic, it took about 2 hours.  I also ran on Saturday night.  6 miles.  Struggled through the last 2 but that's to be expected based on the lack of long running due to sickness. off.  First one since last Saturday.  Woo-Hoo!!!!  So....wake up and it's already inthe 50's.  It was supposed to get into the upper 60' JANUARY!  So, texted the neighbors and had a cook out and let the kids play.  We hung out in the 'heat' for almost 3 hours.  Cooked dawgs, drank beer, and had a good time.

Tonight is 3 miles.  A front pushed through last night and it's supposed to not get out of the 40's.  Treadmill night, I suppose.

****Home Depot Story****

On Thursday, the "Special Buy of the Day" on their website was a Wifi Thermostat for $69 (in store for $109).  I have one already and wanted one for the upstairs unit.  I added it to the cart and proceded to check out.  I got through the entire process and it wouldn't go through.  I entered my Gift Card info and CC info but nothing.  It then said the item was sold out.  WTF?  I just checked out???  So I 'chatted' online with HD and they said they had them in stock but were having website issues and to call and place the order. I did.  Got the order placed, got a confirmation number, but never got a confirmation e-mail.  Around 4:30p, I went online to check the order status "NO ORDER EXISTS".  WTF?  So I 'chat' again and get the most unhelpful person.  Furstrated, I have someone call me.  About an hour later, I get a call from the 2nd most unhelpful person who, after 10 minutes of explaining my story again, tells me the only thing they can do is refund my Gift Card but that the warehouse and all the stores do not have the Wifi Themostat in stock.
So....Friday, I wake up and check the stock on line....guess what's in stock?  And, guess what....there are 6 at my local store.  So....I'm pissed at this point!  I call up and explain my situation again.  The lady aplogized about 5 times for how I was handled yesterday and offers me a $100 gift card.  HOLY CRAP!  So...this thermostat is going to cost me $9!!!!  So....I go to the store yesterday and the item is in stock.'s discounted to $84!!!!!  Wooo-Hooo!!!!!!!!!!  Free Thermostat!
My faith in HD has been restored.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Them College Kids are Crazy

For my 30 minute run/3 miler on the treadmill last night I set up the 'mill in the "man cave" and turned on Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.  I was laughing a ton, which caused my running to become semi-retarded, which caused my breathing to go all spastic, which made me laugh more.  It was a jolly time.  :)

The movie was pretty good.  The run was over pretty quick.  Guess that's my secret....movies, especially ones that I haven't seen and have to focus on that vs. focusing on how bad it sucks to be on the treadmill.

Tonight is family movie night....yeah!  Tomorrow is my "long run" for the week.  I have 6 on the plan.  I'm going to go all matter if it's walking some.  Just to get my legs to go 6 miles again.

I'll try to remember to take a pic of my set up and post it up.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I was Runn'ning

Still been chilly and somewhat crappy weather for DFW.  Did another run on the treadmill for 38 minutes.  The schedule called for 4 miles (40 minutes) but the movie I was watching got over and as the credits rolled, I thought....meh, this is good.

I hate the treadmill, but I guess (and here's the admission part)......I guess it will make me better.  Ouch - hurts to say and even type.

Tonight is another "lovely" (think positive, right) treadmill run. 

Tomorrow, Friday - for those keeping score at home - is a 45 minute triainer ride.  That may be done in the morning since it's Family Movie night at the house.  X-Men 2 "X2" is what's on tap for the main feature.  I love the time with the fam.

As my boy JFord said to enocurage me......... "Do Work, bro....Do....Work"

Maybe he isn't so much of a No Talent Ass Clown as I make him out to be.

Follow his blog....and follow mine, dammmnitttttt.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 are things???

You know that awakward time when you run into an ex....unexpectedly....and that's the only thing that can come out of your mouth.....  Well...that's how this blog is.  It's like the ex that I ran into and didn't know what to say.

I'm over my sickness (HELL YEAH!) and so is the entire family.  Now....let's keep it that way.

I've run outside on Saturday (3 miles), Ran on Monday on treadmill (30 minutes) and did a trainer ride for 45 minutes last night.  I lost a shit ton of fitness over my sick-period (is that like Monet's 'blue period'???) so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things without going over board to risk injury.  I've reworked the training plan....again....but am still on pace to finish strong with the plan and (hopefully) kick some ass at the IM.  My goal for the IM is to finish and have fun.  It's going to be hard, but probably not as hard as I'm picturing it.  Like with anything....we tend to overthink what something's going to be like but it's usually not as bad.

Here are my "video blogs" from my treadmill (which I hate) and from the trainer (which I don't hate AS much but it still sucks).  I think that I dislike them partly because of my fitness level and only being able to either go slow or not as long as I want/wish I could.

The treadmill video was sent to, and directed toward JFord, a triathlete and douche.....

Click Here -----> NOTHING BUT CRAP  to view James's Blog.

Trainer Ride......

Dreaded Treadmill

Friday, January 4, 2013



Just as I was feeling better and getting on the plan, I woke up yesterday feeling worse than I had.  Thought it may have been lack of sleep due to the 11 week old having RSV and not sleeping well (was up a TON with her).  Wrote it off as just that.  Didn't feel any worse during the day but this morning......HOLY HELL.  I feel like a mack truck hit me. 

When will this end?  Doesn't my body know that I have a IM race in 134 days and I'm severly undertrained for where I need to be at this point.

Looks like tomorrow will be a couch day instead of a training day.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Gnu Year (or Happy Nude Year)

On 12/31, the plans we had that night were a little thrown off.  My 11 week old was diagnosed with RSV and my wife had the same crap I had (haha!!!! - no....just kidding).  So I texted the people we were going to hang with and they got a little freaked out because their BIL and SIL didn't want to expose their 3 week old to anyone that had been in contact with someone who was sick.  Ummm....okay.

So....we did Family Movie night and watched the Avengers....and J fell asleep at 10:45, I went to bed with the baby around 11:30....and my wife came in aroudn 12:15 and said "Happy New Year" *kiss*....and that's about all I remember.  Meh....when you're in your mid-30's and have kids, the whole NYE thing is different.  I'd rather do that then get shit face drunk and regret the morning.

I had 11 - 13 miles planned for 1/1.  Well....being off for a little over 2 weeks and the fact that it was 28 degrees with a wind chill of less than that, I got a whole mile in.  I started coughing due to the cold and way I can do this.  Went home and did Power 90, did stuff around the house, watched football, cleaned up some Christmas, went to the store (all produce was picked WAY's like the'll be like that for a while, then people will think "making a salad is hard" and "fruit goes bad" and it'll be okay again), then we watched X-Men 2 last night for our Tuesday Night Family Movie Night.

137 Days to IMTX!  Better get on the Ball!