Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another sick kid. :(

On Monday, after school, J was complaining about 'not feeling good'....which she always does until she finds out what's for dinner.  If she likes it, she perks up....if not, well then she's 'sick' and only nuggets or soup or tuna or hot dogs will help.  Well....she actually had a fever and passed out on the couch right when she walked in the door.  Gave her Tylenol and put her in bed and she slept the whole night.  Yesterday morning, her fever was low grade (99.4) so I gave her more Tylenol and we got ready for school.  I sent a "FYI" text to my boss to let him know.  Well....guess who I got a call from at 10:45????  Yup....she's got a 102 and she's complaining of a sore throat.  So, I go pick her up and bring her to my on-site clinic at work and she had a 'weak positive' for strep.  Amoxicillian 'script and rest is what the PA that's what we did.

Since I had to leave early, once Annie got home and we finsihed dinner, I had to finish up work stuff from home and run two errands for Annie since she'd be at home all day tomorrow....putting me back at home at 8:30-ish and on the trainer at 8:45.  I was supposed to do 2:15 on the bike but did 1:45.

Today was supposed to be a swim at lunch (which I had just typed out "Today I'm swimming at lunch", but deleted that as when I typed it, I realized that my workout bag is where I left it at home)......and tonight is a 4 mile run.  Depending on timing, I may get both in.  If I have to choose, I'll do the run as I'm still working out some soreness from Monday's swim.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We had a roll over

...the baby that is.  She finally rolled over!  After about 4 days of getting almost all the way over, she finally figured it out.  We cheered and cheered.....she looked at us like we were crazy, gave us a crooked and toothless smile......then tooted. 

So....last week, I lost all kinds of motivation.  I thought I'd pick it back up over the weekend, but did not.  I did get lots of chores done around the house.  I started building some shelves out of a 'rescued' pallet (I'll post pics when I'm done), I bought and hung a ceiling fan for the guest room (***funny side story***  we have the same fan in our bedroom.  After I had hung the fan, got everything attached, and was ready to test it out, I grabbed the remote and started it.  I tested the lights, the fan speeds, etc.....I was happy with myself.  I go downstairs and my wife says "were you just messing with our fan?"  I said no.  She said "Our fan kept coming on and going off, lights were off and on then off then on...."     HOLY CRAP!!!!!!  The remotes are on the same frequency.  I didn't even think about that.  So I took it down, reprogrammed the remote and rehung.....)

Last night I went for my first swim of the season.  1000m in the pool.  I thought I'd be around 20 minutes as I had not swam since August. was a "blazing fast" 18:03.  Not too shabby for first time in over 6 months.  I sent JFord a text and said that I'd found my motivation again......and not a moment too soon.  I have a 2:15 ride tonight.

I'll have to conceede the ab challenge to my man....JFord.  I haven't done any since last week.  Still, I did okay for what I thought I'd do.  It helped me focus on the core a little more.  I do owe a before and after pic (which probably hasn't changed much) so I'll post that later this week.  I will continue with focusing on the core work and try better at the next mentor group challenge.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Lost all motivation....

Don't know what's wrong with me.

Just want to sleep or watch TV for hours.....and not work out.  I don't even feel bad for missing.


In fact....I don't even feel like putting tags and labels on this post.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Brad vs. the Volcano

So last night on my trainer ride, I watched Joe Vs. the Volcano.  It's a cheeky movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, who plays 3 parts, BTW.....

Basic premise of the movie is a guy thinks that his life is ending so he's enticed to "live like a king and die like a man".  While a funny kinda hit home.  Making changes in your life so you're happy.  I don't think that anyone went to heaven, met St. Peter at the gates and said....I'd really like one more day at work.  Or, You think I can get one more shot at spending time alone.

Now, don't get me wrong....I have a great life.  Good work/life balance, loving family, 2 healthy and happy and smart and beautiful and.....ok, I'll, a hot wife, a nice house, I'm training for an Ironman, eating good......I have no right to complain, at all, about anything.  The movie struck me about that....that last sentence.  I shouldn't complain.  When training is hard, when work is difficult, when the baby is screaming in my's all a part of the process.  At the end, I'm happy. 

The trainer ride lasted only an hour (of supposed to be two).  My nutrition was off yesterday and water consumption was zero.  I trudged thru that hour, then did resistance exercises and sit-ups/push ups for the second half of the movie.  I crakned out 200 push ups and 550 sit-ups.....BOOM!  (and I'm feeling it this morning)

Tonight is a 4 mile run.  It's 40 degrees outside with a 90% chance of rain until 9am tomorrow.  Run may be on the treadmill, if so.  No need to tempt fate and maybe get sick.

Total crunches:  3550

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Friday night was Family Movie Night.  Watched Frankenweenie.'s like an intro to the world of Tim Burton for kids.  Not my thing, but my daughter liked it, so that's all that matters.

Saturday and Sunday....well....they happened.  I was supposed to run on Saturday morning but got up and it was windy as hell.  So I decided to work in the yard, plant two Silverado Sage's and 2 Knock Out Rose Bushes.....then mulch....then finish painting/staining everything.  The garden is about 80% done.  So....needless to say with family in town, my chores, J-Birds party, and all that goes with the family in town, I didn't work out.  I had planned for an off day on Sunday so I took that instead of running (hahaha).  I did manage to get 500 sit-ups done over the weekend.

Last night was an actual off day, normally, but since I didn't get other chores done when the family was in town, I had to grocery shop, shave my head (and other parts), and do some resistnace exercises and 300 sit ups.

Tonight is a 2:00 ride.....I'm looking forward to that.  Strangely enough....I'm digging the bike a lot now.  Now....if I could just feel the same about running.

I start swim training next week.  I'm pumped about that'll feel great to get back in the pool.

Total crunches : 3000

Friday, February 15, 2013

Are you a Psychopath?

Last nights trainer ride (on Valentines Day....which is a holiday that neither my wife nor I really get into) was brought to you by the movie Seven Psychopaths (IMDBs Synopsis and Reviews).  It's a dark comedy with some blood, cussing, bewbs, more cussing, a dog kidnapping, and a cast of some A-List Stars.  It's not a movie for everyone but I enjoyed it.

It got me to thinking.....are we somewhat psycopathic when it comes to our working out?  My dad used to call it 'A Mask of Saneness'.  While some of the definition of psychopathy include lack of empathy, criminal behavior, and manipulation.....other 'symptoms' include:

Prone to Boredom
Anti-social behavior

I know that when I'm in full training mode, I fit this.  I can't sit still and get agitated.  I'm doing the triathlon training for me and by myself.  I get impulsive and I'm definitly not always sane.

So....I guess I'm borderline psychopathic.....and I'm writting a blog about me. 

At least I'm not using First Person narrative......yet.

Brad says "Have a great weekend" and he wants to add...."DO WORK"

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Mah (daughters) Burfday

Today is J-Bird's 7th birthday.  There have been lots of things that have happened in the last 7 years.  Some good, some bad.....but I can't believe where we've come in this life.  7 years ago, my wife and I welcomed in a bundle of joy.  She's been a great kid.  She's smart, she's funny, she's a she-devil, she's hard headed, she's cute, she's uncoordinated, she's healthy and she's all girl!!!  I can't believe that we have a 7 year old.

On the day she was born (at approx. 7:30pm) she didn't want to come out.  She flat refused.  There were some complications including, at one point, where she had positioned herself on the umbilical cord and wasn't breathing.  Then....when she came out (which she was the math) she was stuck in the the point that a nurse was almost on top of Annie shoving down on her stomach....and when she came out she wasn't breathing.  I was not able to cut the cord, but as I was a new dad and had never witnessed child birth, I had no idea something was horribly wrong.  The Dr. and the nurses were so calm.  We found out later all that was going on....and why it was dire.  Jili also had had something called Shoulder Dystocia (Find out more) which can be fatal and have long lasting effects.  That's how scary it was to find out what all had happened and how truly lucky we are.

Last night Annie and I rigged her door with a balloon avalanche and this morning I got her donuts and put a candle in one of them.  We sang happy birthday and catered to her wants this morning.  At lunch, we're going to surprise her for lunch too.

Pintrest Idea.....balloon avalanche

Last night was a short 1:00 trainer ride, followed by 3x10 resistance exercises and 200 crunches.

Tonight (after dinner....Jili's choice of course) is a run followed by my crunches....need 300+ a day to get the goal.

Total crunches:  2200

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Season almost over

(I'm staring at the title....and can't believe that's all I could come up with.....Hhhhhhhhhh).  The title refers to American Horror Story.  I have one episode left.....then I move on to the next series.  Not sure which yet.  Firefly, Falling Skies, Dresdin Files.........JFord gave  me some suggestions too......Since I have some LONG trainer rides in the near future, I can probably crank thru all these shows that I missed on TV that all the kids are talking about......

Short post today:

Last night did 1:50 on the trainer followed by 3x10 of resistance band exercises on bi's, tri's, back, shoulders.  I then did push-up/sit up's, doing 100 push ups and 250 crunches bringing the grand total to.....

Total Crunches: 2000

(in order to hit my goal of 7000, I need to do 312 per day, every day thru the end of the month.....)

Tomorrow is my daughters 7th birthday.  Party is on Saturday at a Lego place called Bricks 4 Kids.  Pretty cool concept.  I think it's a franchise type place so look it up if you have school aged children.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to get up around 5:30 when the wife wakes up and run to the donut shop to get J some donuts for her birthday.  Total surprise and something that we don't normally do.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Doin' Work......DIY Style

Saturday and Sunday were supposed to be 10 miles running and 30 miles bike (or 2 hours).  I managed to get an hour trainer ride and no running (but a good amount of walking) in.  I also got 800 crunches to add to the slow gowing total of crunches that I'm supposed to get.  1/3 of the way done and I'm only at 1750.  Crank it up or I've got crow to eat.

On Saturday, the weather was horrible.  Misty, very windy (20mph with gust up to 30mph) and cold.  It slighty warmed up but the majority of the weather stayed the same.  We had a birthday party to go to that night so I thought....I'll get my ride and a little run in on Sunday.

Well....I forgot that the Krewe De Barkus was on Sunday.  We left our house around 11:45 and got home about 3:30 (in between that time was lunch, a dog parade and expo, and a Guinness).  When I got home, I decided that I was tired of looking at the back yard and made a flower bed.  I got one section of trim to show Annie.....and since she liked it, I went back to get the 2 additional sections.  I passed the "ceder stain" on the way to check out and thought....Imma do that.  Uggh....while it looks good, stain is like painting with water colors.  So....I painted a few of the trim pickets and I painted my box garden (which I'm so pumped about planting things shortly.

Tonight is a scheduled off day, but I really should put in some work tonight....probably the long bike again....I'll get in 1:45 - 2 hours.  Then some crunches until I can't breathe.......

Total Crunches (thru 9/10): 1750

Friday, February 8, 2013

99 Days


99 Days until IMTX.  Why does that seem so short?  Why when it was 102 days, it seemed far enough away to get acomplished, but now....3 days later, it seems that it's closing in.  I know that it's mental but still.  It's becoming more real.

Did 1:30 on the trainer last night, followed by 250 sit ups.  This was on top of the 100 sit ups that I did yesterday morning.

This morning, my lovely wife gave me a compliment, very unexpectedly.  She told me that I was starting to look skinnier and that I was starting to get definition.  This led to Magic Mike style dancing and a flexing session in the mirror.  I asked her if it "did anything for her".  While she said no.....I know that she really wanted to jump all over this.  :)

Today is a scheduled off day and Family Movie Night.  Got a recomendation for "Hotel Transylvania" and she seemed good with it.  Guess it's a Redbox night.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a 10 mile run and Sunday was a 30 mile ride.  However, due to the weather that's supposed to push in, I'm going to ride tomorrow morning and fun on Sunday afternoon/night (after the rain pushes out).  Also....we're supposed to go (weather permitting) to Downtown McKinney to watch the Krewe De Barkus....a dog parade and expo.  That should be entertaining.

Have a great weekend followers!

Total crunches (through 2/7):  950

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What a shitty night....

Yesterday was a good day....aside from meeeting with attorneys all day (they are our attorneys so it's better than meeting with the plantiffs att'ys) but when I got home the stomach wasn't right.  Ate a little dinner and then I ran.....I ran back and forth from the couch to the potty (hence the title of the blog).  4 mile run was probably a 1/4 mile run with my running in the house.  Can I count that as speed work?

Managed to get in 100 crunches yesterday morning but am falling way behind in the challenge.  I talked a little too much smack to the group.  I'm going to have to jump all over this challenge if I'm going to have a fighting chance.

Tonight is an hour and a half on the trainer.  I'm feeling better and haven't sprinted since about midnight so hopefully whatever was in there isn't there anymore.  Love the trainer now as I'm knee deep into American Horror Story.......

Total crunches (through 2/6):  600

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do Over Day?

Man....yesterday was a day from hell (it did get better) what I deal with is confidential in nature, I'll just say that I got a pretty egregious alligation against a manager in my company.  However, the way that my boss thought I handled it....he...well....ripped me a new one.  In the end, the manager was terminated, my boss and I 'hugged it out' and the day ended well.  Oh...and I was late for the first time in my career....ever.  I am never late, unless it's planned.  We got a late start at home, it was foggy, every light was red, every car was slow, every school zone had a crossing guard letting kids was a comedy of errors.

Last night was 1:30 on the trainer, but as things ALWAYS go as planned (hint of sarcasm), I ended up running around town looking for a 50 foot long Cat5 cord. the time I got home and changed it was 9:15, I was menatally done and didn't want to ride.  However, I thought WWJD (what would JFord do)?  He would say "Do Work" and make it that's what I did.  Just did 1:10.

Also...I had about 20 minutes left on American Horror Story which is getting weirder (more weird?) by the episode....but still intrigued and confused.  I cranked out 200 situps to end the night.

This morning went a lot better.

Total Crunches (through 2/5):  500

Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm a Brick.....Hooowwww-sssssss

This weekend was the first brick of the plan and the first real ride since the Retul fit.

On Satruday, the baby (of all days) decided that she would pick this day to sleep in until 7am.  While most would think this is a blessing, it's not on the day that you need to be up and running by 6:45.  She normally wakes up between 5:30 and 6, where she's fed, then she conks back out thus giving me perfect and ample time to change, run, and get back.  Well....becuase of her sleeping in, she wasn't done eating and back to the sleep until around 7:45, which means there was no time for me to change, run 8, and get back by 9:15 so I could get the 6 year old could get to gymnastics (as Annie had an appointment to get her hurr did).

Milled around the house, ate a light breakfast, 2 cups of coffee and got ready to take her.  After class, it was a beautiful 60-something degrees outside, so when Annie got home they ate lunch, baby down for a nap, and off I went.  The first 6 of my 8 (which actually ended up being 7.5) were great.  The last bit I fell apart, which due to hydration on the run (zero) and prior nutrition, was expected.  I did see my safety manager, who yelled at Pastor on his VP of sales....and the mayor (who was getting into his car, but we chatted for 30 secs).  All-in-all....good run.

Then, on Sunday, the plan was for me to brick and get home before Annie and J went to horseback riding lessons....while I stayed home with the baby.  Then, I would take J to a birthday party, while Annie styed home with the baby (she got the better end of the deal, as the baby slept the entire time I was at the party.....but wanted to be held and played with when I had her - haha)

I can't stay mad at this....look at that face

The brick.....HOLY HELL IT WAS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice the time?!?!  Yes...that was AFTER my ride.  It was in the upper 20's while I was out.

I managed to get through 18.5 then it happened.....the sound that no biker likes....the sound of rubber scrapping on the road.  I thought that it was getting tougher to peddle but it turns out I must have had a slow leak.  I managed to get through 19 (the last 6 was a small loop in the it worked out perfect).  The ride felt great though, aside from the cold.  After the ride, I got in 3.7 miles running in 37 minutes....which is actually faster than I thought, as I've been struggling to maintain a 10 minute/mile pace.  Another success!!!  I felt really good on the run and probably could have gone the extra 1.3 miles but alas, there were responsibilites.  Maybe I should get faster on the bike....then I'll have more time.  :)

Today is an off day, which my legs will love.  Last night was Super Bowl Party....where the family ate a bunh of junk food, I had some beer, we watched the game (a good one) and the commercials.  Really liked the Farmer one by Dodge, the Oreo one (the fight/melee in the Library were everyone was whispering) and a few other ones......they, however, for the most part....weren't as good as past years.

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Ab Challenge Started off....

....with a hit of the snooze button.  Well, shit.....

My plan, in addition to my training plan, is to get up in the mornings and do some ab/core work along with some resistance exercises and then at night, do whatever is on the training plan.  However this morning, reaching for the snooze button was the only stretching I got in. 

Got time for the reason. .....excuse.....  I normally am doing my evening workout by 8:15.  Well....last night with a fussy baby I didn't eat dinner until 7:30, then I had to go to the grocery store to get some items for this weekends Super Bowl (am I allowed to say it?  I know that I don't own the rights to say it, so I should say "Big Game") party at our house.  We don't have anyone coming over....just us....because we like to actually WATCH the game and WATCH the commercials without interuption.  We went to a party several years ago and all the men were watching the game and all the ladies were chatty.  Annie, however, ended up joining the men to watch the game and then during the commercial breaks, everyone would get up and mill around leaving me and her to try to see the commercials.  So....we decided, from then on, that we'd watch at our house....alone. 

Tonight is Family Movie Night and "breakfast for dinner" night too.....nom, nom, nom.  Not sure of what movie J will pick out for us. 

Tomorrow is an 8 mile run

Sunday is a brick.....a 25 mile ride followed immediatly by a 5 mile run.  This will be the first real test on the bike since the fit.  I rode 1:15 last night and it felt great (a little tenderness 'down there' but not as bad as it was with the old seat/set-up.