Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Tattoo

When you do an Ironman....it's a rite of passage to get the tattoo.  It's a mark that other triathletes know.  When you're out.....people that have done it know what you've been though.  People that haven't done it, know that you've been through it....and people that don't know what it is will ask.

Yes....it's a little egotistical to get.  Yes....it's a little conceited.  But you know....I put in the work.  I finished one of the hardest endurance events that amateurs can sign up for.  I did what 1% of the world has done.......

The funny part to the story was that Annie knew I wanted the tattoo...and she was on board with it.  We had gone down to Austin for the Memorial Day weekend and I was with my B-I-L running errands.  We passed a tattoo shop (where my B-I-L had gotten some work done) and I asked him to pull in to talk to the artists and see how much, etc.  I took a picture of the sign and sent a text to Annie.
Me:  Be Back in a little bit
Annie:  Seriously???
Me:  Just kidding, stopped in to get pricing.  Not getting now.
Annie:  Why not?
Me:  I actually don't know why not.  Going to drop off the ice and get you to come look with me for placement and size.

So....We went back....got the sizing and the placement down and off the artist went.

The worst part was the circle of the M-Dot.  He couldn't stop so he said "be still or you're going to be here a lot longer"
All in all, it took about 45 minutes to do and I'm very pleased with the work.  My badge of honor is complete


  1. I like it. Simply stated that you are an Ironman!

  2. I am undecided if I want one or not

    1. I have a design written out, not any type of emblem, more like cursive writing and date...

  3. Awesome! What on earth is conceited or egotistical about it? you earned that dammed thing!

  4. I'm almost afraid to even talk about getting one for fear of jinxing myself but if I finish, I have one designed already :) it's the M Dot plus some other stuff to go with it.

  5. I am planning on doing this race next spring. I'm in it, and although not a tattoo person, I want this tattoo!