Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Happy Friday Y'all.....

This weekend is supposed to be a busy one, but due to the weather today, it may not be at all.

Tonight is J's volleyball practice and tomorrow she has a game in the mid-afternoon.  After her game, we're supposed to go to the Plano Balloon Festival.  It's an awesome event with a balloon launch, balloon glows, fire works, things for the kids, over-priced sno-cones and festival food, etc.'s held in a park and it's all grass and one HUGE hill that everyone sits on.'s been raining since about 7:30pm last night.  It's projected to continue raining for most of the day and into early evening.  Rain + grass/hill + 10,000 people = MUD.  So....we may miss that.

I have a 8 mile run to get in at the crack of dawn.  I'm super pumped because the reason we have this rain is a "cold front" pushed down.  It's supposed to be in the low-60s.  Our lows have been in the upper-70's and this will almost feel chilly.

On Sunday, I'm going to do a 5 miler (recovery at 80%) to get the legs used to the mileage.

The run tomorrow will gauge if I'll be able to sniff a sub-2 in the Showdown Half ( or if it's just going to be part of the master plan of a marathon.

My going doing Redman Full (140.6) on Saturday.  Follow him on FaceBook (Daily Trainings) for live updates done by his wife.  His blog is

I should be receiving my EnduroPacks supply soon ( and will post my initial thoughts on it as soon as I get it.  I cannot wait. 

I visited the Cooper Clinic on Wednesday for my annual physical.  They do a great job checking every crease and crevice (and I mean EVERY crease and crevice).  According to my doc I need to drop about 10-15lbs (duh) and do some additional strength exercises.  She's a former marathon Top AG'er and overall she's not just spouting off crap.  She said it's more for performance than it is actually for "health" (although being healthier is a side effect of that).

OK....calling all readers.  I need more followers.  Give me a shout-out, tell people to follow me, whatever.  I follow a ton of bloggers and some follow me back, but I want followers.  I am a people person.  I have people skills, dammit.......

I will be looking at/doing a give-away for followers in the near future.  I'm in the works now with some companies for discounts and products related to running and tri's.

Y'all come through for a brotha!


  1. I just joined but you need to encourage people to join by not hiding your GFC or email list at the bottom of your blog. If you went to the Cooper Clinic, you must live in Dallas? :)

    1. Thanks for the advice.

      Yup....I'mma Texas boy! :)

  2. Comment comment comment for more followers. Enjoy the 8 miles!

  3. I hope you enjoyed the 8 miler

    I agree with what Jill said