Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello Siri....what's my name?

I ended up not doing jack-squat on Friday night.  I was lazy.  But you know....I'm an Ironman, so I'm allowed to be, right.

Saturday morning, I had planned on getting up early and running.  That was thwarted by a 8 month old getting up earlier than I wanted to.  So....when she went down for her morning nap, I went out.  Later than normal but still early enough.  It was already getting toasty and humid.  Nutrition and hydration from the night before sucked butt so I was happy to get in 3 without stopping then run/walking the last 1.75 miles. 

On Sunday I just road the trainer and watched two episodes of Archer on Netflix.  Funny as shit.  My daughter left for Tulsa for a, while I'll miss her, I get a little more freedom after work and after 7:30p to get in some working out.  I may even a legit swim.  *gasp*

Being bored....I was playing with Siri on my new phone.  Asking her questions, testing it out, etc.  I asked her "What's my Name" and she said Brad.  I said "I want you to call me Ironman".  And now she does.  Lulz....   I'm Ironman to my phone. 

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  1. OMG, I can't stop laughing. Your phone calls you Ironman?? HAHAHAHA! That's brilliant.

    I tell ya now, those bell peppers I fixed this weekend were soooo good! I had leftovers. Too bad you're in Texas.

    You're gonna do a "legit" swim?? Bet you you don't make it over a 1k before asking yourself why you're going back and forth in a pool. HAHAHA!