Tuesday, July 9, 2013

600m.....I feel like a newb.

This week, the oldest daughter is in Tulsa, so daddy has about an hour of free time after work.  Yesterday, while at work, I made up a training plan to get me through a 13.1 in mid October....there are a few sprints, a few 13.1s and an OLY in there too.  I may not get to all of those, but the OLY and the "Showdown 13.1" are my goals.

Goal for the OLY is 2:45
Goal for the 13.1 is sub-2

Anywho....training plan is a similar set up to my IM plan.

M - Swim
T - Run
W - Swim, Bike
Th - Run
F - Off
Sat - Long bike (or brick)
Sun - Long Run (or brick if not on Sat).

Being Monday, I had 500m on the plan.....but when I got home I had the 'brilliant' idea to run.  Well, it was 93 degrees and humid but I went out.  I was doing an out and back and went 1.25 then turned around.  I got about half way home and felt dizzy and breathing was spastic.  Stopped under the little shade there was and got under control.  Ran a little more, then walked it in.  Should have eased into that....not balls out after no training.

Got home, ate the new sonic hotdog (pretzel bun, cheese, and bacon).....don't judge...I'm a flippin' Ironman. 

After the wifey went to bed, headed to swim.  I was pumped up....ready for the water.  Got to the pool and no one was there!!!!  Bonus Time!!!!  So I take off.  First 100m was great.  Second 100m was okay.  The final 400m I felt like I was baby giraffe that was thrown into the water......flailing arms, horrible breathing/form, and inconsistent strokes.  But you know....I did it.

Tonight is a 4 mile run which I will not be starting until after 9p.   :)


  1. I have swam twice since IMFL in November - and once was in a race a few weeks ago! I can hardly believe that I did an Ironman just a few months ago... but then I recall that a few months more have slipped on by since November and now I am 9 months out from the race. DANG. Where did the time go?

    Time for me to get back on the horse! Good job on getting back into a groove.

  2. So, how was the new Sonic hot dog? I can't imagine a pretzel for a bun. Doesn't seem right, almost unAmerican. HAHAHA.

    Yeah, running in 93 degrees isn't gonna work. You're in Texas which means you need to be running at 4-5 am. Then getting to work and feeling like a zombie like myself.