Tuesday, May 14, 2013

4 Days....list checking begins

Since I'm allowing (and by allowing, I mean forcing) my body to rest and recover and hydrate so I can go into IMTX as close to 100% as possible, I've started double checking the list that I initally made.  Tonight I will lay out the clothes, gear, nutrition, extras, etc that I will need for my race.  I will put them all in different bags so I can eaisly check, double check, and transfer into the IM bags that we get at registration.  Then I'll double check all that before I go to gear drop on Friday.

Last night, I found myself in a weird calm.....then I realized I was in a calm state and my mind shifted to "lets read stuff on the internet about tips for First Time Ironman".  So I did.....I read what to do, what not to do, how to do things, how to screw up royally.

Basically it was "run your race, control what you can, don't blow out the bike".  I also read a story of a girl (who didn't make the bike cut off.....but there were reasons why) who said that the Monday before her race she got flu like symptoms, slept most of the day, had an upset stomach, and a headache.  She wrote "I told a friend about this and they said it's your mind telling your body to be sick.  Your mind is giving you reasons to not do the race, your heart is bigger than that".

In an funny, sorta related, note, I received an e-mail from our town Mayor (who's an Ironman) who said "Don't blow out the bike, you will DNF if you do.  Hydrate and pull back on the bike.  DO NOT DNF"  Well said Mayor....well said.

I'm still really nervous about the race....but about the unknown.  I think getting sick for those few days was a blessing.  It forced me not to try to build 3 months of fitness in 5 days with no recovery.

Below is a cut/copy/paste of a word document that I made up about 2 months ago.  I read it every day and change something on it.  This will give you a little insite as to how neurotic I've been about this race.

Thursday 5/16
                Leave McKinney  8:15am
                Stop at Bucees – 11am
                Eat in Woodlands - 12:30
                Check into Hotel – 1:15
                IM check in and packet pick-up  1:45  (9a – 4p)
                Welcome Dinner  5:30 – 7:30p
                Athlete Briefing  7:30p – 8:30p
Friday 5/17
                Lay out bag stuff and double check your double check
                Bike and Bag Check in  9a – 3p
Bike Bag

Run Bag
Race Belt with #

Saturday 5/18
                Wake up 4:40a
                Eat and Drink (energy shot, banana, powerade/Pedialyte, clif bar) 5:05a
                At Transition area 5:45  (shorts, flops, shirt)
                Chomps and rest of powerade  6:15
Race Start 7:00
                Transition to Bike 8:30-ish
                Transition to Run 3p to 3:30p-ish
                Mile 1 – 3:45-ish
                Mile 9 – 5:45-ish
                Mile 18 – 7:55-ish
                Finish – 9:50-ish – 10:30-ish
                Bike/bag pick-up and hotel  - 10:30-ish
                Rehydrate, shower, and BEER – 11p
                      (Maybe close to Finish Line to cheer)

Shopping List
Gel (if needed) x8
Chomps x3
Clif bar x4
Energy Shot
Powerade x5
Water Jug
Pedialyte x 3

Electrical Tape
NB Water Bottle
Garmin Charger

In bag for morning
5 gels
2 Clif Bar
2 Payday
Filled water bottle


  1. It's go time! And they are all correct, when in doubt go slower on the bike. Drink, drink, drink, eat, eat, eat! Pretend you have a buffet bar going on and just graze. I get made fun of because I will tape sandwiches to my bike and I have food hanging out all over the place, I'm a pig though. So be a pig and have a great race! Don't be nervous :) you'll be just fine.

  2. you will be amazing! Keep telling your heart and your head that you have put in the hours, the training, the effort - YOU CAN DO IT!