Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Remember me?

I posted last week....

Get on the wagon....fall off.  Then repeat.

Ran this weekend.  Completed 5 miles.  Felt Good.

Didn't do anything the rest of the weekend (expect paint an entire kitchen and Master bedroom - I do the rolling and Annie does the trim work.  I'm banned from trim work)

I swam 850m last night straight....and then I did 2 x 50m sprints.  (37 seconds each time)

Tonight I have a Chamber event of a Grand Opening for a new tech center in town...and I also have a "reappointment" interview for my position on the Armed Services Memorial board.  Basically, it's a 'go through the motions interview' since I'm the current Vice Chair and been a member for 2 years.

After that, I'll run 4 miles.

Then...tomorrow....the Fam and I are headed to Hawaiian Falls Water Park.  We went 2 years ago but J was about 2 inches too short for most of the rides.  She is a little daredevil and is PUMPED!!!!! about being able to do it all.

Bike tomorrow night.
Run 5 on Thursday
Short Brick (one hour/2 miles) on Saturday
6 mile run on Sunday.

(The wife and kiddos will be out of town beginning Thursday afternoon....and I already have the Netflix queue filled up.  I need to get my workouts done before settling in or they will not happen)


  1. I want your training schedule. Wanna trade?

    1. Always wanting my shit!!! Get your own Coy.... LOL

      Soon enough, 7 short weeks, you'll be able to be a lazy ass (well....you actually have legit races AFTER your IM....so you really won't).

      Just don't do what I did. learn from my mistakes.