Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why, oh why, did I stop

Struggled to get in 3.25 miles last night.....but you know what.....4 days in a row for me.  Horray!  Just wish I hadn't stopped all together and just taken 2 weeks off.

Remember kids....after your A race.....don't stop. 

A former coworker of mine has been posting, for a while, about working out....eating better....not drinking.....and he posted pics last night for the first time.  HOLY CRAP.....the dude has dropped 80+ pounds in the last 9 months.  This was a big dude (we're talking 300+) but he's had an amazing journey.  He's totally changed his life and lifestyle.  I actually had to read the name on the post before I realized it was him.  I love stories like this......the ones who say "I have to do something" and just make it happen.  So proud of him!!!!

While this technically isn't "MY FRIDAY", it feels like one.  Boss is out of town, we are about to cook for our employees (fajitas and fixin's).....and yes....I said "we".  My safety manager and I are in charge of cooking when the boss is away.  Don't know why this gringo was put in charge of fajitas though.  Maybe I'll recruit and sub-contract my fajita job today.

Tomorrow is the annual hometown parade with the family.  It's always a great time down there.  This will be R's first parade and Annie has gotten outfits planned for that kid....with matching and coordinating bows for all outfits.  Then we're headed to some friends house for a low key gathering....and only low key cuz I gotta work on Friday.

Have a great Holiday y'all.....



  1. After Wisconsin I have the Chicago Marathon. I was lucky enough to actually get in this year before all hell unfolded online. Who runs a marathon right after an Ironman? I wonder if there's some special vacation place for people like me who don't know when to stop?? HAHAHAHA!

    Happy 4th of July. Post pics on Instagram so I can see what you're going to burn (I mean cook) for your people.