Monday, August 5, 2013

McKinney Kiwanis Triathlon - Race Report

For those keeping score at home, this was the race that I got a comp'd entry for....a week before the race....and something that I had not trained for (or trained at all after my Ironman).  This seemed like a good idea, then it didn't, then it did.  I had a few people that said to just rock it and have that was the plan going in.  When I picked up my schwag on Friday, I saw the entry list.....there were about 100 doing the race.  This got me concerned again, because there was a bigger chance for me to be close to last.......

Race Schwag.....not too shabby

Race morning, I was up at 5, loaded up into the car by my 5-hour energy, clif bar, and the Gu Blocks to eat right about 20 minutes before the swim.  Got to the race site, set up transition and then sat around for an hour.  Why, oh why, did I get here so early.  I did run into some folks I know and the mayor was there we chatted. was time to get in the water.  They were letting people in every 10 seconds and there were already log jams in the water.  I was actually in an okay spot...the guy before me took off and he was pretty quick.  I get in and just start to go.  Took the first 100 pretty easy then noticed that I had a bunch of open water both in front and behind (I didn't want to get caught either).  Snaked the pool and finally got to the end.  Felt slow in the water but finished clean.

Transition was very quick and then off on the bike. 

I know the bike course pretty well, since it went next to and behind my office campus.  The ride was 13.6 miles in lots of country roads.  Some decent short climbs and some good flats to get the speed up to hold it.  Bike was really uneventful.  I got passed about 10 times and passed one.  I was feeling pretty good during and after the bike.

T-2 was a blur....I remember getting it, then the next thing I know, I'm on the run.  Probably fastest transition time for me.

The run started off great.  I didn't have any time on me or my gps watch so I was just running....and running.....I got to the first aid station pretty quick.  I thought "wow....that first mile was a breeze".  Got my drinks, then headed back out.  The run snaked around some neighborhoods and near our downtown area.  However....we started up a pretty long hill and I decided to walk at that point.  I figured I'd already gone 1.25 - 1.5 miles so it wasn't a big deal.  Half way up the hill I see the sign "MILE 1".  WTF??!?!!!??!  Seriously.....Uggghh....  I was a bent spent after that and decided to walk/run the whole rest of the way in.  At that point, I knew that I had done better than I thought I would and was okay with how the day had gone.  Got back around to a slow downhill then hit the finish line.  Time said 1:27:xx.  Very....very pleased with sub 1:30.  However...that was Gun time....I thought to my self "no f'ing way did I do better than that".  Got back into transition and got my phone to text Annie.  Went to results table and saw that I was 3rd in my AG as of right then.  "No F'ing Way" I thought again.....

Sure enough, I was.  I was 3 out of 6 in my AG!!!!!!!  This is my first podium spot in a race that I thought was going to be my worst race. 

3rd Place Baby!!!!  (not a great pic of me)

My splits were:

Swim: 4:41 - Ranked 10th out of 85
T1: 1:19
Bike: 42:08 - 59 out of 85
T2: 32 seconds
Run: 35:38 - 66 out of 85

(see where my areas of opportunity are????)

All in all....good race, very pleased with how I did, especially having not done anything for 2 months.  I am sore, very places that I haven't been in a while.

Big Shout to JFord and Coy......for their pep talks!


  1. Nice job B-rad, now podium will be the expectation from you!

  2. great job, way to dive back in!

  3. Wow, awesome job!! I hope to do a tri one of these days...