Friday, November 8, 2013


***Title said in my best Barney Stinson sure and pause an inordinate amount of time between words***

Challenges have been a part of history as much as anything else....

Christopher Columbus - challenged to be the first to discover new lands

Burr/Hamilton Duel - A fight to the death

JFord and Brads 2015 Redman Challenge...

All have been historical in nature and all will be talked about for years.

I am a little upset that I am the challengee....and not the challenger.  As an only child, I need to be the challenger.  But since I'm not, I'll need to make up for it with smack talk and subsequent excuses.

Lets back up a little bit.  I "met" James - Click here for his blog - and follow him -  on a little over a year ago.  We mentored a group of true beginners together and both could commiserate, motivate, and lean on each other as we were both going through Ironman training at the same time.  As y'all know, I did IMTX in May and JFord did Redman in September.  The difference in IMTX and Redman is very slight.  They are both "140.6" distances and a side from that, there isn't much of a difference. hear me talk about it....Redman is A LOT easier for 2 main factors.'s not an Ironman race and's not in Texas.  That right there makes it a ton easier.

So....when JFord crossed the finish line (and beat my time)....I sent him texts and FB posts congratulating him but he also received the "but it's not a real race" texts and posts as well.

Well....he's upped the ante and challenged me to Redman 2015.  Mano y Mano....same course, same date, same race, same start time......this will define who the better triathlete is.....and crown the best of all time. 

When I told my wife about this, she said "I thought you weren't doing another Ironman?"  To which I said "but I was challenged".  She just shook her head.  Pffft.....she don't get it....wimm-in....pssh.

Now....where are my shoes?  Are cobwebs normal on a bike?  These Reese's PB Cups look amazing....


  1. My wife thought the same thing, and then she said, Oh That Brad guy? You go for it babe, Teach em a lesson!!!

    true story...kind of, well maybe

  2. Nicely played, Brad. (Just to give you some hope . . . I noticed some dust gathering on James' bike. . . )

  3. I literally can't wait. You guys need a joint blog for this adventure.