Monday, July 15, 2013

Who's got two thumbs and is a lazy ass.....

.....This Guy there's only one thumb in the's hard to do a selfie with no hands.

So, I started off well.  Swimming and running but get lazy again.  I cannot find the motivation to get in consecutive workouts. 

I swam and ran in the beginning of last week....then trailed off and haven't done anything since. 

I had planned on going last night for a run.....but yesterday was a cluster.  Got up early and started painting our bedroom.  I had to leave around noon and drive an hour north to meet the BIL's parents with the kiddos (mine, the niece, and the nephew).  Well....they wanted to eat so we did.  Drove back south an hour to drop off mine, unload her stuff, go potty and then head out for a 1.5 hour drive south to meet up with the BIL to get his kids.  Everything was thrown off, traffic, lateness, and weather....and I didn't get home until LATE.   arrrggghhhh......

Planned vs. Actual schedule for yesterday:

Planned -
Leave house to pick up:  12:15  (left at 12:15)
Pick up:  1:15
Drive back home: 1:30
Arrive home:  2:30
Drop off mine and leave to meet BIL:  3:00
Meet BIL:  4:30
Swap everything out, chat, then leave: 5:00
Arrive home: no later than 6:45

Actual -
Leave house to pick up:  12:15  (left at 12:15)
Pick up:  1:30 pm
Drive back home: 2:30 (cuz we ate)
Arrive home:  3:30
Drop off mine and leave to meet BIL:  4:00
Meet BIL:  6:15 (we both got stuck in traffic)
Swap everything out, chat, then leave: 6:55
Arrive home:  8:45


And....if you're a friend on IG....something happened and I cannot access the app through my phone.  It's saying that I've violated the terms of the app (maybe because I'm so hot.....and athletic....and all Ironman-y....and all that).  I've deleted the app, reinstalled.  Nothing.  I've shut my phone down....nothing.  I've wiped my phone and reinstalled everything.....nope.  I've sent IG several e-mails but no return e-mails.  So....i'm not ignoring y'all.....I just can't get on.  :(

I think I'll start again tonight.  Maybe.

600-650m swim?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

It's dreary outside so sleeping may be in order.


  1. when is the next race? Didn't you say something about the half at Redman???/

  2. Can't believe you deleted my comment from yesterday. Shame.