Monday, July 29, 2013

Free Entry?

So...I'm so far off from any semblance of training that it's close to comical.....

However, I found out that my company give money for a triathlon sponsorship to a local charity.  A few weeks ago, my VP of Sales (who's the company contact for the sponsorship....and an Ironman) said that he was going to use the free entry.  I had hoped to use it as a motivator to train more religiously and have a mini-goal.

Well...he's traveling this week and I sent him a text bagging on him saying that I'm going to be there to watch and he'd better go sub-1:30 or I was going to make fun of him.  Well....he forgot that it was this weekend, he's been plagued by injury off and on and isn't going to do the race.

So....I sent an e-mail to the RD and my contact at the charity to see if I could use the free spot....assuming they are giving us one (they have in years past).

300m Swim
14 mile Bike
5k run

It's on Sunday.....and I'm not even in "sprint" shape.  And I have an Ironman tattoo (which will be funny when the 14 year old on a huffy passes me)

I'm thinking to myself that I should just go for it (assuming there is a spot).  I will have ZERO issues with the swim (it a pool swim) and the bike is moderate hills so that probably won't be an issues since it's not very long.....but the run.....that may be a killer.  It's got some hills in it too....

I've never done this course either, so I can't even give a goal time/proximity of how I'd finish.

Should I?????


  1. Do it! you have all week to train!

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  3. Is that a serious question...of course you should do it!