Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We're goin' Streakinnnnnnnnn

Not really.....ok....kinda.....

I swam last night and it was an impromptu swim.  When I got home from work, my wife suggested that after dinner that I take J to the pool.  I have NO issues with that.  We have a pretty cool 'aquatic center' in our subdivision that's a big pool with 3 roped lanes.  It's a 25m pool and it's nice.....really nice.

So we get ready to go, get goggles, 'noodle', rings to toss, towel, sunscreen, hat, glasses, her MP3 player, my phone, our ID cards....goodness....all for an hour at the pool.

Once we get to the pool and get our chairs (in case we want to "tan"....that's her new thing) we jump in and for about 3 minutes we have a great time.  Then the lifeguard blows his little whistle and yells "Adult Swim".  Of course I giggle because of several things.  Anytime I hear the word "Adult" followed by any other word, I think of something involving nakedness.  Also....Adult Swim is the Cartoon Networks 'after hours' shows like Family Guy, Robot Chicken, etc.....and I also giggle my evil giggle because I get to swim in a pool while everyone sits on the side.

So.....I think to myself....I don't have my goggles and I'm wearing baggy board shorts....but Meh....LET'S DO THIS......  So I take off and get in a solid 300m swim.  After I was done, I helped a man and his wife with their form and by that time the kids were allowed back in.  So J and I played and played.

Now....I'm sore.  300m swim in baggy shorts is no joke.


  1. Wait, aren't your eyes totally bloodshot from swimming sans goggles?? I look like I've been smoking weed if I don't wear them and try to swim.

    Adult Swim. Sounds like your new favorite activity! HAHAHAHA!

  2. My eyes, my eyes!! Thanks a lot Brad! ;)
    Great job on the swim!