Wednesday, October 30, 2013

EnduroPacks - 30 Day Review

If you recall from my post about 30 days ago, I was selected to be a Brand Ambassador for EnduroPacks, which is a new sports nutrition company for endurance athletes....which focuses on recovery.

I have to say that as a previous 'non-believer' in any supplements other than my daily multi and Gu/Calories on my runs and rides, EnduroPacks made me a believer.

Haven gotten the first shipment in around 20 days out from my half marathon....which was horrible and a race that I would LOVE to forget....I started taking the supplements as directed.  After the first week of taking them, I had a long run of 9 miles and my family and I went to the State Fair of Texas for a day of walking.  I figured I walked around 4 miles that day.  The next morning, I had a slight case of "heavy legs" but I had no noticeable soreness.  None, zip, zilch.  Pre-EnduroPacks I know that I would have had some soreness related to a 13 mile day but had none.

Post "horrible race" (as we'll now refer to it, going forward) I was not sore either....and actually began looking for a redemption race the next day.  The morning after a bad race or a race where it didn't come together, you normally wake up sore, wallow in your pity, and never want to see your shoes again.  While I did throw a pity party, I did so without the lactic acid funny walk.  (haha).  No soreness, no tenderness, nothing.  I was amazed and had actually told my wife that I had planned on skipping a neighbors party...but decided to go because I was refreshed.

I continued taking the supplements and using the electrolyte spray in bottles of water....sometimes on my off days just trying to get "topped off" for the next days activities....and have gotten to the end of the pack and can't wait for the next shipment to arrive.

While I still haven't picked a redemption race yet.....due to external factors....I am glad to know that I have supplements to get me to the level that I need to be.

Goal for 2013 'redemption race'......Sub-2 hour 13.1