Friday, August 2, 2013

Packet Pick up and other things.

I ended up riding on Wednesday night, but did not swim.

I was going to run last night, but at 9p it was still in the upper 90' I caught up on sleep.

Tonight....I may ride.  I also go and pick up my packet today.  I'll IG pic the schwag.......

Tomorrow, when the baby goes down for her morning nap, I plan on bricking.

Then Sunday is the sprint.

I'm just going to go balls out for as long as I can.....especially on the bike.  There is zero strategy to this race, no goal, nothing.....just go.

The swim won't be an issue at all.  The bike will come down to how much wind is out and the run....that may be more of a walk/run.

I know I just said that there is no goal for the race (meaning, I'm not trying to improve, hit marks, etc) but here is what I'm thinking will be my times:

Swim: 5:05 (300m)

Bike: 50 minutes (14 miles - 16.5mph)

Run: 41 minutes (3.6 miles - 11:30/mile)

Plus 4 minutes total transitions......

A little over 1:35 finish time.

Realistically, it'll probably be closer to 1:45

Check back on Monday!!!!!!

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