Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm Baa-aackkk


I ran a slow 3 miles on Saturday (set out to do THAT was a little ambitious - lol) and then last night I set the bike up on the trainer and rode for 30 minutes at more of a "spin it out" pace.

I also did 50 push-ups and sit-ups after the ride.

Ironically, I'm down 2lbs on my weight since May 18th, but I've been eating like I'm still in full on IM training.  I probably just jinxed that, tho.

I also learned a lesson this weekend......showering in a Garmin Forerunner 210 is okay but apparently swimming with my kids is not.  The screen is fogged all up, the buttons are spastic now and work sometimes, and it beeps randomly now.  Cool, huh?  I've e-mailed Garmin support to see what I can do.

Going to run tonight and try to make it a streak......Can I go three-in-a-row????

Stay tuned!

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