Monday, September 16, 2013

Hey There....remember me?

Well....this is awkward.  You know...we have our little fun, say we'll talk and hang out, never really do and then run into each other at the store.....

I feel like there's a lot that's happened, but I can't really think of much.  I'm into 13.1 training now and should be around the 9 mile mark for my long runs, but just completed 7 this past weekend.  I was shooting for a PR of Sub-2 for the race on 10/12 (the Showdown Half)  but it's looking more like a good jump start to marathon training. 

I volunteered for a sprint tri over the weekend.  Saw some people I know, saw some familiar faces, and got to give back to the sport that's treated me well.

I also found out that I'm a finalist for a Brand Ambassador gig with EnduroPacks.  I was interviewed over the phone last week and got an e-mail over the weekend that they want to send me a one month trial and have me review it, etc....and if they like my 'social interaction' on the web, I could possibly be a 3-month Ambassador.  Go check them out.  It's a new company.....focused on the recovery aspect of training....which is my nemesis.

Also....JFord is about to embark on an amazing 140.6 journey.  He's doing Redman in OKC this weekend.  You can follow him on FB and via his blog (

We have a lot going on these next few weekends.....lots of family things.  This is where we, as amateur athletes, shine.  We have to get our training in and balance the family time too....which if it comes down to it, I pick the family.  But.....I can get my azz outta bed at 4:30a and get it done before anyone even knows I was gone.

I'll be posting more....I'll be looking for new followers.

Spread the word on my blog....and get me some followers people!!!!!

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  1. hey you're ahead of me in training at least! i had a whopping total of 3 miles per week for the last two weeks, and i have a half in 30 days. should be interesting.