Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Four - Zero - Nine

Last night I ran....just ran.  I used my Garmin to get me to the 4.09 mile mark, where I stopped, said a prayer for the victims, the cowards behind this, and for everyone involved that may not be physically hurt.

I jogged/walked the rest of the way home, which was about 2 miles.  I wasn't concerned with my time, I wasn't worried about hitting marks or sustaining a pace.......

Before that J had her first grade music performance.  It was cute.  It was fun to watch 80+ young'ens try to get all on the same page with instruments, lyrics, and hand guestures/movement.  Classic.

After that...but before my mom took us to Chiptole.  While I love it and could eat it everyday, it's not best to eat that much then run in the 80 degree/60% humidity...and have an emotional run too.  Not a good combo.  :)

Tonight is supposed to be inclimate weather (which is another reason I did the run last night opposed to tonight.  I have 3 hours on the bike.  Then, on Thursday, I have another 3 hour ride.  Back-to-back 50 milers.....getting the legs primed and ready!

On IG yesterday, I put a quote and it sums it up based on what I've seen from the outpouring of IG pics, FB posts, news stories, etc:

You're going to have to do more if you're going to try to break the spirit of a marathon runner. 
Remember, we run 26.2 miles for fun.

and if you're part of this conspiricy movement (the gov't did this to start a war, it was a fake event and no one was really hurt - it was a drill, etc).......unfriend me now and move along with your pathetic life.


  1. We had thunderstorms last night, starting at 4am. I thought about getting on the bike while I was up but I am excellent at sleep so was able to fall back a few minutes later, actually until 6:45 am (more than a few minutes). HAHAHA.

    Are there seriously people who think that the gov't is behind this? Whack jobs.

    1. Haha....sometimes you just need sleep.

      And yes...nut jobs. Google "false flag boston". Tons of weirdos out there.