Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Swimming Rocks

But after about a mile it gets boring as all Hell.....

I did 2700m last night.  My lungs felt great, my arms weren't tired, my form was holding up, but Holy Lord....I wanted to quit.  It's not that I wanted to quit because I was tired or having a bad swim (like last Friday) but I was just bored.  Plain ol' bored.....straight up.....like fo' reals.....bored.

I kept trying to visulize the IM course, how I would position myself near the bouy, how to drift after the turnaround toward the right so it cut off some distance entering the canal.....that worked for about 150m.

I guess it's an exercise for the body and the mind.  I'll keep at it. 

Tonight is a 3:30 ride......it's supposed to be storming too.  I love the rain and the thunder and the lightening.  It's relaxing to me.  Just hope the storm pushes in after the ride so I can fall asleep to the sounds of nature.


  1. I think because I only learned how to swim about 2 years ago that I still find it entertaining but if I had been doing it for a really long time, I would be bored to death like you. I do most all of my good thinking in the pool for some reason.

    Anything good on tv for the ride tonight? You could move it to later in the week so you have basketball!? Sheesh I can't wait till the NFL starts back up. I love riding watching the games.

    1. I'm wathing Jericho (the 2006 TV series). With my long rides now being mostly 3+ hours, I can get in about 4 episodes....so I'm flying thru series at an alarming rate. Now....I don't know what's going on in the news world so much... LOL