Monday, April 15, 2013

33 Days (and 3 is my lucky number)

33 Days....One month and 3 days (or one month and 2 days......or one month and 5 days if it was month and 4 days if it was a leap year....or one.....nevermind...y'all get it)

This weekend was exciting.  I got up on Saturday and ran 9 miles, doing a 1 mile run, 30 sec walk.  I actually ran a little faster than I wanted to.  My pace, on race day, will be dictated by my body.  I just need to reign it in.  After that....J's first soccer game.  Now.....I'm not the 'sports dad' type of guy.  I want her to do good and I want her team to win....but really, I want her to have fun and enjoy what she's doing.  She had a blast and she did (surprisingly) well.  We took her to Chick-Fil-A for a celebration lunch.

Ssturday night was a fun filled "I'm hitting the sack at 8:45pm" my set up for the trainer ride set with nutrition, hydration, and earbuds, then watched part of the Ranger game then the next thing I know, my alarm is going off......


After my 5 hour and 43 minute ride with a total of 96 was time to stuff my face with mexican the point of 'ah shit....I overate".

Got home and needed more recovery time....nap and beer....and let me tell ya....both were excellent.  I also wore compression pants the entire day and I iced my legs twice during the day.  I'm not as sore as I thought I would be.  Did I push hard enough?  Or was the recovery beer/ice/compression the magic formula?


Finally, the baby has hit the magical age of 6 months.  All the parents know that this is "baby food time".  This is absolutly hilarious.  They gag, they make faces, they get it all's pure greatness!

Tonight is my recovery swim (wish it was more recovery naps and beer....but whatever) of 65 minutes. 

How was y'alls weekend?


  1. OMG, the baby photo is awesome!! Takes me back to those days with mine! HAHAHAHA!

    My weekend was about like yours, mine the 60 more miles or so that you rode :)

    I did the soccer game too on Saturday. My son scored twice, so it was ice cream and Ale-8 (local drink that's nothing but sugar really).

  2. Great ride, especially on the trainer! And on the baby food, have you ever tasted it? No wonder they make those faces!