Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So Tired....

But I schlepped off last night....and put in a whole 45 minutes on the trainer (of what was supposed to be 3 hours).

Let me take you thru the night.

6:15pm - Wifey and baby get home.....dinners ready and baby needs to be fed.  Let the 7yo and wife eat while I feed.  I then eat while the wife takes baby duty.

7:00pm - Was asked by a freind if we could visit them in the hospital.  She sustained 2 broken arms while tripping over a dog gate in her house.  Went up there and visited for a while.  Her husband and kids were there so we got to see them, they got to see the baby, and we hadn't seen them in a I'm not complaining.  It was a good visit.  Rangers game is on in her room but not really paying attention to it.....they were winning so that was good.

8:30 - Get home.....I had needed to go to the grocery store earlier, so I make a quick dash there.

9:10 - Get back home.  Realize that the Rangers (and Yu Darvish) are in the midst of a PERFECT GAME.....something very rare and amazing to watch.  It's in the bottom of the 7th.  I can't miss this.  My Rangers....My Boys.....about to make history their 2nd game of the season.

10-ish-pm - Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs and the perfect game still intact.  Holy Crap...this is amazballs.  History in the making.  a 2nd year pitcher about to throw a prefect game.  2 strike.....BAM.....ball goes right between Yu's legs.  Perfect game and no hitter GONE.  Just like that.  Needless to say it was defeating and mentally draining.  Rangers did win 7 - 0, though.

10:25pm......Get on the an episode of Jericho....and just don't want to be there.  Get off, shower, and lay in bed....wide ass awake.  I can't sleep.  Mentally defeted for the Rangers.  Beating myself up for only going 45 minutes on the trainer.  I remember seeing the clock at 1:30a and still tossing and turning.  4 and a half hours of sleep.......uggh.  Need tha coffee's.....stat.

Tonight is supposed to be a 4 mile run and a swim.  With the pouring rain we're getting now and it's been raining since about 10p last night, don't know how condusive the run will be.  I'll get out and do some....and I will swim.  You can bet on that!


  1. You should ride while watching the game! That fixes that problem. Maybe hit the treadmill if you can't run outside. Training can be an s.o.b. Sounds like you need one really strong day of training. It's so tough though with kids and family. I know ALLL about it and get it.

  2. 4 mile run should be nothing for you brother! get out there and do it! I would love to be out running again!