Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not in my 'Hood (and other things)

23 Days to IMTX.

Last night I had sooked Beef Stroganoff in the crockpot and the 7yo and the wifey both said "lets eat Rosa's tonight".  Rosa's is a fast food mexican joint....below a 'On The Border' but way higher than a Taco Bell....they make their own tortillas right there, fresh everything, fresh salsa, etc.  So, I caved and said okay.  As I was pulling out, I saw a solicitor and sent the wife a text letting her know to not worry about answering.  I go and get the food and come back.  Wife says the guy knocked.  So...about 15 minutes later, while eating.....*knock* *knock* *knock*.  It's him again.  Didn't answer.  About 30 mintues later.....*knock* *knock* *knock*.  Seriously dude......  So, I call the cops.  I attend meetings with, and regularly chat with, the deputy cheif of the McKinney PD.  He said anytime there are door-to-door people, call the non-emergency line and they'd come and make contact, ask for their permit - as requried by city law, etc.  So...I did.  I then set out for my 3 mile run.  I run the neighborhood loop 3 times and the sales guy is still in the area.  Then, I see the police.  He was making a U-turn and I stopped him and told him what's up.  He said he saw him and was going to make contact.  At that point, I had run for 10 minutes (and had 20 more minutes to go).  I continue to run and as I turn back into the 'hood, the cop is still there talking with the guy, the guys trunk is open, there is another cop there, and it's been 20 minutes......this had turned into more than a "let me see your permit" and "you can't be here, now leave" situation.    I was feeling bad after calling the cops because it was a guy trying to make a living......but apparently there was more to the story so I didn't feel too bad.

If you're keeping score at home and my story didn't bore you, you'll remember that I had Rosa's for dinner.  It's the perfect pre-workout meal.  And by "perfect" I mean "top 10 dumbest things you can eat before a run and swim".

3.2 miles in the books.....followed by a 25 minute swim. 

During my run and swim, I began to have the mind-wander....just random things in my head.  I was thinking about instagram and how you can hashtag pics.  Sometimes, I'll click on the hashtags to see what type of pics are there, view other pics (I'm a vouyer guy), etc.....well, one tag seemed innocent to me, but apparently others use it for self pics of body parts, subtle nudity, etc.....which got me thinking......have you or would you post subtle/openly nude pics of yourself on line or texted them?  I will be honest and say that I have.  I have done it as a joke and as a seduction technique.....I have done it while somewhat intoxicated to friends (which to me is the funniest because they're not expecting it)......

If I have your e-mail address or phone number, I promise that I will never send you pics of me.....and by "promise that I will never" I mean, you better be on the lookout after 5/18 because I'll have a lot more time to drink on the weekends. 

Tonight is a 2:00 trainer and 5 mile run.  Legs will be cranky but Friday is my off day so that'll be some motivation....


  1. HA!! Add pizza to that list as well

    At least the draft is on tonight, that is what I am planning to watch while on the trainer

    1. I can do pizza the night before....but spot on. Add "fried anything" too. :)

      My Cowboys will probably mess this draft up too, I usually watch the top 10, then catch the list on ESPN the next day.

  2. Add McDonalds cheeseburger to that one too! I had that before a swim and I burped the entire time. I also make bad decisions when it comes to burritos and chili. Just being honest ;)

    What a douche to come knocking on everyone's door at night. I didn't know people actually did that anymore? Too soon after Boston to be rousing people at night in a neighborhood. F that.

    I didn't know people did that on Instagram. Wow! Welcome to the world of hashtags.

  3. This is why I train in the morning, this way I do not have to be as careful about what I eat all day long! I have a Taco Bell problem, I loves me some Mexican Pizzas!

    I follow some fitness sites on IG and some of those pictures should be rated R!

  4. As a person who has worked in the door-to-door marketing business and one who has been stopped by the local cops multiple times, I will say I am fully happy to be stopped in order to make sure the neighborhood feels safe. Hopefully everything went fine.

    And personally, I don't find anything outside of my own kitchen and the grocery store go well as a pre-workout meal or snack. I'm so strict on eating from my own kitchen these days!