Friday, April 19, 2013

You can run....but you can't hide

I'll just leave it at that.

You can't expect to do something horrific and expect to get away with it.

Thank you law enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Feds, and all the vigilant bystanders/witnesses/tipsters.

Last night was a 3:00 ride.  I did 2:47 mintues because I was watching the Hobbit and that's how long the movie was.  I didn't get as much mileage as I wanted (46 miles).  It was a lot slower than I wanted.  My legs just didn't want to move faster, my body wanted some rest.

After I got off the bike, I wanted to just shower, shave, and go to bed.....well....all hell was breaking loose in Boston so I quick showered/shaved and air dyed on the couch watching the updates on the hunt for the suspects.

I'm tired as all hell today....I have a "youth Summit" that my leadership class is hosting for the city.  I have a walkie-talkie and I'm supposed to be coordinating the volunteers.  Lets hope the volunteers can coordinate themsleves cuz I'm not looking forward to this.

This weekend.......

Sat - 13 mile run
Sun - 6 hour ride (will split up between trainer and road)


  1. I hope they catch the second one alive, and do SWIFT justice, no long term justice system, make it Texas style, you all are fast down there


  2. I heard a funny one....

    In 2014, give the guy a 15 minute head start for the Boston Marathon....and let the runners do what they want with him when they catch him.

  3. so couldn't hang on for 13 more minutes? what up with that????

    I was excited to get up this morning and see the news about 1 dead and another on the run. I want them to catch him alive also!

  4. I vote for a special Boston parade in his honor. Let everyone come out and let him know how they feel about his handy work. Wonder if the FBI will be able to put him back together like they did the pressure cooker?