Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bubble Wrap

I'm to the point now....with 24 days to go, that I want to take a big ass roll of bubblue wrap and make myself a nice little suit as to not get hurt.  Like this morning....I was getting into my truck and stepped onto the running board to get in and it was slick (as it rained last night).  I could feel my footing start to slide.  It's almost like in the movie series "Final Destination"....I see everything that's hazardous and picture things falling on me, etc.

I also worry about getting sick.....and worry about my bike....and now I'm starting to worry that the list I made for packing and taking things to the race isn't right.  I made it about 3 weeks ago, then remembered 4 other items last night.  What else am I forgetting????? 

So...last night, I did 2 hours on the bike.  My computer says I did over 35 miles.  Some may think that's slow....but that's blazing fast for me.  If I could/can sustain almost 18mph on my IM ride, my day will instantly get better.......

Have a good'un kids.


  1. That's great to hear that you're getting faster as the day approaches. But I completely sympathize with the desire to stay injury and illness free. Just as I started my taper last year with one week to go, I got a cold. You'd like after 10 months of training without illness I could avoid one last week. But it turned out to be a blessing because I ROCKED it on race day.

    Things will come as they will. Just be careful and enjoy the ride!! Keep getting speedy!!

  2. I am super phobic about getting sick from others. I don't worry so much about my legs or arms as I do about my lungs and throat. I live in an area where people are sick all the time because they don't take care of themselves. Wal Mart is a petrie dish for shit. Wash your hands and don't pick your nose. HAHAHA.

    Nice trainer ride!

  3. I can race while sick and injured, I am freaking out about my bike, like making sure it gets overseas, first, that it gets there and second, it gets there in one piece

  4. I think you will find you are faster on the road than the trainer! I got bronchitis and an abscess tooth on my 1st HIM!!!