Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm mental and I know it....

In reading one of my followers recent blog posts (Big Daddy Diesel) he was discussing his mind set and what he's gone thru over the past couple of years....and where he's at now.

The mental aspect of this journey is harder, at times, than the actual physical aspect of the race.  I believe that most anyone with some training under their belt can complete an Ironman.....but what will hold most people back (remember....we're the 1% of the world that will do an Ironman....and that's pretty dang cool) is the mental aspect to break thru and make it happen.

I don't know who said it or if I'm even getting it right but a quote that rings true is "Triathlons are 80% mental.  The other 20% is mental".  If I can push the negative thoughts out and take everything, including the race, mile by mile, hour by hour, day by day....then it doesn't seem as bad.

When I get off the bike at IMTX will I have a marathon to complete or will I have 26 one mile jogs with a .2 sprint down the chute?  On the bike, I have a 56 mile ride....a stop to get more nutrition....then another 56 mile ride.  I can do two 56 milers....but can I go 112?

I'm rambling now....but you get it.  It's a mental game.

Which "little guy" will show up on your shoulder to tell you you can or can't do this.  I guarentee they both will....but the one with the pitchfork and devil horns will be SCREAMING at you, while the halo'd one will be chilling and relaxing.  You need to train the one with the halo to get off his ass and talk over the other one.

While all this is what I believe, it's getting pretty damn hard......I cut my swim short last night and only ran 3 (of 5) miles on the dreadmill.  It was 40 last night with 20mph cold winds.  I can't run on a treadmill.  After one mile it feels like I've gone 10.  Legs hurt, sweating profusly, breathing/HR jacked up.....I'm a hot mell on the 'mill.

Tonight is a 3:00 trainer ride.  As of 8:30am, I'm looking forward to it.  Hopefully that stays true at 8:30pm.


  1. Someone once told me..
    "it's ok to hurt and be uncomfortable during a race"

  2. Isnt this the truth, man, we are really crazy!!