Friday, April 12, 2013

Motivation and Inspiration

Last night was a 3:00 trainer ride.  I really wanted to go 3.  Would have been happy with 2:30.  Been okay with 2.......  I manned up and did 3:00 (actually 2:58, the show I was watching was over - lol)
The last 20 minutes were hard.  Legs talking back.  I wanted to watch the Ranger game (I only have movies in my 'dungeon').  I was getting tired (physically and was 11:15pm after all), and I was getting ansy.  I pushed thru that.....and I felt better for it.  I know that the scenario above will be 100x that during my race and that my legs, lungs, and mind will not only be 'talking back'....they'll be yelling, screaming, crying.....just like my 7 year old.  haha.

I've also had some doubts recently.  Not about my fitness or the race (well....yes, the race) but it's the whole enormitty of the race.  140.6 miles.  That's a lot to wrap your head around. 

What if.....what if.....what if......that's where I'm at now.  The I saw this on FB this morning.... inspriation, a buddy of mine (who's obviously done an IM race) sent me this.  If you're following me on Instagram (if not....follow my ass) I posted it up yesterday as inspriation.  I'm thinking that after the race, I'll get something similar tatt'd on me.

Have a great weekend followers.  Do Work.  Make Shit Happen!


  1. You're so close now! Not letting the negative thoughts in is half the battle. Just do like Endurance Nation guy says and keep your heart rate down as much as you can. That'll be your saving grace. Slow and steady wins the race, never so true as in IM! I'm gonna make shit happen tomorrow! Long bike ride day :)

    Follow me on Instagram - ysolomia

    1. Following now (or at least sent the request in - lol)

      I've got my long run tomorrow and 6 hour bike (100 miler) on Sunday. That's my mental/physical test day. Completing that will let me know that I can 100%, beyond a doubt, do it!

  2. You can do it! Make yourself! Don't stop at 70 or 80. Ride to 100!

  3. Your a tattoo guy? A couple years ago, I wanted the tattoo, now my mindset has changed, I want a necklace insteade.

    Enjoy your 6 hour ride, mine is 5