Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Long Weekend

Let the volume reduction begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

My legs are jello, my mind is mush, my body is all like "What the hell, bro?"......but I'm done.  Done with the long volume and long weekends.  I'm done with the fighting through fatigue to crank out a few more miles.  I'm over the "I'll just sit here and watch my movie and peddle randomly".....I'm done.

Kind of....

Since my training up until the end of January was spastic at best, I've had to revamp the training plan over and over.  I do have two 3 hour trainer sessions and a 75 mile / 5 mile brick this coming up weekend....and also a 14 mile run.

The following weekend, is a short 15 mile run but only a 35 mile bike which I will do around the hood, just to make any adjustments and make sure the bike is good before heading down.

I think that I have my nutrition dialed in too.  I've had some good long rides during this training plan.  Mostly because of my nutrition that works for me (and nutrition/dydration the day before).

I'm worried about having a bad session over the next 12 - 14 days that will set me back mentally.  I'm worried about being sick, or getting hit by a car, or taking a misstep off of a curb, or getting sick.......I hope the worrying doesn't get me sick.....LOL.

I have 19 days to get thru.  19 days until I hear "Brad Donovan.....You ARE an Ironman". 


  1. I would like to see a detailed post about your nutrition plan, as that is the one thing I worry about as I prep for Redman in Sept

  2. That was funny "I hope that worrying doesn't get me sick". The best thing you can do is just show up and put on your game face. It's nearly damn time! I meant to tell you, I have a friend of mine that I swim with at masters that is also doing IM TX. His name is Rick and you can't miss him. He has two stars tattooed on the front of each arm, around the rotator cuff I guess you could say. Actually I think he and his wife are both going.