Monday, April 22, 2013

Crunch Time - and running a'naturale

Did a nice 12 mile run on Saturday.  No support, no nutrition, no water....just me and a garmin (and shoes and clothes.....but see a little further down in the blog here.....going to address this).

The run was okay.  I averaged around 11 minute miles which is okay.  I'm not going for speed, I'm going for distance.  I'm going for endurance.  I'm going for completion.

On Sunday, I decided that 100 miles was not what I wanted to do.  In fact, I wanted to get shit done around the house.  I had started out wanting to get in 100 miles.  I really did.  I wanted it, but I guess my legs and my mind were not on the same page.  I was a tad sore from the run but after around 60 miles, I quit.  I excuse....just quit.  Said "Eff it.....I'm out".

This coming up weekend was supposed to be the 'wind down' (I'm not going to call it taper) and I have a 14 mile run schedule and a 75 mile/5 mile brick.  Thinking of getting that 100 in in lieu of the 75 miler and then do a "jog it out 30 minute run".  Mentally, that 100 is where I want to get to in order to break thru the wall on the bike during IMTX.

Other than that....great weekend.  Got a lot of stuff plated (flowers, vines, veggies and fruit).  I also got a lot of things cleaned and cleared out of the back yard.  We can actaullly entertain back there now.  HA!  In fact, we did yesterday.  We met our new neighbors and invited them over for dogs, brats, chips, beer, and dessert.....we got to hang with them.  They're about our age (and the woman's name is Annie.....hahah), they have a 5yo boy, they're into Texas music, sports, and we share lots of mutual interests.  Hopefully they don't turn out to be weirdos down the line. whole shoes/clothes reference.

I was looking up races that I could possibly do either this coming up weekend or the following weekend.  Looking for a Half-Mary....where I can run in a supported environment, push my body a little and get a medal for participation (hey....I'm easy). 

So....I came across a 5k that's about an hour drive away....the 16th Annual SkinnyDipper Sun Run.'s a clothing optional 5k at a nudist resort.  How flippin' fun would that be?  Seriously.  A naked run.  Running all primal and whatnot.   And how cool would that race shirt be to sport around  (as runners we all check out other race shirts....some we recognize as we've done the race or seen it before.....but not this one.....nope....I've never seen one of these and would LOVE to sport that bad-boy).

I told the wifey about it and she actually said "if you wanna go....I'm not".  If I was not in the middle of training and needed all my availble weekends I would so do this on the 27th.  But.....there's one in October too.  Stay tuned!  :)


  1. I have often cut rides short before by just saying, this ain't happening! I think it's OK.

    I am not sure I would enjoy the naked run myself, and I am not sure I would want to see all the nudist nude!A real life nudist beach ain't like the ones they show on TV, just like zero hookers look like Julia Roberts!

  2. From what I hear, you might be scarred for life from what you see at nudist camps.

  3. Wait, wouldn't all that bouncing around kinda hurt the junk? I have no problem with the nakedness. Even gross people really don't gross me out but the jostling, now that would seem painful!

  4. True on all 3 accounts....maybe it's just the curiosity that's gotten into my head. I think it would be one of those "yup...I've done this" things.

    But what if there's that one "pace booty" that would propel me to a PR?

    I'll keep y'all posted.....and will post pics (now....this will tell me who my real fans/followers are - lol)