Wednesday, April 10, 2013

38 Days....less than 1000 hours

In 37 Days, 23 hours, and 57 Minutes.....I'll have started IMTX.

That's not too far off kids....

One of my followers on Instagram put down "Less than 1000 hours until #imtx".  For some reason, 38 days sounds a lot further away than 1000 hours. 

I'm getting nervous.  I'm getting worried, I'm getting excited, I'm getting anxious, I'm getting happy, I'm getting........very emotional.  Other than simple adjectives, it's really hard for me to put down how I'm feeling without rambling for pages and pages.......

On Monday night, I swam 2800m.  Had a good time (both literally and figuratively) too.

Last night called for a 3 hour trainer ride.  I got in 2 good hours and a little over 36 miles.  Very happy with that too.  However....I should have moved my Wednesday workout to last night.  Because today, it's 40 degrees with storms all day and high wind.  Last night it was in the mid-70's (and that was at night).  What wacky weather we've been having.....

Tonight may be a treadmill night.  I do have a swim after that too.

We'll see.


  1. One freaking month away. Nuts right!? Crazy how time flies along like that. 1000 hours almost sounds like tomorrow. HAHAHA.