Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter, stomach issues, Butt sore, and totals

If you want to know what the rest of the blog is about.....just read the title and you'll have it.

Saturday morning was an early one.  Up and on the bike at 4:30a.  I had the same set up as last time with all my nutirtion and liquids set up the night on the bike and just went after it.  Thought I wasn't drinking too much because I only pee'd once during the the bike session (but after I pee'd about every 30 minutes but it was I know that I was hydrated.  The bike....while I went 75 miles in 4:20.....was pretty uneventful.  It was nice knowing that I can get that distace in....and I still have more to build on.  Next weekends long stuff is 85 mile ride/5 mile brick.  I did have some butt soreness (more rubbing) but my shorts sucked.  I have a new pair of Pearl Izumi shorts that I'm going to try out for the next few rides as they are the ones I'll be riding in for the IM.

My totals for the month of March are:

Swim - 19,200m  (5:38)
Bike - 449.5 miles (26:24)
Run - 38.42 miles (6:47)

I was really light on the running as those workouts I missed (or shaved off) the most. 

Prior to my HIM that I did in 2011, I may have put a total of 200 miles on my bike and did one brick.  My long ride was about 45 miles and I did that once.  it's kind of comical to look back at that.  I knew I was undertrained going into that race, but I really had no idea.  I know going into this IM, I'll be undertrained, but not as bad.

Easter was great.....We went to my mom's on Saturday afternoon and hung with her.  Then....the stomach issues hit.  I wasn't feeling great upon waking up for church.  I ate breakfast anyway and started to feel better.  Ate lunch (read "overate" lunch - haha) and still felt fine....then about an hour before we left, it hit.  Queezy, flush, light sweat, stomach cramping.....uggh.  Fast forward to this seems to have worked itself out.

I have a 2700m swim tonight and since I missed my run yesterday....I'll probably put in some shoe time tonight too.  Since I missed the grocery store yesterday too, I'll have to get that done as well.  Busy night!

Oh.....and we had to put a cat down this's how my morning started off.


  1. You need an award for waking up at 4:30 am and riding for over 4 hours. My only saving grace yesterday on my indoor ride was college basketball. I rode through the entire Florida - Michigan game. Do you ever get to ride outside at all? I rode outside on Saturday and it was soooo windy. Riding into the wind made me feel like I was pulling mud.

    I bet you'll like the Pearl shorts. I have a pair and really like them.

    1. HA...the only reward I get is to not miss family time....but I'll take a cash prize too. lol

      Don't get to ride outside because 4:30am is a little to dangerous and during the week, I don't have the time. I'll have a few rides outside comeing up, maily to get used to the hills/wind. I'll ride some on the trainer, then get out to finish up the ride (the weekend weather has sucked here tho....storms or cold. - uggh)