Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Post #100

This is Post #100.....I have written 100 posts.....yeah for me.  :)

Last night was a solid 2500m swim in 45 minutes.  I started out well, got sloppy, fixed my form, got sloppy again, then finished strong.  I was happy with my performance seeing that it had been a week and a half since I had been in the pool.  I'm a tad bit sore this morning in the upper back/shoulders which I guess is to be expected since I'd taken off that much time and got back into it without building a few smaller swims.  Oh well....'tis what it 'tis

On the radio this morning they had a poll on the top factors that make a 'happy relationship' (I can't say that we hit them all....but we're not unhappy....but we both heard the radio program and started texting soon there after)

1 - Split everything equally - money, chores, duties, etc....
2 - Bedroom door closed at least 2 - 3 times a week
3 - Show affection even outside of the bedroom
4 - 100% honesty....no secrets
5 - Stay in shape/be physically attractive
6 - No political talk
7 - Religion in the home (shared values and importance)

Tonight is a 2 hour ride.  I may go longer to get some volume in....but volume with a purpose.  I started "Breaking Bad" on Netflix.  Right now it's moving really slow, but I heard that it 'picks up' and gets a lot better.....I'm hoping so!


  1. I think I could do some of the 7 but not talking about politics seems odd. It's fun to argue sides as long as you play fair, kinda. Splitting chores equally usually never happens.

    1. I thought the politics was odd too....maybe that's more for dating couples. We are aligned when it comes to political views, so talking about it would just be a talk.

      The sex thing....well....the person that wrote this list must not be training for an Ironman, have a newborn, a breast feeding wife, and a schedule of crap that HAS to be done.

      I'm the cook of the house. I clean and have "morning duty" with the kids. I'd say that we're about equal in that.

  2. Nudist run yesterday, relationship advice today, all over the place, I guess this what I have to look forward to when I am within 30 days of my race

    1. Yes....this is a glimpse into the psyche of an Ironman in training.....