Monday, April 8, 2013

The suck line

I listened to a great podcast put out by Endrance Nation on Friday (while at work....and on the way home) about 4 keys to finishing an Ironman strong.  The 4 main points were:

1) Race Day is about execution not fitness
     Apply the fitness that you bring to the race
     See your race as a video game.  You control you.

2)  Execcute 100%
      The goal for the first 2/3's of the race is to set up your run
      Nothing before mile 18 of the run matters
      The "suck line" will come....guarenteed.  The decision you make will either move the suck line closer to you or further away (goal is 'further')

3)  Dealing with the suck line with your box
      Urgency vs. Importance  -  your race is important.  Act out of importance not urgency
       This is your box.  You control what's in that box (fitness, nutrition, planning).  Stay in your box

4)   Why are you here (mantra)
       When the line hits, what will you do to keep going.
       Why are you here?  Why are you doing this race?  Why did you sign up
       This will keep you going until the end.  Don't pull this out until necessary

So....on Saturday....went to bed (well....fell asleep on the couch) around 8:30pm.  I moved to the bedroom around midnight.  Alarm set for 4:30a - check.  Alarm goes off at 4:30a - Check.  Snooze and sleep more becuase all I have is a 10 mile run.  Wake up and it's light outside.  Wait, what?  Snooze lasted a little longer that I thought.  Check the time......10:30am.  W.T.F???? 

As it's a little to late to start the run, I decide that I'll run tonight.  Fast forward to 8p (after drinking nothing but soda all day and eating like crap, I start out on my run.  Immediatly my heart rate jacks way up.  At mile .4 (yes.... *point 4*) I throw up in a neighbors yard.  This run is done. 

Go home, shower, go to bed......

4am alarm - check......alarm goes thing I know it's 5:30am. is not shot.  I get on the bike and start to go, go, go.  I got in 4:40 on the bike (which I figure is about 78 miles).  I then do a 7 minute "transition" and head out for my run.  I got thru 5.25 miles in a pretty qucik 57 minutes.  I was cooked......completly done.....

While I was happy with my distance (a breakout)....i got a little nervous.  How am I going to get thru 2 more hours on the bike....and 21 more miles on the run???? 

Here's to hoping that adrenaline and the crowd get me there!  


  1. My snooze button is only 9 minutes, I would love to have a 6 hour snooze button!

  2. Those are 4 great points. Over the past several races I have thought of all those are one point but never put them into words.


  3. I've wanted to sleep in till 10:30 for so long now. Best I've been able to swing is 9 am. I'll have what you're having :)

  4. I have their articles about the box, I am hoping my "line" is at mile 18 or further